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Coates International, LTD (COTE)

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Ticker Symbol: COTE

Coates International Ltd.
2100 Highway 34
Wall twp , NJ 07719
Tel: (732) 449-7717

Coates Power Inc.,Ltd.
19 Guishan Road
Changjiang Industrial Park
Xianning City, Hubei Province
437100 China

Product and Videos:

Share Structure as of 08/09/2016
Shares outstanding-  1.68 Billion
Float-  683 million

Recent News Releases:

05/04/17-Two Officials From the Pentagon ACSIM-ODF US Army Visited the Coates International, Ltd. Headquarters in New Jersey Yesterday, to Discuss Procurement and Installation of Coates CSRV Industrial Electric Power Generators at US Army Bases

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., May 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coates International, Ltd. (OTC PINK:COTE) (the “Company”) on May 2, 2017, a meeting was held at the Coates International, Ltd. headquarters in New Jersey with two officials from the Pentagon ACSIM-ODF US Army to discuss the use of Coates CSRV industrial electric power generators operating on natural gas for deployment at US Army bases.

Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments:  “This was a very important meeting for the Company.  A number of Coates CSRV industrial natural gas electric power generator types were demonstrated, including a propane unit and various gasoline engines.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the parties agreed that it was productive and positive.  The representatives were presented with manuals, official test data and informative DVDs.  A transaction of this magnitude represents a significant opportunity for our Company. The requisite technology and know-how is already in place.  All products for this application will be manufactured in the USA.

Company management is enthusiastic about the extent of this potential project to deploy our CSRV natural gas Gen Sets at US Army bases.  Our Gen Sets lower harmful emissions into the atmosphere, reduce costs and utilize fuel that is readily available in vast quantities through the United States, including “flare-off gas” which is normally wasted because it is not suitable for powering conventional internal combustion engines.”

04/19/2017- Coates International, Ltd. Received Official Notification From Secure Supplies Mexico LLC That the Solar System Project in Mexico is Budgeted for $412,000,000 USD Over a Three Year Period to Completion - Coates International, Ltd. is to Manufacture and Deliver a Number of Large Industrial CSRV Electric Power Generators That Will Operate on Hydrogen - on Site Revenues From This Transaction to the Company Will be Approximately $40,000,000 USD

Coates International, Ltd. (OTC PINK:COTE) (the “Company”) recceived official notification from Secure Supplies Mexico LLC that the solar system project in Mexico is budgeted for $412,000,000 USD over a three year period.  The Company will deliver 40 to 50 CSRV large industrial electric power generators to operate on gaseous hydrogen produced on site.

Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments:  “This is only one of the projects that our Company is involved in with Secure Supplies.  These projects work in the following way:  Secure Supplies set out on the site where hundreds of solar panels are erected producing electric power and producing hydrogen, which is stored in special expansion tanks.  When the sun goes down, the Coates CSRV electric power generators fire up operating on the stored hydrogen, which is produced by the sun.  These CSRV generators are synchronous and only produce the power required at any given time up to 50 M.W.  These are the most “green” projects ever.  These projects are many worldwide.  Coates CSRV engines are the only engine suitable to operate on gaseous hydrogen continuously.

“Management believes this is a turning point for the Company that will benefit all involved.”

02/28/2017-Coates International, Ltd. Has an Agreement in Place With Secure Supplies USA LLC and Secure Supplies Mexico LLC – Initial Orders Will be for a Project in New Jersey That Will Require 35, 1MW CSRV Hydrogen Powered Industrial Gen Sets and a Project in Mexico That Will Require 40, 1 MW CSRV Hydrogen Powered Industrial Gen Sets - Estimated Value of These Projects is $35,000,000 in New Jersey and $40,000,000 in Mexico for a Total Value to Coates of $75,000,000

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., Feb. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coates International, Ltd. (OTC PINK:COTE) (the “Company”) has previously entered into a sublicense agreement with Secure Supplies USA LLC and Secure Supplies Mexico LLC (together “Secure Supplies”).  In addition to a $1 million licensing fee to be paid upfront, the Company will also fulfill orders to manufacture and deliver 35 1MW CSRV Hydrogen Powered Industrial Electric Power Generator Sets (“Hydrogen Gen Sets”) for the project in New Jersey and 40 1MW CSRV Hydrogen Gen Sets for Mexico.  Secure Supplies has informed the Company that it anticipates receiving funding from its customers to enable it to remit payments to us for the sublicense fee and deposits for 50% of the order value to be paid with orders it intends to place, beginning in March 2017.

Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments: 

-  “An initial 1MW V12 Industrial engine from Cummins is already en route to the Coates facility in New Jersey for development of the Hydrogen Gen Sets for this larger engine specification;

-  The Company has already built a 150 KW CSRV Gen Set for Secure Supplies to be used for demonstration and testing;

-  The Company is in ongoing discussions with other potential new customers. We were disappointed to learn that a number of people directly contacted Secure Supplies after we disclosed the news of our new sublicense. This is inappropriate and interferes in our relationship with Secure Supplies. Our business partners are intensely focused on successfully carrying out their own business plans, which did not include responding to such multiple inquiries. Exercising discretion in this regard is of great importance for everyone.

-  To date, we have not received the proposals from China for manufacturing operations that were previously promised to be submitted to us for review;

-  Mr. Nick Kontonicolas has not been able to secure financing for production operations to date.  While this has been disappointing, we have never exclusively relied on this financing and are continuing to work on alternative sources of financing. Accordingly, the Company expects to be able to continue to pursue its business plans;

-  The Company is planning expansion of its manufacturing capacity on readily available space on its own property in anticipation of the need to fulfill orders to be received from Secure Supplies. 

-  We have received inquiries about the relatively small staff at the Coates plant.  Our research and development activities involve scientific, proprietary technology and we prefer to limit accessibility until development of the technology reaches a stage where it can be patented. This is also a component of our strategy to preserve our working capital.

-  The Company continues to press ahead with its endeavors and business plans.”

11/30/2016-Ctes Intoaernational, Ltd. Lands a $400,000,000 USD Transaction With Secure Supplies Mexico LLC and Secure Supplies USA LLC to Exclusively License and Supply Coates CSRV "Green Technology" Electric Power Industrial Generator Sets Operating on Hydrogen Fuel,

(Marketwired - Nov 30, 2016) - Coates International, Ltd. OTC PINKCOTE (the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has landed a transaction worth $400,000,000 USD with Secure Supplies Mexico LLC and Secure Supplies USA LLC. Coates CSRV green engine electric power industrial generator sets are to become a key component of their solar energy power stations in Mexico and the USA. The Gen Sets will operate on hydrogen produced by solar cells, which are already in place in numerous U.S. locations and which are being set up in Mexico and other locations. The first project for Coates is to supply CSRV Gen Sets that will produce 400 Megawatts of electrical power, which will generate revenues of $400,000,000 USD over a 2-3 year period. The license will be exclusive for all hydrogen operating, pumping and electric power.

08/11/2016-Coates International, Ltd.'s Liaison Agent to China, Mr. James Pang, Reported to the Company Yesterday That the Chinese Delegation That Visited the Coates Headquarters a Few Weeks Ago Have Requested a Worldwide Exclusive License to Make, Use and Manufacture the Coates Patented CSRV Green Engine and Generator System Technology (Shareholders' Update)

Coates International, Ltd. ( OTC PINK : COTE ) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that its exclusive liaison to China, Mr. James Pang, reported yesterday that the delegation that visited the Company's headquarters a few weeks ago is requesting a worldwide exclusive license to manufacture, use and sell products powered with the Coates patented CSRV green engine generator system technology.An exclusive license to manufacture, use and sell the CSRV green engine generator system technology is a comprehensive license which would exclude all other parties, once granted. Accordingly, the grantee of the license would derive substantial benefits that would be factored into establishing the licensing fees, which is expected to be substantial.

07/27/2016-Mr. Nick Kontonicolas Appointed C.O.O. of the Coates Organization Worldwide Operations Including Coates Power Ltd. China and Coates Hydrogen Power Ltd. USA

(Marketwired - Jul 27, 2016) - Coates International, Ltd. ( OTC PINK : COTE ) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Mr. Nick Kontonicolas has accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer of the Coates organization worldwide operations including Coates Power Ltd. in China and Coates Hydrogen Power Ltd. in the USA. Mr. Kontonicolas is a world renowned businessman and a personal friend Mr. George J. Coates, President and C.E.O., for approximately 30 years. Management believes Mr. Kontonicolas will be a valuable addition to the management team who will make meaningful contributions to the Company's progress. Mr. James Pang, the Company's exclusive liaison in China, met with Mr. Kontonicolas some months ago in Shanghai, China. Mr. Howard Barmil, DBA, MBA, exclusive Company liaison to the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA") region and International and Marketing Director for the Coates organization and Mr. James Pang will both work under the direction of Mr. Kontonicolas.Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments: "Nick Kontonicolas is a personal friend of mine and it is good to have him on board. He is organizing the financing for the ramp-up of production, which should be completed soon. He will be working with me directly and other Company officials in accordance with the Company's five year business plan. I look forward to working with Nick to bring this Company and its plans to fruition."

