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Acquiescence Lost
Management stifles creativity as it should for franchise control; however, this creator does not get managed.  As an idea moves through the different managerial levels, the likelihood of rejection increases, since those managers are further from the domain the idea applies to and less likely to understand its true value in that domain; and in this case, must also undermine their subordinates while simutaneously thinking outside of the box. This turns a chain of command into what is known as the “hierarchy of no."   While the hierarchy of no is very efficient, it's highly inefficient at creative and innovative leverage.   While GreenGenie understands the need for hierarchy and its efficiencies, he never lost his Power to Say No.   So with this power, which most people lost by being a slave to their labor, he has launched a death march through the hierarchy of no.  He is a bottom-up manager in real life, a macro manager, and one that understands the best ideas come from chaos theory and the nebulous bottom-up methodology.  Perspective is the key to perceiving order.  Therefore,



Direct All Your Complaints to I-Hub Management

Hunger Strike Day 7 and Counting. 

Awaiting for the long, bureaucratic process of the sniper to come take the head shot.  This reminds me of Russia's dichotomous relationship with the West.  I'm sure Putin sleeps well at night knowing that the West must follow the rules whereas he is free to break them.  It's good to be the Czar.
I apologize to all the kids out there that had to see that.  Negotiations are now underway.  A little metaphorical synopsis is below based on what's been going on in the last 48 hours.

Image result for hell high water
Based on the current Brockstein updates, HLIX may be experiencing the same progress with Mr. X.

Meanwhile:  Alan Brockstein's Source Speaks up on HLIX:

The Long Awaited Week-End's Finale Has Arrived

_________________________________________________________________________Deleted Files Section alledgedtly too dangerous to read:____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Post Date: 12/6/2016 12:55:33 PM in reply to 127037753 by stocktrademan
Board: Helix TCS Inc. Reason: Off-Topic
Here come the chart guys, as predicted one month ago to the day almost.

Yes, sorry about that, Stockman. You are kinda late to the party here. I am no longer on the job so you are more than welcome to apply for the position.

The current negotiator has been fired. His profile says he is from the Matrix and it implies that he has powers that extend beyond the realm of physics; however, he can't think outside the box of TOS, the lowest law of the land. Higher laws trump bad laws, especially when made under duress.

I didn't stutter. Bring out your sniper or bring someone to the negotiating table that is intelligent and can think outside of the box. One that can make executive decisions or just take aim and shoot. It's really that simple. And then let Mr. Charts here take over my position.

I give BTK about 2 hours max before I overrule him in the stalemate position. I'm tired of the runaround, and I'm especially tired of dealing with idiots.

Thanks EG,

I really appreciate the offer and compliments. If I ever decide to pursue this hobby as a career, I'll call you. But it may be a few decades before I'm ready. Maybe in retirement.

I just love my jobs. I work in two unrelated industries. My day job is set hours and I love it. It has profit sharing, bonuses, stability, and I'm so good at it. I even told my boss's boss that I don't want my boss's job. IN her absenteeism, I just hate doing her job. I know I'm next in line and the most logical choice, but I don't want it. I love my job. I have to make sure my boss is happy so she never quits. I eat my 768-calorie breakfast every morning, same thing. I eat at my desk twice a day at the same time, bringing my own lunchs that I made at the same time I made breakfast. I'm multi-tasking now at work. I have freedoms.

My other industry's clients just happen to be cross-pollinated with the one I'm writing from. And that second industry, I work for a few different firms and some independents, as well as my own clients. I so well connected. It's all who you know there, and I work almost every night during this season just to stay relevant. I don't have to but I push myself. My poor neglected wife...

Plus, I have rental proties and I just love the creative side of that. But I have mgmt. property doing all the work there. And then I have this. And I love this and I'm darn good at this too. I s hould have made my Etrade a Roth because I would have come out better than my Roths. And then there is my Merrill Edge account and I don't even remember the password or user name. That's an inferior broker.

