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Naz News, Gappers and FLE''s

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PURPOSE: The purpose of this board is to post breaking news releases on NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE issues. We are looking for news that has the potential to move the particular stock in either direction. Please post a link for verification when possible.
FORMAT: For the initial post, please begin your post with the ticker, current SP, news, comments and your entry if you wish.
PRIMARY FOCUS: The primary focus will be news releases, which, of course, includes earnings plays, and can encompass run-ups as well as aftershocks to the news releases.
SECONDARY FOCUS: Your actual trades, share structure, charts, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, due diligence; all are very welcome topics for discussion.
STYLE: Long or Short, you are welcome here. We do intraday, short term, swing trades, continuation, and long term plays. Option trades and strategies are welcome. No limits, really.

Do not post OTCBB, PINKIES, or GREY SHEET ISSUES, they will be deleted. There will be no exceptions to this. No spamming or pumping will be tolerated.


For fun, each afternoon, we like to each pick a stock that we believe has the potential to gap up or tank down the next day. Feel free to participate. No prizes offered, just a bit of friendly competition, and, who knows, we might all profit from it, as well. At least, that's the plan. Enjoy.

1. All entries MUST be in between 12:00:00am and 3:50:59pm IHUB time on the preceding trading day.
2. Each participant may enter one ticker symbol in each contest, but that player may NOT put the same stock in both contests.
3. The entry post MUST begin with the word 'Gapper'; or the word 'Tanker'. Please post your picks either in separate posts OR put them both on the same line.
4. The entry post should contain a brief explanation of the reasoning behind the pick.
5. Once a Gapper or a Tanker is chosen, it may not be changed. (Please, no editing once posted.)
6. In the case of duplications, the earlier post is the holder of that Gapper or Tanker pick.
7. All listed stocks and ETF's are eligible, except leveraged ETF's, and stocks under $1.
8. A duplication error can be remedied with an alternate pick (follow the usual protocol).

Winners of the GAPPER or TANKER contests will be determined by the actual gap on that day, i.e., today's opening price minus the previous day's closing price, converted to a percentage. The gap must be at least 3% to be considered as a winning entry.

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Disclaimer: Postings on this board are not recommendations to buy or sell a stock. This board is about sharing information. Enough said.




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#373286  Sticky Note Hey guys, I am checking out for the iconoclassic 07/07/15 02:41:26 PM
#370446  Sticky Note Market Holiday Calendar iconoclassic 02/11/15 04:59:42 PM
#375025   Yup! MiamiGent 01/23/17 06:35:00 PM
#375024   Records are made to be broken -blklabs- 01/23/17 06:33:48 PM
#375023   Oh yeah- lots of folks like to dislike MiamiGent 01/23/17 06:31:56 PM
#375022   They've been to the Superbowl so many times -blklabs- 01/23/17 06:29:02 PM
#375021   Long Play: QCOM MiamiGent 01/23/17 11:26:19 AM
#375020   OK, I'll save the bulk of boasting until MiamiGent 01/23/17 08:46:17 AM
#375019   Enough from the Boston crowd, LoL -blklabs- 01/23/17 06:47:00 AM
#375018   Patriots! MiamiGent 01/22/17 10:09:35 PM
#375017   Long Play: ORIG MiamiGent 01/19/17 04:17:18 PM
#375016   NFLX First add @ 139 MiamiGent 01/19/17 02:27:11 PM
#375015   C First add @ 56.44 MiamiGent 01/19/17 02:24:11 PM
#375014   We need an up day to lift all boats! MiamiGent 01/19/17 01:59:35 PM
#375013   Ya, a drop-off from last nights close and MiamiGent 01/19/17 10:16:47 AM
#375012   You were saying LOL! Theo 01/19/17 10:08:43 AM
#375011   MiamiGent 01/19/17 08:48:35 AM
#375010   BAC 22.70 in P-M. Theo is looking good...and smart! MiamiGent 01/19/17 08:46:23 AM
#375009   NFLX picked up a little AH on the MiamiGent 01/18/17 05:58:06 PM
#375008   Long Play: C MiamiGent 01/18/17 04:23:28 PM
#375007   I'm late getting my plays out- in C MiamiGent 01/18/17 04:08:13 PM
#375006   in a few GS at 232 earlylight 01/18/17 12:43:36 PM
#375005   RYI I just went green. 11.05 now. Expecting MiamiGent 01/18/17 11:58:11 AM
#375004   You're right ! earlylight 01/18/17 11:34:20 AM
#375003   We both took our safe profits. Peace of mind. MiamiGent 01/18/17 11:19:49 AM
#375002   Theo is the hold. I'm the skedaddle, lol MiamiGent 01/18/17 11:17:54 AM
#375001   Tx! Appears to have been a good entry. Theo 01/18/17 11:15:37 AM
#375000   Long just describes the direction. I don't intend MiamiGent 01/18/17 11:15:18 AM
#374999   What happened to the long-term hold? Ha ha Ha earlylight 01/18/17 11:05:54 AM
#374998   I'm sick. earlylight 01/18/17 11:04:55 AM
#374997   Your BAC hold looking great this morning, Theo... +2.2% MiamiGent 01/18/17 10:22:40 AM
#374996   About JAZZ- $127 wow! MiamiGent 01/18/17 10:19:45 AM
#374995   BAC..and out @ 22.28 for +1.18%. MiamiGent 01/18/17 09:43:02 AM
#374994   I've been watching it (and other financials) for Theo 01/18/17 07:04:37 AM
#374993   HBAN- similar chart as BAC but a better MiamiGent 01/17/17 10:11:40 PM
#374992   ..from a quick look it just appeared to MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:58:46 PM
#374991   Why did it drop so much earlier? earlylight 01/17/17 05:51:02 PM
#374990   Well it was good news! MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:50:15 PM
#374989   JAZZ went green earlylight 01/17/17 05:49:01 PM
#374988   I see it dipped under a bit and MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:47:50 PM
#374987   I have a $22 order in for BAC earlylight 01/17/17 05:46:29 PM
#374986   Dang- don't do the numbers, lol MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:46:01 PM
#374985   It's at $114 now. Daym earlylight 01/17/17 05:44:57 PM
#374984   Sheesh, lol MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:43:51 PM
#374983   I never even saw the news and I've earlylight 01/17/17 05:42:59 PM
#374982   Man, what an example of, "sell the news"! MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:41:36 PM
#374981   I won't complain. It was less than five minutes. earlylight 01/17/17 05:40:11 PM
#374980   Ya, I saw 110 but $1,250 isn't chopped MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:22:44 PM
#374979   $1,250 in five minutes but I left that earlylight 01/17/17 05:18:24 PM
#374978   I think we'll win, Theo. Been watching it MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:05:29 PM
#374977   Nice earlylight- you nailed that bottom! MiamiGent 01/17/17 05:00:18 PM
#374976   Bought it @ 22.06 today as well as Theo 01/17/17 04:41:52 PM