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Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG)

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Check out the latest MVTG technology investor document first, right here:


MVTG has a patented electrochemical reactor, called the ERC,  that converts the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, CO2, which is causing climate change, a detriment to mankind, into a liquid commercial chemical product called formic acid, that sells for $1,500/ton (estimated cost of making the Formic acid with the patent issued MVTG ERC is currently under $500/ton).  Formic acid is currently used in many products including preservatives, fermentation, production of leather, cleaning products, de-icing and steel manufacturing.  

This new novel approach is a 
superior solution to managing CO2 at the source, like power plants that burn fossil fuels, cement producers and other energy intensive operations, for a profit, and not for a significant added overhead cost.  This breakthrough can completely change the outlook for dealing with the climate change problem facing mankind.  

Most excitingly, it's in the works!  An existing JV deal with the billion dollar cement manufacturer (cement manufacturing is a major source of CO2 emissions), LaFarge, to build the first pilot plant for the technology is underway with Mantra's engineering partners. The Lafarge MVTG ERC pilot plant is funded and is expected to be built and operating this year.  Read more about it here:

Mantra Officially Launches Pilot Plant Project

The ERC can be applied to the production of other chemicals.  Scroll down for more information on the ERC or visit Mantra's website.

The MRFC Fuel Cell

A second patented invention that MVTG is commercializing is a new generation of low cost fuel cell, the MRFC.  It runs on the very formic acid produced by the ERC.  Mantra's fuel cell design has significant advantages:
- Lighther
- More Powerful

The "Swiss Roll" design eliminates an expensive component of current fuel cells, a platinum membrane, and mixes the fuel directly.  Plus the fuel, formic acid, is much safer to handle and less volitile than hydrogen gas.  Formic acid is a mild acid and a liquid.  It is believed it can be pumped at existing gas stations.  This has major implications for the auto industry potentially. Interestingly, Mantra has just annouced plans to produce a vehicle prototype that is propelled by a MRFC.  Read more about it here:

Mantra Launches Project to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicle Prototype

With this innovation, a viable alternative to fossil fuels to drive transportation systems may become a reality!

The MRFC/ERC Rechargable Fuel Cell

A combination of the MRGC/EFC may emerge as a rechargable fuel cell.  The possibilities of this are extremely exciting in the area of renewable enegy in that it provides a means to store excess energy from wind farms and solar power plants.  In times when alternatives can't produce electricity (low or no wind for wind farms or cloudy days and nights for solar), the fuel cells can kick in to produce energy.  At times of excess available energy, the ERC can be run to recycle the by-products of the fuel cell back into input fuel!  A possible zero emissions rechargable fuel cell. Early trials of this has been demonstrated in the lab and more news on this game changing innovation is expected.


Looking at any of Mantra's patented technologies individually is exciting.  Looking at them them together is even more exciting.  Mantra is truly an exciting compnay and MVTG is truly an exciting stock.  Please read on and enjoy the wealth of information that has been collected here by the collective moderators of this message board.

Thank you.

Share Structure:

As of Nov 30, 2013:
       Preferred stock  
       Authorized: 20,000,000 shares, par value $0.00001  
                Issued and outstanding: Nil shares
       Common stock  
       Authorized: 100,000,000 shares, par value $0.00001  
       Issued and outstanding: 57,097,864

Weekly Chart



April 2014 Eurpean Road Show


Globe 2014 Conference

Vancouver Sun Article

Dodd said the most important thing for Mantra was to talk to bigger companies that might be interested in the 10-employee startup’s technology. Mantra’s concept is to use electrochemical processes to take the carbon dioxide emitted from stationary sources — cement plants or power stations — and convert it to other useful chemicals.

“We’ve had a lot of great meetings and made a lot of connections that I think will go somewhere,” Dodd said.

Additional Research





MVTG: The Most Disruptive Technology in Energy in Years


Here are links to the actual issued UK fuel cell patent and the India ERC issued patents!!!

The patents are pending world wide!!!

The first two have just recently been issued!!!

Here is the Fuel cell patent issued, an entire new generation of low cost fuel cell!

Here is the first issued international patent on the ERC that converts CO2, The Green House gas that causes global warming, carbon dioxide into a liquid fuel, formic acid!

These are links to entire patent file, about 100 pages in all!



ERC presentation master - Version 5.0 (distribution copy).pdf

ERC brochure May 2011


Building a breakthrough team of industry partners


Building a value added chain thru good partnerships is key. Mantra expects to work with a variety of global industries like oil and gas and chemicals, and with major emitters like power utilities, cement plants, steel mills, etc. - these are our natural partners. Language, corporate and local culture are all complicating factors.