I just love my life as it is. My clientele is mostly River Oaks--and if it isn't, they have the net worth to be there if they wanted to -- which is our Beverly Hills. I could give you a tour and I could probably tell you who lives in 40% of the homes there. If not their names, then what they do, their wives names, kids, their house manager's names, who they know, the schematics of the home, what they do for a living, etc. That's how I know Venegas talks like the 1% because I know the 1%. And Jennifer talks like a corporate executive. I can know a lot about a person just by listening to them.
Post Date: 11/29/2016 11:42:37 PM in reply to 126879179 by Alan Brochstein
Board: Helix TCS Inc. Reason: Off-Topic
Alan, seriously, the way you talk down to people in high positions is really uncouth. I would never fathom talking so disrespectfully to anyone that's a leader of a company. This is something the founders worked hard on. Everyone in this company has a long history of integrity.

You can respectfully talk about valuation, but you are making accusations which you don't have a shred of evidence for. Assume innocence. As I've said in posts if you read all of my history, I actively seek to falsify everything. I have always challenged anyone to falsify Zac's history. If you can't do it, then you can't falsify it. You should assume innocence. Doesn't mean you can't be a skeptic and cautious, but doesn't mean you have to be disrespectful either.

The press release you pulled up came out after the quarter ended. I would prefer to be told something rather than nothing. Either way, I'm going to have to wait till next quarter for the details so why would I look a gift horse in the mouth?

The preferred stock would be a nice question for someone to ask. Why don't you attend a conference and ask him in person? You are a reporter. You write articles. Why don't you call him up and ask for an interview and ask him yourself? Maybe he has a good answer for you. Maybe he doesn't. Be the prosecutor and actually do an investigation rather than jump to conclusions.

All companies want exposure and the whole point of going public is to raise capital. So when you say "excessive stock promotion," that's just nonsense. It's a danged if they do, danged if they don't proposition. If they did nothing, you would be whining that they do nothing. Do you want a boring stock that pays a dividend? Look to SPCO. Boring has hell. No stock promotion and the stock hasn't done a dang thing in years. I hope it's SPCO. I killed my phone today so I'm going by memory.

Not filign with the SEC is just stupid to YOU. To me, it's business savvy. It never made since to do what MSRT did and go public the expensive way. Look who is actually doing better between the two. HLIX is no matter how you look at it. In sales, in the bottom line, in working capital, in shares outstanding, in market cap, in margins, you name it.

I have full confidence HLIX will report with the SEC in the future when it makes sense to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if they did the next quarter and then you would be eating crow. Again. I wish you actually would do some digging and research and quit talking about it and get off your rump and actually do it. I dare you to falsify any post of mine or any claim I ever made. Just saying it isn't so just isn't enough.

Now, all that being said: Valuation is a mutually exclusive subject. The fact that sentiment is high on HLIX means nothing more beyond the fact that sentiment is high on HLIX. You can argue all day that it is priced high and I would agree. But that's because they have been doing and not talking. The few times they do tlak, you seem to have a problem with it.

I'll wait for Thursday and probably Friday. It really is not logical that they would just make up a phony press release after their stock was soaring in the first place. They never needed that for the story. It's pretty hard fabricate a lie that big. Pulling in Rose Capital as your partner and crime and nobody says anything. Really?

