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Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein (DWP)

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A heartfelt thank you to all those who share their links, information, ideas and opinions. This board is in honor of all those who still believe in paid bashers and the original news story regarding the basher confession. This is a place to share information without those who would never believe the facts having to hear them or get upset by them. Due Diligence It’s takes no time to prove a real company is real if it’s real. Start your due diligence with these sites: Search Federal District Court Search SEC Filings Fake Stuff Myth of the Paid Basher The FAKE Name – its origins To Paraphrase RPH - Buy the Crap Out of It Market Makers -- Some Observations Regarding Knight a Typical MM Nite has more long than short positions (in dollar value). They make 1.6 cents for every 100 dollars traded through their system. Look at the dollar value traded on most of the stinky pinkies and ask yourself how much money they're making -- as just one of many market-makers. Most of the popular stocks on iHub have volume of less than 50,000 dollars. That would make the market-maker profit 8 bucks per day. If they're four market-makers they're making two bucks each. That's 31 cents per trading hour per stock. In other words the market-maker activity you see is almost completely automated customer-driven trades. A clerk probably has 100 stocks (or more) to watch over. Investor Information Be Alert for Telltale Signs of Online Investment Fraud Be wary of promises of quick profits, offers to share "inside" information, and pressure to invest before you have an opportunity to investigate. Be careful of promoters who use "aliases." Pseudonyms are common on-line, and some salespeople will to try to hide their true identity. Look for other promotions by the same person. Words like "guarantee," "high return," "limited offer," or "as safe as a C.D." may be a red flag. No financial investment is "risk free" and a high rate of return means greater risk. Watch out for offshore scams and investment opportunities in other countries. When you send your money abroad, and something goes wrong, it's more difficult to find out what happened and to locate your money. If a company is not registered or has not filed a "Form D" with the SEC, visit the website of the North American Securities Administrators Association to find your state securities regulator. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Notes by DownWithPumpers. This board and its contents are not affiliated with any other groups or organizations of any type. I don’t get paid by anyone to post or not to post. The stock market has been a hobby of mine for over 30 years. My stock picks are here:
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