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Naz News, Gappers and FLE''s

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Last Post: 2/23/2017 10:25:13 AM - Followers: 762 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 2

PURPOSE: The purpose of this board is to post breaking news releases on NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE issues. We are looking for news that has the potential to move the particular stock in either direction. Please post a link for verification when possible.
FORMAT: For the initial post, please begin your post with the ticker, current SP, news, comments and your entry if you wish.
PRIMARY FOCUS: The primary focus will be news releases, which, of course, includes earnings plays, and can encompass run-ups as well as aftershocks to the news releases.
SECONDARY FOCUS: Your actual trades, share structure, charts, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, due diligence; all are very welcome topics for discussion.
STYLE: Long or Short, you are welcome here. We do intraday, short term, swing trades, continuation, and long term plays. Option trades and strategies are welcome. No limits, really.

Do not post OTCBB, PINKIES, or GREY SHEET ISSUES, they will be deleted. There will be no exceptions to this. No spamming or pumping will be tolerated.


For fun, each afternoon, we like to each pick a stock that we believe has the potential to gap up or tank down the next day. Feel free to participate. No prizes offered, just a bit of friendly competition, and, who knows, we might all profit from it, as well. At least, that's the plan. Enjoy.

1. All entries MUST be in between 12:00:00am and 3:50:59pm IHUB time on the preceding trading day.
2. Each participant may enter one ticker symbol in each contest, but that player may NOT put the same stock in both contests.
3. The entry post MUST begin with the word 'Gapper'; or the word 'Tanker'. Please post your picks either in separate posts OR put them both on the same line.
4. The entry post should contain a brief explanation of the reasoning behind the pick.
5. Once a Gapper or a Tanker is chosen, it may not be changed. (Please, no editing once posted.)
6. In the case of duplications, the earlier post is the holder of that Gapper or Tanker pick.
7. All listed stocks and ETF's are eligible, except leveraged ETF's, and stocks under $1.
8. A duplication error can be remedied with an alternate pick (follow the usual protocol).

Winners of the GAPPER or TANKER contests will be determined by the actual gap on that day, i.e., today's opening price minus the previous day's closing price, converted to a percentage. The gap must be at least 3% to be considered as a winning entry.

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Disclaimer: Postings on this board are not recommendations to buy or sell a stock. This board is about sharing information. Enough said.




The 2014 holiday schedule for NASDAQ is as follows:

