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Business Description

The Company specializes in advances in Supplements for Health, and Anti-Aging with a special interest in Preventative Medicine. The Company was formed to distribute nutraceuticals formulas developed over thirty years of research by Dr. Kevin Buckman. Dr. Buckman has created more than a dozen fucoidan-based formulas which are intended to address the needs of individuals suffering from DDS (Degenerative Disease Syndrome), which includes such maladies as gastrointestinal disorders, auto-immune diseases, asthma, Alzeimer's, dementia, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.

The Company is focused on delivering nutraceutical formulas that can help diabetes and heart disease, along with new diagnostics for early detection of a predisposition to these disease states. Recognition of diabetes and vascular-cardiac disease is a very important part of this program since over one half of men and women have significant cardiovascular disease and millions of Americans have Diabetes and don?t know it. 

The growing concerns of oxidative stress have been shown to be an etiology of these diseases. There is also growing evidence of the benefits from the correct anti-oxidant in a bio-available and effective delivery system. Handling of oxidative stress of the 50 billion cells of each of us is vital for quality of life and longevity. Peak performance and feeling of vitality is another important goal of The Company. 

Our mission is to provide medically proven modalities for Diabetes and assist lowering the costs of most expensive medical disorders in the United States and Worldwide. Diabetes and Heart Disease is increasing in frequency throughout the world at a rapid rate, they are related as inflammatory diseases and the most costly problem and biggest killers in the US. Current allopathic therapy is severely lacking in ability to provide sick care and preventive medical practices. 

Today the most costly medical problems we have are due to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Delivering products that provide better education for our customers that utilize scientifically-based testing is the most important service we can offer. The proper focus for Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes and Heart Disease is centered on the proper metabolic pathways. The goal for Diabetes is not just control of the blood sugar. The goal for cardiac disease is not just good cholesterol levels. Both Diabetes and Heart Disease require more control over cellular and metabolic pathways that are responsible for the health of every person suffering from these diseases. All of our products have been designed to help a variety of people by providing them a feeling of better wellness.


OTC Markets Group Inc. (“OTC Markets”) has discontinued the display of quotes on for this security because it has been labeled Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) for one of the following reasons: 

Promotion/Spam without Adequate Current Information — The security is being promoted to the public, but adequate current information about the issuer has not been made available to the public. OTC Markets believes adequate current information must be publicly available during any period when a security is the subject of ongoing promotional activities having the effect of encouraging trading of the issuer's securities. At such instances, as a matter of policy, when adequate current information is not made available, OTC Markets will label the security as "Caveat Emptor." Promotional activities may include spam email, unsolicited faxes or news releases, whether they are published by the issuer or a third party. 
Investigation of Fraud or Other Criminal Activities — There is an investigation of fraudulent or other criminal activity involving the company, its securities or insiders. When OTC Markets becomes aware of such investigation, the companies’ securities may be subject to Caveat Emptor. 
Suspension/Halt — A regulatory authority or an exchange has halted or suspended trading for public interest concerns (i.e. not a news or earnings halt). 
Undisclosed Corporate Actions — The security or issuer is the subject of a corporate action, such as a reverse merger, stock split, or name change, without adequate current information being publicly available. 
Unsolicited Quotes — The security has only been quoted on an unsolicited basis since it entered the public markets and the issuer has not made adequate current information available to the public. 
Other Public Interest Concern — OTC Markets has determined that there is a public interest concern regarding the security. Such concerns may include but are not limited to promotion, spam or disruptive corporate actions even when adequate current information is available.