There are 3 founders of BioTrack. Patrick Vo and the other two. I always liked Patrick Vo the best and he is the only one remaining if HLIX did indeed buy the other two out. I would ven ture a guess that would turn out to be 2/3 of 51% at least.
Overruled.  The above post is VERY On Topic.
Post Date: 11/30/2016 12:18:52 AM in reply to 126881520 by ExpensiveGuy
Board: Helix TCS Inc. Reason: Off-Topic
You should talk more often EG. :)

See, Alan, learn something from EG. Those who talk least actually know what they are talking about.
Post Date: 11/27/2016 3:53:45 PM in reply to 126822076 by Alan Brochstein
Board: Helix TCS Inc. Reason: Off-Topic
Mark to Market

Alan, would you like to show off and explain "Mark to Market" and how you believe it relates to HLIX in the latest quarterly filing? I know what it is, but I don't understand its application here. I know that ENRON used it to manipulate its earnings and it would have fooled me. But in that case it was abused to post POSITIVE earnings. They just moved those assets to an off-balance account somewhere after the markup. In HELIX's case, there is obviously no window dressing there. The negative is what is throwing me for a loop, and I will give you the floor and give you credit where credit is due here.

However, I never invest in rosy pictures so Enron was never a prospect for me. It was never given an opportunity to scam me because it was just too "successful" to warrant a deeper look. It's hard to be a victim when you avoid the rosy pictures as part of your investment thesis. Plus, I like dividend paying stocks for the rosy pictures, IFF I'm going to stay in a rosy picture after its dark days turned bright, and you can't manipulate hard cash as easily. Or darn near impossible.

Once again, above deletions are OVERRULED.  As any neutral observer can see, they are very on-topic and still awating Alan's response.


Saturday Morning Update (Hunger Strike Day 3):

That took only two hours -- hook, line, and sinker.  So my "third meaning" explained in the troll-baited letter below was quickly established.  The hidden, deeper meaning, was surely over their heads.  What I'm dealing with here are low-level grunts that have limited powers and a lack of respect and comprehension of the big picture.  When I demanded to talk to their supervisor, they fraudulently turned me over to someone that has no authority at all to make intelligent decisions.  A runaround they are quite skilled at.  Now, however, it's time for you to call your alleged supervisor's supervisors and bring out your sniper.  I will not discuss anything further with a micro manager.  These are your 3 remaining options:
1)  Bring in your top negotiator that can make executive decisions.
2)  Have your sniper take the head shot and take me out.  You'll quickly learn that you can't fire on a man that already quit.
3)  Come to me on my turf and watch me mop the court room floor with your ass.

Here is Saturday Morning's Deleted Post too "Dangerous" to be read.  Took only two-hours for the weekend warriors to take the bait:
  Deleted Files Section:
Open Letter To Alan Brockstein

Or put a better way, An open letter from Humble Narcissist to Arrogant Narcissist:

This off-topic post has a three-fold purpose, which is true of everything I post. There is a surface meaning, a hidden meaning, and then a third meaning. The third meaning here to say, look, I'm still alive. This week, the new format will stay all week. And this post will determine whether or not those in my way learned anything or not. It is also a test to see what weapons are at their disposal and what restrictions they themselves have. Because while they may have rules, I don't have rules. I'm still waiting for someone to take a shot at me. I'm bulletproof. I-Hub is not my lifeline. For this week, my name will be Mr. Macro Manager.

So, now to the surface meaning.

Post 4903 was written on May 21, 2014. This is what I was thinking and saying two years ago. What were you doing 2 years ago?

GreenGenie Wednesday, 05/21/14 02:29:12 PM
Re: None
Post # of 5302

It's now official:

All one million shares have executed. I officially hold slightly over 1.2 million shares. It is my understanding that both Reed's hold 40 million shares each in this shell, so I would think it would behoove them to make a liquid security either legitimally or though psychological manipulation of some sort. After all, Mr. Reed is a psychologist.

