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BREAKING NEWS: February 19, 2014 16:10 ET

Agreement Signed Between Global Clean Energy, Inc. 
and Fortune 500 Industry Leader, Sonoco.


January, 2014 Interview with Brian Levine: COO


February, 2014 Interview with Brian Levine, COO

Market growth at only 3% of total fossil fuels represents a market size of over

**$100 billion with growth at 8.2% annually through 2014**

Guess which organization has been signing long-term agreements to lock down sites & countless tons of waste-plastics?

Global Clean Energy
Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCE), is a waste-to-energy development
company. Our focus is on optimizing commercially available technologies to recover,
reclaim and convert waste and platinum group metals (PGM) into commercially 
viable energy, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage 
into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E) 
The company was formed eight years ago as a venture to investigate the potential of 
cleanly processing organic waste into synthetic natural gas (“syngas”). The goal was 
to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the dependency in North 
America and Europe on imported oil and natural gas. The company’s roots were in 
R&D of gasification/pyrolysis systems. GCE developed two intellectual proprietary 
assets; The AIRPUMPTM system utilizing Vortex technology and its Hybrid Steam 
Gasification system. 
In 2012 after significant capital investment in R&D, the company made the strategic 
decision to prioritize feedstock lockup and operation agreements. GCE recognized 
accelerating growth opportunities in the US and began to focus on 20 year feedstock 
sourcing and operations agreements. Today, GCE has extensive resources aligned in 
conversion technology (pyrolysis, anaerobic, microwave and plasma arc) feedstock 
(plastics, tires, wood, biomass, PGM) and engineering fields (F5 EPC & O&M), to 
operate in the burgeoning market. GCE is focused on the North American markets in 
implementing commercially proven technologies to convert and recover end-of-life 
plastic, biomass, ASR auto shred, and PGM platinum group metals, GCE incorporates 
technologies already being employed in Europe and Asia to permit faster growth, 
less risk and accelerated operations and investments. 
As a global technology integrator, GCE has a broad spectrum of commercially proven 
best available technology (BAT) permitting GCE to match up technology with 
feedstock maximizing the fuel conversion value. As technology options throughout 
the world continue to develop at a rapid pace, GCE is positioned as one of the most 
diverse feedstock integrators, differentiating itself from single source, singular 
platform traditional feedstock developers in the flourishing North America 
alternative fuel development market. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2014
Global Clean Energy Growing Management Team and Progressing with Projects(Wed April 18)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Agreement Signed Between Global Clean Energy, Inc. and Fortune 500 Industry Leader, Sonoco.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Global Clean Energy Inc. Updates Finger Lakes, New York Waste-To-Fuels Development Marketwired

Monday, December 2, 2013
 Global Clean Energy, Inc. Update Nova ReNew Inc. and European Trip Marketwired

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
 Global Clean Energy, Inc. Unveils 2014 Operational Strategy And Revenue Targets Marketwired

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Global Clean Energy, Inc. Announces Development of a Renewable Energy Park in New York's Finger Lakes Region Marketwired

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Global Clean Energy, Inc, the Industry's Most Diversified Feedstock Aggregator and Developer, Along With Nova ReNew Confirm Grant From NRC-IRAP Marketwired

View All Press Releases: CLICK HERE


GCEI is developing waste plastic to fuel sites in the South East United States with F600 Global Recycling and Packaging Group (SONOCO, symbol: SON), that recycles 2 million tons per year of landfill waste as well as owns and operates multiple landfills.  The  company  will  provide  plastics  via  a  long term feedstock agreement for multiple sites. The waste and after life plastics will be shredded and processed through the pyrolysis vessel to create a high value fuel through the on-site thermal cracking system.

1. PLC Computerized Operation
2. Shredded plastic is screw fed into pre-heater
3. Pre-Heater creates hot plastic slurry which is fed into...
4. Main pyrolysis chamber, condenser and crudeupgrader
5. Fuel storage diesel,naptha and gasoline
GCEI is collaborating  in the catalytic converter recycling and PGM recovery business  to construct and operate a facility to recover platinum, palladium and rhodium from automobile catalytic converters recycled in the United States and abroad. The Company utilizes proven commercialized systems to deliver the most efficient recycling plant technology available on the market.


GCEI has finalized an MOU for a JV in Upstate NY to develop  an  AD  plant  on  their  permitted  shovel  ready New York site. Project includes infrastructure, building, 8” NG line, feedstock for a 450 TPD AD plant and an off- take agreement to produce pipeline quality methane.



