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Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc. (IPRU)

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Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc. is a research and product development firm meeting the needs of show designers in the stage light tracking industry.


Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc. (IPRU), Partners with Lusens

Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc. (IPRU), Announces Product Feild-Testing in Large and Small Setting
Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc. (IPRU), Announces New Research and Product Development




Contact Information

PHONE: 347-789-7131 (NYC)



Interactive MultiMedia Experiences.

Lusens is a multi-disciplinary media and design company that is among the global leaders in bringing immersive and interactive multimedia experiences to the public. Our Donor Recognition ideas and installations are second to none. We specialize in creating custom interactive walls, displays, table tops, bar tops, windows and floors that react to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions. We combine visual art with technology to deliver amazing interactive user experiences that are unforgettable, engaging and inspiring. Our interactive multimedia exhibits embrace users as no other media can – informing, involving, inspiring and impressing through the senses of touch, vision and sound.

We create custom Interactive Donor Recognition Walls and Donor Recognition Ideas that engage, honour and inspire. We also create Interactive Way-Finders that guide and inform and Interactive Bar-top Tables that entertain and amaze. And we create Interactive Media Experiences in the form of Interactive Walls, Windows and Floors that responding to gestures, touch and body motion that get people’s attention creating new advertising and marketing opportunities.



A World-Class-Team.

In order to create the kind of immersive interactive experiences that have an impact on a global stage, it’s necessary to have world-class talent through every aspect of the process.

The Lusens team consists of creative designers, artists, programmers, engineers, mobile app developers, system integrators, animators, game developers, computer vision experts, marketers and business professionals that specialize in the interactive user experience industry. Each team member was chosen for his or her skill and commitment to delivering spectacular immersive experiences to each and every client.



Our Mission.

The world of interactive media experiences is at the very leading edge of new technologies, and to become a major player it is essential to always be changing and never take too long sitting around admiring your last job. Our mission at Lusens, is to remain the leaders of an ever-changing industry and continue to bring the most innovative and awe-inspiring experiences to our clients. We wish to stimulate the senses through interactive multimedia like no other company on earth.



Global Clientele.

Our global client list includes names such as Estee Lauder, Google, Sony Style, Loreal Paris, Guess, Calvin Klein, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Disney, YMCA, as well as many universities, hospitals, hotels, bars and more. Currently, we have exclusive partners in over 40 countries. Through them and also directly, Lusens offer its global clients professional services and unparalleled support. Our interactive donor recognition ideas and experiences are second to none.



Customization and Seamless Integration.

One of the hallmarks of our ability to involve users to such a heightened degree is our ability to customize experiences so they become a natural extension of the organization and blend with their physical environment. When the wall, floor or window reacts to a user’s touch or gestures, you know your experiencing something special.


We Custom Design Donor Walls and Create other Captivating and Engaging Interactive Experiences

Lusens design digital donor wallsdonor displays and wayfinders. We deliver captivating effects and experiences for our customer’s vision and specific messaging. Client’s are amazed at how our products bring there business to a new level of performance and results. Lusens custom interactive experiencesresonate with customer’s audience with more impact, producing greater results and achieve the communications objectives. Lusens immersive experiences integrate seamlessly with your current environment or space, incorporating your architecture or branding and blending it perfectly with the targeted culture and community.

digital donor walls

Our donor walls are interactive. Digital donor walls are more effective than static donor displays. They engage, impress and inspire.Multimedia, Digital donor walls include a content management system. Hospitals and Universities now install digital donor walls as they are less expensive to maintain. A successful Donor Recognition wall or display is one that gets people’s attention, inspire your visitors, and most important, thank your generous donors. Digital Donor Recognition Display is a departure from the typical static donor wall many of your constituents may be familiar with, so communicating the benefits of touch screen or self cycling multimedia is important.




Donor Recognition Walls

Lusens Donor Recognition Walls create an immersive user experience that engages donors and supporters, involving them in your mission, inviting their participation and encouraging their involvement. Read more →

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Children’s Hospital Video Wall Immersive Experiences

Immersive Video Wall Experiences at Children Hospitals are designed as a mean to calm children and taking them away from their daily worries, preoccupation and anxieties. Read more →

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Donor Displays

Donor Displays at NonProfit organizations such as Hospitals, Universities, Museums and others, are a great way to thank donors, tell your organization's story and inspire people.
Read more →

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Donor Recognition Displays

Interactive Donor Recognition Displays are a great way to thank donors, tell about your organization's mission and vision, show success stories, inspire your audience and invite new donors to support your nonprofit organization. Read more →

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Interactive BarTop Displays

Interactive Bar-Top Tables that display multimedia content while responding to touch and gesture, are a great way to entertain, engage and captivate your audience. Lusens Bar-Top Tables are becoming an escential item on bars, clubs and at the event industry. Read more →

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Interactive Wayfinders

We create custom Interactive Wayfinding Experiences that guide, inform and promote. Our Interactive Wayfinders at retail, universities, hospitals and other venues, empower customers and visitors by effectively delivering information they need, in a timely, engaging and intuitive manner. Read more →

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Custom Design

Specializing in the creation of custom solutions that respond to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions, our team consisting of artists and technical people can help you creating a custom designed interactive user experiences that will make an impact. Read more →

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Interactive BarTop Tables

Extensively used in the event and hospitality industries Lusens’ engaging and entertaining Interactive Bar-Top Tables, are the ideal platform to create unique branded experiences that are sure to be noticed. Read more →

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Immersive User Experiences

Immersive Exhibits captivate people's imagination, transport them to new cognition levels, stimulate all senses and more Read more →

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Multitouch Tables

With their smooth, multi-touch surface and vivid display, our Multi-Touch Table are a compelling addition to any branded space. Transform your customer experience: Lusens Multi-Touch Tables can connect users with menus, reviews and personalized service. Customers can discover a new product and place an order on the spot. Read more →

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Immersive Experiences

Intrigue, Engage & Captivate! Wow your customers and visitors with Lusens’ engaging and entertaining interactive experiences.