05/21/14 12:04 PM EDT Buy 72394 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/20/14 3:16 PM EDT Buy 25 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/20/14 3:01 PM EDT Buy 2000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/19/14 12:57 PM EDT Buy 21000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/19/14 11:30 AM EDT Buy 50000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/19/14 11:13 AM EDT Buy 170000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/16/14 3:06 PM EDT Buy 333 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/16/14 2:10 PM EDT Buy 8333 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/16/14 10:24 AM EDT Buy 19500 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/14/14 2:41 PM EDT Buy 10000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/14/14 9:30 AM EDT Buy 10000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/13/14 10:05 AM EDT Buy 155000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/12/14 2:16 PM EDT Buy 5000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/12/14 9:30 AM EDT Buy 56330 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/09/14 1:00 PM EDT Buy 150000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/06/14 3:46 PM EDT Buy 130000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
05/06/14 3:43 PM EDT Buy 120000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
04/29/14 2:13 PM EDT Buy 4000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
04/29/14 11:22 AM EDT Buy 85 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
04/29/14 10:43 AM EDT Buy 1000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit
04/28/14 2:06 PM EDT Buy 15000 CPFI Executed @ $0.0017 Details | Edit

That's my stamp stamp. If I ever sell, it will be posted on this board. That's just a little margin leveraged off Wells Fargo, my top holding! Good quality there. This is a crap shoot.


That's just one purchase. Everything I do is corroborated because all I do is speak truth. This is something you don't have power to do because you locked yourself into alleged truths that you created yourself in your own mind. This is before HLIX even existed as a company. This is before anyone could possibly know this Cusip Number could end up in the Cannabis industry. You might call that "luck," but there was logic here. It wasn't a random spin, it was a roll with loaded dice. I already explained to you what loaded dice are if you were paying attention, and they are off the grid for you because of rules you created in your own mind.

Now, let's go back just one month further where I say the following:


GreenGenie Friday, 05/02/14 02:50:05 PM
Re: None
Post # of 5302


I'm a very skeptical person, and I can sympathize with Ashton Martin. I was one of the "bashers" here when this stock was over a buck and all the way down to three cents; however, I did buy a few thousand shares at .02 hoping that the new CEO could stabilize the company.

Then, back in November or so, I bought 200,000 a month after the name change at .00 something. Since last Sunday night, I've had a one-million share order in at .0017, but only 20,000 shares out of that million have executed so far.

I'm not saying anything will happen. The ID number from the Secretary of State that the previous poster gave us matches up with Spicy Pickle. The same lawyer who did the name change can be seen in this link:

You can see that the ID# matches up with what Mr. "Etcetera" supplied last week:

The name "Capital Franchising" was not enough to convince me, but the first link above convinces me it's the same company. What it all means, I don't know. It just appears that there is a plan for this shell. Keep in mind that the SEC has been cracking down hard on empty shells the last two years. This lawyer's name is on the financial documents of several crash & burn penny stocks.

Would a reverse split come first? I just don't know.

PURE SPECULATION: If a foreign company is merging into this, is it the new franchisee they have in Kuwait? I don't know. It appears to be the only traction the private company has, if any. All I know is I'm trying to build a position at rock bottom prices that some activity can push the stock up somewhere. I could care less about $10,000 which is what a million shares would be at a penny. Maybe at 5 cents, I might get interested. Otherwise, it's just a small investment of less than $2,000 I lose.

See, that's one month notification prior to execution, stating my intent and current actions for anyone, like yourself, to come in with a higher bid and knock me out. Now, if I thought for a second you would actually be listening, I wouldn't be stating that openly because I'm greedy. But as you can see, there was activity and enough information from a company that DID NOT FILE WITH THE SEC to make an informed MARCO MANAGAGERIAL DECISION. Macro being the key to success here because I don't get lost in the trees. I just see the forest.

Wait, did I just say MARCO managerial decision? I mean MACRO managerial decision. Marco is the name of the guy that sued me in 2008 because of gravity. He lost his case. It was a landlord vs landlord case. I won because here in Texas, we are a no-fault state. In California, I think the ruling may have been different? Did you know that? Most people don't know. No negligence, no case for Texas. As it should be. One of the things Texas got right, but we have so much to learn.