Mantra is not alone in having good ideas: In working with other creators of IP it will be necessary to work collaboratively. The end result must be a reasonable sharing of the value (thru licenses): Mantra will manage sales of ERC plants, client contracts, and will receive and manage the royalties and fees. Long-term relationships will be created with valuable research and development laboratories, whether government or private.

Existing partners include: Kemira and Lafarge 

Kemira Oyj of Finland

LaFarge stack




Click on this Link for StockGuru Interview with Larry Kristof from March 30,2011

(May have to right click and open in a new window)


 Listen To Interview




Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (Mantra) is a diversified Green Tech company seeking to become a world-leader in the development of commercially viable sustainable technologies by minimizing the impact of human activity on our climate, environment and health. Based in the Pacific Northwest, a hot-bed of Green Tech innovation, Management has already been successful in acquiring the rights to two revolutionary sustainable technologies: the Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide (ERC) and the Biometals Recovery System (BRS).

Mantra's Corporate Mission is to provide businesses and people with the means to achieve significant, sustainable reductions in their ecological footprint, and in doing so, ensure that its investors benefit both morally and financially from their investment.


Youtube Videos

Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide -- Carbon (CO2) Reduction Machine!  

Formic Acid Uses (Video by BASF)      

Carbon Sequestration - Invest in a Reduction Alternative      



In November 2007, Mantra acquired the 100% outright ownership of a chemical processing technology developed by the University of British Columbia's Clean Energy Research Center, entitled the Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide (ERC). Powered by renewable energy, ERC combines captured carbon dioxide with water to produce high value materials, including: formic acid, formate salts, oxalic acid, and methanol.

The International market for carbon dioxide management is currently in the Billions USD and carbon emission credits are traded at values up to $40 USD per ton of CO2. As of yet, large-scale applications have not been able to make the shift to renewable energy, as fossil fuels remain the most cost effective option energy source available. Scientists and innovators are therefore investigating Carbon Capture and Storage (C.C.S.) techniques to mitigate the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. Sequestration, the process of capturing the gas and injecting it underground for storage, is currently the only potentially viable solution. Nonetheless, this technology still faces significant challenges, as it is far from being cost effective. In addition, sequestration has raised serious environmental concern, legal and regulatory issues due to the unknown ramifications of permanently storing CO2 underground.

ERC offers an innovative alternative to carbon sequestration with many potential advantages. The first advantage is that ERC, instead of addressing carbon dioxide as the problem, harnesses its chemical properties as part of the solution. Capitalizing on the abundance of carbon dioxide being released from fossil fuel combustion, ERC converts CO2 to useful, financially profitable products. The second advantage is that the process can be driven by renewable energy (hydro, wind, solar, tidal or nuclear). Lastly, there is potential for this technology to be applied in a closed-loop fuel cell cycle, whereby carbon dioxide is converted into a fuel that is then used in the cell to generate energy.

Upon successful entry into the lucrative market of CO2 reduction, a powerful and perhaps even more profitable market will develop for its useful by-products. Sodium formate and formic acid, two of the main by-products of ERC, currently have an average market value of $1,200/ton, with more than 600,000 tons of formic acid produced annually. Their applications are diverse, including feedstock preservatives, de-icing solutions, cleaning solutions and baking soda to name a few. In addition, Mantra has identified several potential applications for formic acid that would lead to a prolific expansion in market demand, including: steel pickling, fuel cell development and fuel additives. In October 2008, Mantra completed its first ERC prototype, capable of processing 1 Kg of CO2 per day. The company's first commercial scale reactor, designed to process 1 ton of CO2 per day, is schedule for completion by Q2 2010.

For more information on ERC visit





Mantra holds an Exclusive Option Agreement to acquire the license of the Biometals Recovery System (BRS)- a revolutionary mine wastewater technology. BRS is a biological-based water treatment system that selectively recovers and upgrades valuable metals with maximum energy recovery.

Acid mine drainage (AMD), the outflow of acidic water from abandoned metal mines or coal mines, is responsible for the contamination of 40% of western waterways. While the U.S. Bureau of Mines estimates current AMD remediation expenditures to be $1 Million per day, these efforts have been largely inadequate due to the ineffectiveness of current technologies. Fortunately, Mantra's BRS technology relies on a much more efficient biological reaction than these current technologies. This fact, combined with product upgrading and energy recovery capabilities, provides a major economic advantage for BRS. Upon completion of the BRS technology, Mantra anticipates rapidly overcoming market penetration rates achieved by current AMD remediation technologies.