GCEI has a joint development agreement to develop plastic recycling plants for the ASR market to bring proprietary modular recycling facility to the United States. GCEI will finance, build, own, operate and   manage an ASR plastics recycling plant to convert land-filled plastics from end of life vehicles and create a profit center without a capital, personnel or  resource investment from  the  feedstock and  site  provider. The  recycling plant  will  sort  ASR  and reconstitute the  myriad of plastics into high value virgin polymers with properties that exceed current virgin polymers without the negative environmental impact associated with current petroleum based plastics manufacturing.

An In-Depth Look at GCEI's Thermal Pyrolysis



GCEI focuses on proprietary technology that thermally decomposes material in an oxygen-free, externally heated reaction vessel using a temperature and pressure controlled environment.


Pyrolysis heats up carbon-based materials in the absence of oxygen - sometimes using a catalyst of some kind in addition to heat - to decompose them into other products. Pyrolyzing plastics generally produces a liquid fuel, a gas product, ash, char and some other byproducts. The resulting liquid fuel can be refined into a variety of different fuels such as gasoline or diesel, while the syngas can be burned to drive a generator.

Systems are based on 20 ton module designed to convert approximately 6,600 tons of mixed waste plastic annually, specifically targeting polyethylene and polypropylene, to produce in excess of 3.1million gallons of liquid fuel including diesel. Plastic waste is continuously treated in a cylindrical chamber and the pyrolytic gases condensed in a specially-designed condenser system to yield predominantly straight chain aliphatic hydrocarbons with little formation of by-products. These hydrocarbons are then selectively condensed and cleaned further to produce the average carbon chain length required for distillate fuel. The plastic is pyrolized at 370 ºC-420 ºC and the pyrolysis gases are condensed in a 2-stage condenser to produce a low-sulfur distillate. (Pyrolysis is a process of thermal degradation in the absence of oxygen.) The system consists of stock in-feed system, pyrolysis chambers, contactors, distillation, centrifuge, oil recovery line, off-gas cleaning, and residual contamination removal. Waste plastics are loaded via a hot-melt in-feed system directly into the main pyrolysis chamber. Agitation evens the temperature and homogenizes the feedstock's. Pyrolysis then commences and the plastic becomes a vapor. Non-plastic materials fall to the bottom of the chamber. The vapor is converted into the various fractions in the distillation column. The distillates then pass into the recovery tanks. From the recovery tanks, the product is sent to a centrifuge to remove contaminants such as water or carbon. The cleaned distillates are then pumped to the storage tanks.


Global Clean Energy: Business Model


Each of the feedstock operations has numerous sites available to the company increasing  GCE’s development pipeline of multiple projects extending into the next decade.
GCE prioritizes customer sites that have enough feedstock volume to add additional modules in future phases permitting the company to raise capital for multiple plant modules on each site.

The GCE management team has extensive financial and operational backgrounds in the renewable energy, manufacturing, IP, IT fields, having built and sold companies in the hundreds of million-of dollars over the last 20 years. With broad experience in many disciplines and industries, our customers have ranged from large independents through to government, DOD, mass distribution, F1000 and international markets. The team’s energy industry background affords the company with vital insight and a valuable network of plant construction, manufacturing and EPC resources.
GCE is uniquely positioned to become the fastest growing developer with its aggregation model for modular waste-to-energy and recovery conversion projects in the multi-billion dollar waste to energy industry.



The Company is finalizing multiple agreements in prime markets with major waste plastics and waste tire suppliers to acquire the rights to install pyrolysis systems, systems which allow for the waste plastics and tires to be converted into alternative, low emission fuels such as diesel, and syngas, on their facilities.

As stated at the start of 2013, the objective of Global Clean Energy is to become one of the fastest growing feedstock aggregators and waste to energy integrators in North America. The Company is pleased to announce plans to commence construction on four (4) turn-key, Waste to Fuel facilities in 2014.

Throughout the year, the Company has been securing long term feedstock and operational agreements while fortifying its business model of stepping into existing operations that require an infusion of capital, technology and expertise to complete their developments. After spending most of 2013 securing the estimated $55 million needed to construct the facilities, the combined projected revenues of the first 4 facilities are estimated to be $15 million in Q3/Q4 of 2014, expanding to $60 million in 2015.

Michael Coia CEO of Seneca Bio-Energy stated "As an owner operator of SBE Energy Park we have been approached by many energy groups (developers), out of all the companies that have approached us only GCE has brought the breadth of experience and capabilities to convert W2E enabling SBE to complete our project."

