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PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. (ROTH)

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FROI now retitled PharmaRoth Labs. New name.New Ticker: ROTH. And it's a non-SEC filing dark Pinky stinky.

Same old pump and dump scam, though.


It can only be a matter of time before ROTH starts


hiring IRPs to pimp its worthless


paper all over the Internet.

Dark, dark, dark:


"FROI Termination of Registration of a Class of Security Under Section 12(g) (15-12g)

Washington, D.C. 20549



Commission File Number 000-53337

(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

c/o Kane Kessler, P.C.
1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019
(212) 541-6222
(Address, including zip code, and telephone number, including area code, of registrant’s principal executive offices)

Common Stock, par value $0.001 per share
(Title of each class of securities covered by this Form)

(Titles of all other classes of securities for which a duty to file reports under section 13(a) or 15(d) remains)

Please place an X in the box(es) to designate the appropriate rule provision(s) relied upon to terminate or suspend the duty to file reports:
Rule 12g-4(a)(1) [ ]

Rule 12g-4(a)(2) [X]

Rule 12h-3(b)(1)(i) [ ]

Rule 12h-3(b)(1)(ii) [X]

Rule 15d-6 [ ]

Approximate number of holders of record as of the certification or notice date: 12

Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Fero Industries, Inc. has caused this certification/notice to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned duly authorized person.

Date: December 31, 2012 By: Luis Manuel Ornelas Lopez
Name: Luis Manuel Ornelas Lopez
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Instruction: This form is required by Rules 12g-4, 12h-3 and 15d-6 of the General Rules and Regulations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The registrant shall file with the Commission three copies of Form 15, one of which shall be manually signed. It may be signed by an officer of the registrant, by counsel or by any other duly authorized person. The name and title of the person signing the form shall be typed or printed under the signature."


DD section maintained by Roger Wilco

PharmaRoth Labs, Inc.
10080 Alta Drive Suite 115
Suite 115
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone: 702-629-6312
Email: info@pharmaroth.com
Website: http://www.pharmaroth.com

Luis Manuel Ornelas Lopez President, CEO, COO
Barry Hall Interim CFO

OTC Pink Current Information
Shares Outstanding 316,281,637 a/o Nov 19, 2014
Float 124,850,000 a/o Jan 22, 2014
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Oct 01, 2014
Pacific Stock Transfer Co.
Latest Report: Sep 30, 2014 Quarterly Report
CIK 0001409475
Fiscal Year End 6/30
PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. is focused on diabetes prevention and treatments. The Company holds the intellectual property and all exclusive world-wide rights related to the production, marketing, and distribution of Sucanon(R), an oral treatment for Type-II diabetes. Sucanon(R) is a member of a class of diabetic medications called insulin sensitizers. Insulin sensitizers lower blood sugar by increasing the muscle, fat and liver's sensitivity to insulin. Insulin sensitizers are blood sugar normalizing or euglycemic drugs that help return the blood sugar to the normal range without the risk of low blood sugars. PharmaRoth's strategy is to increase awareness, acceptance, and distribution of Sucanon(R) globally.
Sucanon®...Diabetes is not curable but is treatable...enjoy life™


The increase in the total population of diabetics, may raise total U.S. sales of insulin and oral type 2 diabetes therapies to $24.4 billion, from $10.3 billion in 2008.

What is Sucanon®?:
Sucanon® is one of only several drugs approved in the world, belonging to a class of diabetic medications called insulin sensitizers.  Insulin sensitizers lower blood sugar by increasing the muscle, fat and liver’s sensitivity to insulin.  Insulin sensitizers are blood sugar normalizing or euglycemic drugs that help return the blood sugar to the normal range without the risk of low blood sugars.


1. Insulin binding to receptors and entering the cell, (which is impeded in NIDDM patients), is essential for the uptake of glucose 2. Sucanon® increases the binding of insulin to its receptors 3. Sucanon® increases the internalization of insulin 4. As a result, Sucanon® increases the intracellular level of insulin, which then increases the uptake of glucose.



Sucanon®  is a medication that helps the body make better use of its own insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels.  Type II Diabetics produce insulin, but their cells gradually lose the ability to absorb and use insulin, to get sugar out of the blood stream.  Sucanon®  transports sugar out of the blood stream and into cells where it can be burned.  Sucanon®  particularly helps muscle cells use insulin and thus draw sugar out of the blood stream.

Sucanon® increases sensitivity to insulin which leads to decreased blood sugar levels and a reduction of a wide range of Type II Diabetes symptoms,  including: weight gain, fatigue, excess thirst and excess urination.  The reduction in blood sugar levels also reduces the possibility of peripheral nerve damage; the damage caused to peripheral nerves by chronic high blood sugar can ultimately lead to impotence in men and amputation of limbs in both men and women.



Farmacias del Ahorro

Fero Industries Expands Sucanon® Distribution in Mexico

Calgary, Canada - July 13, 2011 - Fero Industries, Inc. (OTCQB: FROI) (the "Company") is pleased to report that Merck S.A. de C.V. has successfully expanded Sucanon® retail distribution throughout Mexico from 900 points-of-sale to over 2,500 outlets and pharmacy chains. Sucanon® is available over-the-counter in Mexico from many well-known retailers including WalMart Supercenters, Superama, Farmacias del Ahorro, Comercial Mexicana, Farmacias Guadalajara, Soriana, Farmacias San Pablo, and Gusher Farmacias.