Beyond touch interaction, Lusens computer vision technology measures body position and tracks gestures for natural interaction with custom applications and games. Interactive Experiences from Lusens will immerse your users in jaw-dropping audio-visual multi-sensory experiences, creating unmatched branded interactions for your customers. Read more →

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Body and Gesture Driven Games

Lusen creates and develops touch, gesture and body motion interactive games. Our advanced research and development centre, Lusens Labs, specializes in the development of state of the art motion capture and facial expression recognition techniques and tools that allow to sense and measure finger touch, body gestures and facial expressions that we use for the purpose of creating immersive games. Read more →

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Interactive Experiences

Amaze your audience with touch and gesture interactive experiences that engages, entertains and are highly memorable.

Using touch and gesture sensors driven by Lusens software suite, we create, build and support spectacular interactive exhibits that are the ultimate user experience. Immerse your crowd with a WOW multi-sensorial, multi-media experience that captivate and engage. Read more →

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Immersive Exhibits

Our installations are memorable, inspiring, and custom-designed to your needs, utilizing materials and textures that blend with your venue.

Lusens media installations are based on our reliable, high-performance interactive technology that will make any event an evening to remember.Read more →

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Interactive Windows

Covert your store window into an interactive surface that informs, engages and captivates. Wow your customers with an Immersive and Interactive Multi Media Experience you can monetize.
Using ingenious techniques, Lusens engineers can transform your regular glass window into a touch and gesture interactive surface that gets peoples attention and improves your bottom line. Using digital projectors and special semi-transparent films and touch and gesture sensors, Lusens will project on your window high-definition images that are eye catching and memorable. Read more →

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Interactive Wall Experiences

Lusens interactive wall solutions turn walls into immersive environments full of movement, action, fun and excitement. It grabs everyone’s attention as they walk by, urging them to interact with your content.

It can add an interactive element to nearly any business, from a shopping mall to a bank to a museum. Read more →

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Video Walls

Beyond allowing multiple people to interact and collaborate, Lusens computer vision technology measures body position and tracks gestures for natural interaction with custom applications and games. Read more →

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Interactive Floors

Lusens floor and window installations turn open floor spaces into immersive environments full of movement, action, fun and excitement. It grabs everyone’s attention as they walk by, urging them to interact with your content.

It can add an interactive element to nearly any business, from a shopping mall to a bank to a museum. Read more →

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Interactive Floor Systems

Lusens Convertible is an All-in-One system that deliver immersive, seamless, and irresistible interactive experiences on Floors, Walls or Windows.

WOW your audience with Lusens small and impressive, plug & play portable system that is fully programmable and delivers the industries BEST interactive Floor, Windows and Wall Experiences! Read more →

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Through strategic partners, Lusens offers the lighting and staging industry most amazing technology including a ground braking lights-tracking system.

Beyond touch interaction, Lusens computer vision technology measures body position and tracks gestures for natural interaction with custom applications and games. Interactive Experiences from Lusens will immerse your users in jaw-dropping audio-visual multi-sensory experiences, creating unmatched branded interactions for your customers. Read more →

We Design Interactive Experiences

Research indicates that in order to maximize people’s attention and engagement, cause amazement and ensure that the experience is remembered, this user experience shall be designed by experts that can design interactive experiences that are natural and intuitive. Lusens team is at the forefront of this industry, leading the way with mesmerizing experiences that take people’s mind to places its never been before. We know how to augment reality. We know how to create virtual worlds. We know how to engage, inspire, inform, entertain and make experiences, unforgettable. We design and create Interactive Donor Recognition Wall that wow and mesmerize.

The Evolution of Storytelling

At the core of every successful immersive interactive experience is a story. The second a customer, patron, visitor, donor or attendee reaches out and engages with your interactive media, the story begins.
From there, you have the ability to take them on a journey of sight and sound that gets their heart racing, piques their curiosity or tugs at their heart strings. And throughout your story, the power of engagement remains, guiding your user wherever you want to take him. At Lusens we design interactive experiences that inspire, engage, inform and captivate.

When Imagination and Technology Collide

Sometimes, it takes elements from two different processes to create something truly spectacular and unique. The design of interactive experiences by tying together imagination, art and technology creates immersive environments that are engaging and memorable. The imagination and technology have been tied together for decades, but the emergence of new technologies allows today to create multi-sensorial immersive experiences that gets people attention.

The x-factor in this magical process is the humbling power of engagement to draw people in and make them part of a memorable experience. Lusens creates and design interactive experiences that work!

Customizable Content Creation

With Lusens immersive interactive experiences, you are in control. You have the power to customize your content, your images and your sounds to blend seamlessly into virtually any environment. This remarkable feature guarantees an even greater level of engagement, as you can tailor the experience to precisely match the feelings, thoughts, hopes and desires of your user. And also permit you to keep your experience up to date.

Interactive Experiences to Brighten Your World

As the barrier between fantasy and reality continues to blur, Lusens will continue to be at the forefront of the industry, leading the way with mesmerizing experiences that take the mind to places its never been before. We know how to create multi-sensorial experiences. We know how to create engagement. We know how to inspire, inform and also entertain. We know how to design interactive experiences that are unforgettable.

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