The Company will have a controlling interest in two (2) Plastic to Fuel (P2F) sites, a Platinum Group Metals ("PGM") recovery site, and an integrated energy park which will include a P2F system, a bio digester and a food grade tolling operation.

Brian Levine, COO of Global Clean Energy stated "The European model for waste to energy coming to North America in much the same way as renewables such as wind and solar, are tried, true and tested. The impending waste import embargo by China combined with the proliferation of new cost effective conversion technologies, and the increased demand in the PGM industry for catalytic converters, will fuel the Company's growth over the next decade."

Global Clean Energy's strategy is directly in line with today's market conditions and projected future trends making the timing for bringing their 4 facilities on line in 2014 is well timed for the company and its shareholders. Using proven technology in the North American markets while maintaining the level of profitability already being employed in Europe, Asia and the U.S. by similar companies will permit faster growth, less risk and accelerated operations and results for the Company.




Dr. Earl Azimov, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Earl Azimov has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Global Clean Energy, Inc. since April 30, 2009.
He served as the Chairman of Global Clean Energy, Inc. from August 2006 to April 30, 2009 and he has been a Director of Global Clean Energy Inc. since August 29, 2006.
Dr. Azimov served and co-founded Miazzi Internet Ventures Inc. where he has assumed leadership roles in early stage companies since 1996, including, which was sold in 1999 for an eight-figure valuation.
He has 20 years of private equity experience, focusing on seed capital investments in early stage companies. He has been active as an advisor and board member of the PME startup fund since 2003 and is an accredited commodity trading advisor (CTA).
From 1992 to 1995, Dr. Azimov co-founded a national Optical Center that was sold to National Vision Associates of Atlanta, which operated the Wal-Mart Vision Centers.
Dr. Azimov has a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina and a Doctorate of Optometry from the University of Montreal School of Optometry, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Kenneth Adessky, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Adessky has been our Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and a Director since August 2006.

Mr. Adessky is currently a Senior Partner of Adessky Lesage, a corporate commercial law firm located in Montreal, Canada that he co-founded in 1995. As a Senior Partner, Mr. Adessky focuses his legal practice on private and public financings, mergers and acquisitions and public offerings of small capital public companies. Over the past decade, Mr. Adessky has completed in excess of $100 million dollars of financing.
Mr. Adessky received his Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1990.



Brian Levine, Chief Operating Officer


A 30 year business background in senior officer roles on behalf of private equity interest in diversified industries: Green/Cleantech, waste to energy, manufacturing/distribution), plastics, US wholesale/retail distribution, international trading and IP/IT.

Well versed in the renewable energy, bio plastics and alternative fuels industries with extensive experience in capital markets, international marketing, business and corporate strategy, market positioning, development and execution.

A Cleantech pioneer in BTPS perimeter power wind turbine technology. Recognized for developing industry first; Forced Air Recovery (F.A.R.) platform, integrating wind turbines into air handling equipment including evaporative coolers and other mechanical forced air sources for energy recovery.

COO with Global Clean Energy, Inc. a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focusing on using available and developing technologies to convert waste into commercially viable energy, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.). Responsible for implementing GCE’s stringent aggregation infrastructure model for the alternative fuels industry. 

Active advisory to a number of private equity and venture funds.


Steven R. Mann, Chief Development Officer

Steven R. Mann has a solid background in renewable energy projects dating back to the mid 1980s.  At this time, he championed a 3rd-party funded solar technology which allowed condominium communities to leverage solar energy without any upfront investment. From this implementation, these communities enjoyed a shared savings program which saved up to 15% on the energy bills. Some of those solar systems are still currently in operation.

Mr. Mann founded MicroEnergies in 2007 to fill the niche of smaller on-site waste-to-energy projects. He currently is developing alternative energy projects that would convert waste tires and plastics into fuel and carbon char. Mr. Mann has proven his skill in business and leadership at executive levels, through managing over 200 employees, while building the business he founded into one of the nation’s largest companies in its category successfully selling the company to private equity in early 2007.
MicroEnergies currently has numerous waste to fuel projects in development. Some of these include feedstock agreements for waste plastics and waste tires using proven conversion technologies that will convert the waste into high value marketable fuel. As well, there exist off-take agreements for gasoline, naphtha, diesel and jet fuel. MicroEnergies has merged with GCEI to accelerate the development of energy projects in their development division





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