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Last Post: 3/29/2017 2:55:43 PM - Followers: 50 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 15 County Line Energy Corp (CYLC.PK) is an Oil and Gas exploration company registered to operate in the province of Alberta, (Canada). The company has a total capitalization of 43,971,504 shares. County Line Energy is focusing several oil and gas prospects in the east central Alberta area. The initial prospects consist of a significant heavy oil development program and two shallow gas prospects. Each of these prospects represent potential multi-well drilling programs possibly totaling in excess of 50 shallow wells. County Line Energy has organized a strong professional group of industry experts and will act as operator on all projects. Harry Bygdnes, President & CEO B.Sc. - Physics and Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 1967 Upon completion of his education Mr. Bygdnes joined Texaco Canada in Calgary, Alberta as Assistant to the Chief Geophysicist for Canada. His responsibilities included. acquisition and interpretation of seismic data, mapping and joint recommendations for well site locations in conjunction with company geological personnel, and field supervision of seismic crew operations as company representative. He led a marine seismic crew down the length of the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean where they initiated the first shallow water marine seismic operation for Texaco Canada. Enthused by the challenge of the Arctic program Mr. Bygdnes left Texaco to join the Calgary firm Explor-Alta as Field Supervisor of Arctic Marine operations in summer and Operation Manager for land seismic operations in winter. Operating out of relatively small boats in the Beaufort Sea, with a crew of 30 men, Explor-Alta was able to provide important seismic data for companies such as Texaco, Exxon and Gulf Oil. After several years Mr. Bygdnes left Explor-Alta to set up his own, private company specializing in acquisition and computer processing of seismic data. He eventually moved to Vancouver to form Consort Energy Corp. The company participated in small joint venture oil well drilling operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. When the oil business faltered in the early eighties Mr. Bygdnes turned his attention to various other endeavors, including mineral exploration, before purchasing the rights to a patented ice replacement product from an inventor in San Diego. In 1981 Mr. Bygdnes formed Cryopak Industries Inc. and over the next 12 years acted as president, CEO and Chairman of the Board. He was able to raise in excess of 12 million dollars largely through European investors. The company now has annual sales of 14 million. Mr. Bygdnes left Cryopak in 2002 and is now focused on building County Line Energy. Ken Berscht, Vice President of Corporate Development Mr. Berscht brings to the company considerable experience in financing within the oil and gas industry. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario Business School, a member of the Society of Mining and Metallurgy, and is qualified as an IFA in England. In his career as a broker he has qualified with the Investment Dealers Association in Canada and as a General Principal with the NASD and the NYSE in the USA. In his career as a broker he has managed institutional accounts in Switzerland and Europe. Ken was also directly responsible for bringing investors from Taiwan and Japan into the equity markets in Canada. In the oil and gas industry he has been Vice President of Enerplus International, one of Canada's largest Oil and Gas Income Trusts. He has assisted in financing a number of junior companies in the petroleum industry including such names as Alberta Oil and Gas, Maxx petroleum and many others in their formative stages in Canada. He was instrumental in financing a ten million dollar oil drilling project in Benin West Africa and aided in financing of a Keltic Petrochemical plant in Nova Scotia. For the past six years he has been the administrator of an Oil and Gas fund in the Cayman Islands and hold a license as a mutual fund administrator. Contact the company @ Telephone: 403-830-7566 or: 403-200-1033 Suite 530-1015 Fourth Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 1J4 Stock Quote for CYLC : ******************************************************************************************************************************** Forecast on the Price of Oil ( Is $100 oil here to stay? Posted Mar 7th 2008 12:15PM by Joseph Lazzaro Filed under: International markets, Consumer experience, Commodities, Oil Traders who favor technical analysis -- a highly specialized cadre in Wall Street's Concrete Canyon -- are quick to point out the mirror aspects to key price levels, in this case a psychological level, the $100 oil price. The oil market's recent, consecutive closes above $100 per barrel are a show of strength from a technical standpoint. That fact, combined with the mirror aspect -- or what was once psychological resistance at $100, is now psychological support at $100 -- means that oil may remain above $100 for a long time. A $100 oil floor? Further, traders are now talking about a "$100 floor" for the price of oil. You heard right -- $100 as a floor for oil's price, and it's not a comforting thought. Still, as technical analysts will note, it's a possibility that executives, economists and policy makers alike, not to mention typical citizens, will have to consider as a potential economic reality, moving forward. Bearish view Those who argue against the $100 floor price point to U.S. inventory statistics. Crude oil and related inventories have been rising for weeks. Further, gasoline demand has been flat year-over-year, and with a national unleaded regular gasoline price around $3.20 per gallon, there's a chance gasoline demand could actually fall this summer for the first time in more than 20 years. March 2007 U.S. gasoline consumption is already below March 2006 levels. Clearly, consumers are cutting back and the U.S. economy's sluggish growth is depressing energy demand further. Bears say that points to a substantial drop in oil's price -- perhaps well below $80 per barrel -- in the months ahead, which would demonstrate once and for all that oil's breach of $100 was Pyrrhic, bubblish, downright frothy, and hardly a floor. Bullish view Those who argue in favor of the $100 floor price say the U.S. market may be soft, but right now it's mostly about surging international demand for oil and a weak U.S dollar and economy. Strong economic growth in Asia, led by China and India, and in Latin America is driving a bull market in commodities, including a record price gain for the world's most vital commodity. These analysts say the demand is secular, global, and unlikely to be dampened by the U.S. economic slowdown. Further, there are few widely available substitutes for oil, although the bulls admit that may change in a year or so as alternative fuel development progresses. What's more, the falling dollar is forcing market participates to bid-up the price of oil, to both retain the commodity's purchasing power, and to enable it to serve as an inflation hedge. That points to an even higher price for oil and other commodities in the years ahead -- not merely in the months ahead -- demonstrating that oil's nine daily closes above $100 is substantive, legitimate, downright warranted, and a floor the world may one day look back at nostalgically as a time when oil was relatively cheap. Oil Analysis: Oil's record price increase in the last six years -- oil is up about 350% since 2002 -- does display bubble characteristics. Still, until international demand growth slows and a host of geopolitical, and U.S. fiscal/monetary problems are solved, those arguing that $100 oil represents a floor price have a compelling case. Reader question: What's your view on the price of oil? Does the $100 oil price represent a bubble? Or will we never see the likes of $50 oil, even $60 oil, again? And can producers and consumers do anything to lower the price of oil? Let us know what you think. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Quote for the Price of Oil :
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