"Due to the excellent performance of Merck S.A. de C.V. as our business partners, Sucanon® is well positioned on the most important retail shelves throughout Mexico," said Mr. Luis M. Lopez, Chief Operating Officer of Fero Industries Inc. and President of Pharmaroth S.A., the Company's Mexican subsidiary. "This rapid expansion of distribution has placed Sucanon® and Sucanon® related marketing material in almost three times as many retail stores and should continue to boost market awareness and acceptance of Sucanon® as an over-the-counter treatment for type-2 diabetes across Mexico."

Sucanon® is approved as an over-the-counter ("OTC") remedy for type-2 diabetes by regulatory authorities in Mexico and is distributed there under an exclusive agreement with Merck S.A. de C.V. (Merck S.A. de C.V. is the Mexico and Latin America sales and marketing organization of German pharmaceutical and chemical giant, Merck KGaA.)

Commercial sales of Sucanon® began in January 2011 in Mexico. Mexico has one of the largest and fastest growing diabetic populations in the world, estimated at 15% of the total population. This indicates over 16 million diagnosed cases of diabetes, up seven fold since 1990. Diabetes is now the leading cause of death in Mexico and costs the country more than one-third of its total public health care budget annually.

Comercial Mexicana.
Farmacias Guadalajara

Farmacias San Pablo

Gusher Farmacias


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#1893  Sticky Note "the information you provided is absolutely wrong." sunspotter 03/21/13 11:27:29 AM
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#3333   Them being sued by a shady company does Jayyy 02/24/15 01:00:08 PM
#3332   There is a lot of testing and results old biohf guy 02/24/15 12:58:29 PM
#3331   Just because someone has a web site does old biohf guy 02/24/15 11:33:28 AM
#3330   There are NO independent clinical trials for Sucanon, Jayyy 02/24/15 11:03:22 AM
#3329   Jayyy, it is true that Avandia and Actos old biohf guy 02/24/15 10:59:51 AM
#3328   And.. the others are avandia and actos as Jayyy 02/24/15 09:05:30 AM
#3327   Sucanon® is one of only several drugs approved roger wilco 02/24/15 09:02:52 AM
#3326   The other drug you compare Sucanon to Actos. Jayyy 02/24/15 08:56:40 AM
#3325   "2) Concerning the 2 Mercks. There is the Jayyy 02/24/15 08:52:59 AM
#3324   Sucanon® is approved as an over-the-counter ("OTC") remedy roger wilco 02/24/15 08:49:12 AM
#3323   The Lerman lawyers are a very well respected Jayyy 02/24/15 08:25:00 AM
#3322   A few comments: old biohf guy 02/24/15 08:08:20 AM
#3321   This "company" has been issuing tens of millions Jayyy 02/24/15 07:14:31 AM
#3320   IT IS NOT AN FDA APPROVED ANYTHING! Jayyy 02/23/15 08:20:51 PM
#3318   Sucanon® is one of only several drugs approved roger wilco 02/23/15 04:27:09 PM
#3317  Restored You know this is not THE merck. Jayyy 02/23/15 04:14:05 PM
#3316   Sucanon® is approved as an over-the-counter ("OTC") remedy roger wilco 02/23/15 03:55:10 PM
#3315   ROTH--OTC status==Limited Information Jayyy 02/23/15 09:17:55 AM
#3314   GOOD MORNING ALL ROTH INVESTORS.........Hammer Hammer1 02/23/15 08:57:27 AM
#3313   Here you go at your request, not my Jayyy 02/23/15 08:29:40 AM
#3312   Jayyy, please post the link so everyone can old biohf guy 02/23/15 08:11:01 AM
#3311   To call the law firm investigating both companies Jayyy 02/22/15 11:13:40 AM
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#3305   One out of every 12 people suffer from roger wilco 02/20/15 02:03:13 PM
#3303   Get bad sugar out of your bloodstream with roger wilco 02/20/15 12:06:20 PM
#3302   This "trading" has a grand total of around Jayyy 02/20/15 11:54:30 AM
#3301   Sucanon®...Diabetes is not curable but is treatable...enjoy life™ roger wilco 02/20/15 11:42:52 AM
#3300   ROTH GETTING READY FOR A HUGE MOVE ON Hammer1 02/20/15 11:34:28 AM
#3299   A couple of million shares volume I bet roger wilco 02/20/15 11:31:50 AM
#3298   Yes it is, very thin as well. Oil Driller 02/20/15 11:28:56 AM
#3297   ROTH getting some love today up 17% roger wilco 02/20/15 11:27:53 AM
#3296   YES IT IS...........TYPE 2 IS 7% LESS PREVELENT Hammer1 02/20/15 11:17:47 AM
#3294   No it isn't and ROTH has one of Oil Driller 02/20/15 11:00:05 AM
#3293   NOT FUNNY BUT DIABETES TYPE 2 IS LESS Hammer1 02/20/15 10:56:56 AM
#3292   Great info TraderpennyX, thanks! Very nice DD! Cabroncita 02/20/15 10:56:38 AM
#3291   Yes we are Hammer, nice to see green! Cabroncita 02/20/15 10:55:49 AM