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#41244  Sticky Note See address in Colorado links, all match. And realwill 04/08/16 01:46:38 AM
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#41508   well... it does. then it goes quiet, then volume. gail 05/27/16 01:07:20 PM
#41507   Longs got shares locked up!!! Bottom is in jpicker 05/27/16 11:10:09 AM
#41506   Volume comes in spurts!!!! jpicker 05/27/16 11:09:12 AM
#41505   THAT IS REALLY FUNNY. surfkast 05/26/16 09:00:30 PM
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#41499 gail 05/24/16 01:46:33 PM
#41498   when was the last time? lucky,mydog 05/24/16 01:45:03 PM
#41497   yup, we get volume time to time. gail 05/24/16 01:44:08 PM
#41496   A well rested giant can run faster. OTC Knight 05/24/16 01:18:44 PM
#41495   Still waiting for the "sleeping giant" to awaken? grantastic 05/24/16 01:17:25 PM
#41494   once again, let me make this clear, that gail 05/24/16 10:48:58 AM
#41493   Agreed. OTC Knight 05/24/16 09:48:41 AM
#41492   many are holding here. janice shell 05/23/16 09:14:37 PM
#41488   i don't know what you think huge volume lucky,mydog 05/23/16 08:36:30 PM
#41487   i hear ya.. .look at how huge the gail 05/23/16 08:32:55 PM
#41486   Yes, volume comes in once in a while OTC Knight 05/23/16 06:24:54 PM
#41485   just waiting on another wave of volume. it gail 05/23/16 09:55:04 AM
#41484   Good morning $IGRW...yet another exciting day ahead. Prodigy 05/23/16 09:50:54 AM
#41482   You will wait forever jpicker 05/17/16 10:32:03 PM
#41480   Good. People ought to be skeptical when janice shell 05/17/16 09:52:34 PM
#41479   I never bought any IGRW. grantastic 05/17/16 09:41:40 PM
#41478   That was complete nonsense. IRGW is not janice shell 05/17/16 09:37:15 PM
#41477   I was told the stock was suspended 'for grantastic 05/17/16 09:34:16 PM
#41476   it started to run AFTER i finally grabbed janice shell 05/17/16 09:28:36 PM
#41475   You make a good point. The stock janice shell 05/17/16 09:26:53 PM
#41474   most .0001's run time to time. i can gail 05/17/16 09:17:06 PM
#41472   go back and search ALL of my posts gail 05/17/16 09:12:57 PM
#41470   You 'claim' you never saw the pump, and grantastic 05/17/16 09:11:18 PM
#41467   The spurt of buying started AFTER the pump. grantastic 05/17/16 08:50:19 PM
#41466   BigAddress? swingingRichard 05/17/16 10:27:12 AM
#41465 surfkast 05/17/16 09:01:21 AM
#41464   maybe but i know for a fact that gail 05/16/16 09:54:05 PM
#41463   the stock is tradable. gail 05/16/16 09:53:17 PM
#41462   fyi, said poster is no longer welcome at ihub. lucky,mydog 05/16/16 09:26:18 PM
#41461   yes heaviestD 05/16/16 09:12:53 PM
#41460   NO WAY LOL jpicker 05/16/16 07:16:15 PM
#41459   COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT THE POSTER WAS surfkast 05/16/16 07:15:14 PM
#41458   Wow , those guys made bank ... Brentpdc 05/16/16 06:53:38 PM
#41457   AIDC. janice shell 05/16/16 06:53:23 PM
#41456   What's the third ? Brentpdc 05/16/16 06:52:16 PM
#41455   Yes. All three of them are linked. janice shell 05/16/16 06:51:15 PM
#41454   Yes. And Randy Hamdan. janice shell 05/16/16 06:49:20 PM
#41453   Just like Fitx so it is a correlation Brentpdc 05/16/16 06:49:05 PM
#41452   It was suspended by the SEC on 19 janice shell 05/16/16 06:48:42 PM
#41451   Didn't this get frozen due to bill shaban ? Brentpdc 05/16/16 06:40:13 PM
#41450   well, a while back, it had unexplained massive gail 05/16/16 06:39:26 PM
#41449   What happened here ? Brentpdc 05/16/16 06:38:26 PM