In addition to the treatment of acid mine drainage, a secondary market for Mantra's BRS technology is Heap Leaching Metal Recovery. Heap leaching is currently responsible for 20% of worldwide copper production, representing an approximate market value of $12 Billion USD.

For more information on BRS, visit Latest Articles




Press Releases

NOTE the Real news Sept 12th is in the the 8-K!!!! Alstom is the new JV partner that signed on with MVTG.

MVTG News: Mantra's Larry Kristof Interviewed by The Wall Street Analyzer

MVTG News: Mantra Enters Agreement With a Global Leader in Energy Infrastructure

MVTG News: Mantra Energy Alternatives Awarded Patent in China

MVTG News: Mantra's Alternative Approach Yields Performance Boost

MVTG News: Mantra Accelerates Development With New Internal Lab and Research Team

MVTG News: A New Audio Interview With Larry Kristof, President and CEO of Mantra Venture Group Ltd., is Now at
  09/12/2013 03:12 PM

9/10/2013 10:05 AM
06/06/2013 09:20 AM

05/13/2013 09:30 AM

04/23/2013 04:00 PM

08/28/2012 08:00 PM
MVTG News: Mantra Energy Alternatives Signs Deal with Tekion to Accelerate Commercial Development of its ERC Technology 08/27/2012 09:15 AM

MVTG News: Mantra Energy Announces New Patent for its Mixed Reactant Fuel Cell Technology
07/24/2012 09:15 AM
MVTG News: Goldman Small Cap Research Issues Research Report on Mantra Venture Group Ltd. 06/26/2012 08:45 AM


Mantra Energy Alternatives and Powertech Agree to Collaborate on Carbon Capture and Recycling Process Field Trials
5/7/12   Mantra Energy Alternatives Granted Patent for Carbon Capture and Recycling Process
4/23/12   Mantra Venture Group Selects Sterling Communications as Agency of Record for Mantra Energy Alternatives
4/12/12   Mantra Welcomes Tom Unger as VP of Corporate Finance
3/14/12   Mantra Commits to $3.2M Private Placement -Poised to Build Carbon Capture and Recycling Pilot Project
5/26/11   Mantra Adds Depth to Board and Executive Management Team
4/14/11   Mantra Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding to Launch Carbon Recycling Technology Into China
3/15/11   Mantra Selected to Present at Northern Cleantech Showcase
2/7/11   Kemira Oyj of Finland becomes Mantra's development partner for its (CCR)Carbon Capture Recycling Technology
1/10/11   Mantra's Carbon Recycling Technology (CCR) Has Been Chosen as One of the 25 Most Promising New Products for 2011

Why Invest in Mantra Venture Group?

•    Diversified leading edge technologies within Green Environment- currently CO2 reduction (ERC) and Biometals Recovery System (BRS)- both with limited competition and substantial revenue potential
•    Potential for dividends and spin- outs of subsidiaries as separate public companies as a reward to long term investors
•    Intellectual property: Worldwide patent pending
•    Well-aligned with 43 Government Funding/Grant Programs
•    Company is new, but awareness expanding at alarming rate: considerable opportunity for growth over short term
•    Company just signed Memorandum of Understanding with Korean Heavyweight that should see ERC through to commercialization
•    Environmental technologies are the number one investment of choice today- a trend that won't fade anytime soon



Top 7 Reasons Why Green Technologies Will Thrive in the Future

  1. Climate change and environmental sustainability are at the political forefront 
    Current green technologies are largely inadequate in meeting global demand 
    Environmental technologies are the number one investment of choice today- a trend that won't fade anytime soon 
    Governmental programs are providing new Green Tech companies with financial assistance required to carry technologies through to adoption 
    As technologies improve, prices are predicted to drop- increasing viability and profitability 
    Emergence of Carbon Credit industry offers added incentive for Corporations to go green 


Contact Us:

Vancouver Head Office

Unit 4 - 2119 152nd Street, 
South Surrey, BC Canada V4A 4N7
Tel: 604.535.4145 

Fax: 604.535.2597

Mantra Venture Group:

Corporate Communications:


Video Demonstration of ERC Technology!

News out of left field, Industry chatter about MVTG!!!

University Thesis paper on using CO2 as  feedstock for petrochemcial plants discusses Formic acid on Page 92










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