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Precious Metals...SPOT


#375113   Long Play: ANW MiamiGent 02/23/17 10:25:13 AM
#373286  Sticky Note Hey guys, I am checking out for the iconoclassic 07/07/15 02:41:26 PM
#370446  Sticky Note Market Holiday Calendar iconoclassic 02/11/15 04:59:42 PM
#375112   CNBC - IN THE NEWS TODAY MiamiGent 02/23/17 09:43:20 AM
#375111   GL! My KNL continued on recovery road today. Purdy chart: MiamiGent 02/22/17 01:53:06 PM
#375110   GL lizzy! earlylight 02/22/17 12:25:58 PM
#375109   HD had a pullback, so I got some fastlizzy 02/22/17 12:21:27 PM
#375108   CNBC IN THE NEWS TODAY MiamiGent 02/22/17 10:03:08 AM
#375107   'squeeze me- I repeated the BGFV chart and MiamiGent 02/21/17 05:39:32 PM
#375106   Yes, HD especially and WMT reported well today, MiamiGent 02/21/17 05:06:07 PM
#375105   HD might be a good play this week. fastlizzy 02/21/17 02:13:02 PM
#375104   Play Update: MiamiGent 02/21/17 12:00:19 PM
#375103   CNBC IN THE NEWS TODAY MiamiGent 02/21/17 10:00:43 AM
#375102   Hello colleagues! My Yahoo email account was breached MiamiGent 02/17/17 10:11:31 AM
#375101   Short Play: - DBD MiamiGent 02/14/17 09:10:29 PM
#375100   Long Play: BGFV MiamiGent 02/14/17 08:22:36 PM
#375099   lol, we'll get him on the right path! MiamiGent 02/14/17 08:21:43 PM
#375098   Sexy! But that's not what EL wants to see! lol fastlizzy 02/14/17 03:26:03 PM
#375097   Sorry earlylight, I put that last sentence in MiamiGent 02/14/17 02:54:39 PM
#375096   Sorry earlylight, I put that last sentence in MiamiGent 02/14/17 02:54:38 PM
#375095   Yeah! on that last sentence earlylight 02/14/17 11:06:17 AM
#375094   GM has some spring today! fastlizzy 02/14/17 10:55:01 AM
#375093   CNBC Morning Squawk MiamiGent 02/14/17 09:27:15 AM
#375092   Long Play: KNL MiamiGent 02/13/17 07:05:08 PM
#375091   CNBC IN THE NEWS TODAY MiamiGent 02/13/17 10:01:42 AM
#375090   It actually did for me, I already sold... MWM 02/10/17 08:11:37 AM
#375089   i guess shld didn't pan out simpson961 02/10/17 08:08:16 AM
#375088   SHLD +15.52% premarket on "Strategic Transformation" news. ottoman 02/10/17 08:02:36 AM
#375087   SPR Update: Closed tonight @ $56.41. Active as MiamiGent 02/08/17 10:06:42 PM
#375086   SHLD risen is an understatement, they have skyrocketed... MWM 02/08/17 09:24:47 PM
#375085   SHLD Read the cost of insuring its bonds MiamiGent 02/08/17 08:52:41 PM
#375084   GM looking to rebound next couple days... fastlizzy 02/08/17 11:59:43 AM
#375083   SPR Update: Active as my Long Play. Closed MiamiGent 02/07/17 09:49:44 PM
#375082   SHLD in some $5.50 puts here, looks like MWM 02/07/17 02:36:57 PM
#375081   SPR Thomson Reuters/Verus upgrades SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS HOLDINGS INC MiamiGent 02/07/17 02:36:10 PM
#375080   "Stock Market Picks For Active Traders And Investors" MiamiGent 02/04/17 10:10:56 PM
#375079   Explanation of the "Long and Short of It"- MiamiGent 02/04/17 10:06:32 PM
#375078   FEYE tanking after hours. earnings. DECK tanking also ottoman 02/02/17 04:06:44 PM
#375077   TWTR something has been cooking here, I think MWM 02/02/17 03:30:07 PM
#375076   Looks like a Trump sell off tomorrow... fastlizzy 02/01/17 11:35:44 PM
#375075   SPR Something For Everyone! MiamiGent 02/01/17 11:18:43 PM
#375074   fantastic that you made money on it. riding ottoman 02/01/17 09:07:49 PM
#375073   Hi ham. A distinction I hadn't realized. Thank MiamiGent 02/01/17 05:40:49 PM
#375072   Hi MG. Just for clarification for any newbies, hamvestor 02/01/17 05:28:48 PM
#375071   Yep, Trump is a wild card. fastlizzy 02/01/17 05:16:11 PM
#375070   That was a scary one. I got a fastlizzy 02/01/17 05:13:13 PM
#375069   Sounds good MWM. I don't have a bead MiamiGent 02/01/17 01:56:36 PM
#375068   AAPL I just put a big bet in MWM 02/01/17 10:55:28 AM
#375067   ok got it. CATB coming into bounce range perhaps. ottoman 02/01/17 09:37:03 AM
#375066   Naz News, Gappers and FLE''s- Big Board stocks only. MiamiGent 02/01/17 09:22:12 AM
#375065   wow, as you noticed, it was tanking yesterday ottoman 02/01/17 09:06:00 AM
#375064   DRYS continues fastlizzy 02/01/17 09:00:38 AM