Now, come with me in my time machine, 10 months forward back in the "future." This is only 1.5 years prior to today. Helix is 100% off the radar still, and yet I'm going to purchase another 10,000 shares, right after a "reverse-split" curse. Because I don't do superstition. Or Astrology, for that matter. I find it interesting that you would choose to dabble in both Astronomy and Astrology when you could dump the latter and sore with the former.


GreenGenie Thursday, 03/05/15 06:47:45 PM
Re: lch post# 4996
Post # of 5302

JGLD is not Spicy Pickle

This is not, and has not been for years, Spicy Pickle, Ich. Spicky Pickle defaulted on its loan obligations years ago and went private, leaving those shareholders nothing but bad dreams. All that was left was this EMPTY SHELL. And empty shell of a stock is just that -- an empty shell. It means there is nothing at all but a trading symbol. No company, no nothing. It could still trade, theoretically.

The company is STILL an empty shell. The empty shell was bought by another empty shell of a company. But that company is technically still nothing. It is just an incorporated legal name that shares an address with a real company called Jubilee Venture. They have done absolutely nothing in regard to changing the company profile when its viewed trough brokers or places like Yahoo Finance. That is where I suspect you think this is Spicy Pickle. It's just a sign on a house whose residents long left the building. It's just the name of a former stock that the new owners haven't changed. Legally, I don't believe they need to at this point. Whatever plans they had/have, making those plans public is not something they want to do at this time. The only glimpse of their plans come from filings with the SEC which they have no choice but to disclose by law.

One can only speculate, or at least I speculate, that based on those filings, Jubilee Venture intends to merge into this stock at some time in the future. But even though I think they want to do this, that is no guarantee that they will be able to meet their goals to do so. I would speculate this micro company (tiny, tiny mining company) will one day merge into Jubilee4 Gold (this stock -- empty shell). But right now, I am buying nothing. They would do this as a cheaper way (and with less regulation) to go from private to public, and to raise capital. But right now you own nothing. But it can trade. Somebody, and not just me, is trying to fill a large order. Or so it appears.

What I know is fact is that I bought 10,000 shares just recently at 5 cents a share. So I own up to 37,000+ shares now. I have a limit order that has been standing for almost 60 days now at .012, and only 500 or so shares have been bought. It's near impossible to buy at that price.

This stock, JGLD, does have $40,000 in revenue from a somewhat reliable yet unaudited source. Where that comes from, I have no idea. But it's basically a big zero you are buying. All you can hope for, like me, is that buyers will come if it turns into a real company with or without some stock promotion. And if that dosnt' happen, somebody else could come along in the future and buy this empty shell so that they too could try to go public.

There are filings which make me believe they will go public. And I would encourage you to hire that lawyer of yours to give his opinion on all the filings I shared here over the course of the year. But Spicy Pickle has absolutely nothing to do with this company, and you would be wasting your money on a lawyer if that is all you want to know. For me, I have nothing to really lose. I have all the time in the world. I will throw $500 at it here and there. I'll try to buy 10,000 shares at 3 cents next month, for $300. See what happens. No biggie. You have only 2 million shares outstanding here. But if/when the day comes somebody wants to raise capital here, their interests will be aligned with yours because they will dillute those shares, yet in the process, yours will rise. Temporarily, for sure. But stay up? I wouldn't stick around for that.


So this is how I get to about 40,000 shares, and then go through another 4 for 1 reverse split and end up with 10,000 shares. And from the day 1 to present, no assumption was ever made. Just the facts and their interpretation. Because facts don't speak for themselves, Alan. They must be interpreted in the ligiht of theory. That is where the skillset comes in.

Now, as we wait for your source to sing like a canary, we are going to see how long this off-topic, yet RIGHT ON-TOPIC post stands. And this will be a very critical post for I-Hub's future and my relationship with them, IFF there is to be any forward relatinos at all. Capiche?

Now you may have the floor.

This reminds me of the time when Larry Flynt was fined $10,000 a day for contempt of court.  And every day, he would walk in and throw $10,000 cash on the court room floor.
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