07/25/2016-George J. Coates Purchases a Further 200,000,000 Shares of Common Stock From Coates International, Ltd.Coates International, Ltd. ( OTC PINK : COTE ) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Mr. George J. Coates has purchased a further 200,000,000 shares of common stock from Coates International, Ltd.Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments: "I could not resist the low price of our Company stock. Considering the potential and asset value of our Company and the investment of approximately $40,000,000 in scientific R&D over a period of 25 years and successfully designing, building and testing the Coates CSRV green engine technology in automobiles, 6-cylinders and V8's, natural gas electric power generators, industrial generator sets, home propane stand-alone 35 KW generators, air cooled V-twin heavy cruiser motorcycles and more.
"The true value of this Company and its CSRV green engine technology and intellectual property has not been realized yet, but we believe it will be soon."

07/14/2016 -Coates International, Ltd. Meeting With Chinese Delegation and Two of the Top Six Manufacturers From China Went Extremely Well -- Proposals Are to Follow -- Shareholders' Update
WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwired - Jul 14, 2016) - Coates International, Ltd. OTC PINK COTE (the "Company") is pleased to announce that the meeting on July 12, 2016, at the Company headquarters with the Chinese delegation went extremely well. Demonstrations of the Coates CSRV industrial electric power generator sets at full load on maximum output and other CSRV products were displayed. The guests were allowed to take photos and videos. Proposals were made by the guests. A preliminary framework of agreements will be forthcoming. The follow up proposals will be put in writing and delivered to the Company as soon as the delegation returns to China.

June 16 2016: A Major Chinese Cummins Industrial Engine and Generator Manufacturer Has Officially Agreed to Build and Supply Industrial Electric Power Generator Sets (Minus the Heads and Poppet Valve System) for Coates International, Ltd. USA and Coates Power Ltd. China Where the Coates CSRV Patented Green Engine System Will Be Fitted to 150 KW, 250 KW, 500 KW and 1 MW Gen Sets -- This Will Help Ramp Up Production Operations Rapidly for the Coates Companies (Shareholders' Update)
WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2016) - Coates International, Ltd. ( OTC PINK : COTE ) (the "Company") was notified this week that a major Chinese Cummins Engine and Generator manufacturer has agreed to build and supply industrial engines and electric power generator sets to Coates (minus the heads and poppet valves). This move by the Company will ramp up production in the USA and China of the Coates CSRV industrial electric power generator sets for distribution to its customers around the world.

Company President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments: "The Company has a number of options for the production ramp up. Over the next few weeks a decision will be made. At the moment, the Company has a number of toxic convertible loans outstanding. As soon they are all converted our Company stock price should return to normal trading. The Company intends to do no more of these convertible loan deals."


About Coates International Ltd:

CIL has been in research and development for approximately 20 years on a new CSRV (Coates Spherical Rotary Valve) combustion engine, which is patented worldwide. The research and development phase is now completed and CIL is gearing up for production and distribution of its new engines.          
These CSRV engines run on a number of different fuels, such as gasoline, natural gas, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen and diesel. Oil changes are extended to approximately 50,000 miles instead of every 3,000 miles and in some cases oil changes are not necessary. Maintenance is drastically reduced. There is increased power, reduced fuel consumption and dramatically reduced emissions. CIL management believes the CSRV engine will lower United States' dependency on imported oil and fuels and believes this is the engine of the future.

Coates International Ltd. is a New Jersey based precision engineering company specializing in the development of technologies that evolve the standard combustion engine with the objectives of dramatically improving fuel efficiency and power generation, and reducing harmful emissions and long-term maintenance costs.  
Coates International was organized on the 22nd of December 1987 and reorganized in 1991, and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware USA, is a fully reporting public company whose shares are traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol COTE
          Coates International's Research and Development facility is a 30,000 sq. ft. complex situated on 6.5 acres of land site valued at approximately $3-4 million. Coates International has significant intangible assets including:
                                -A large number of highly valuable patents (eighteen in USA and over one hundred worldwide) for combustion engines and new technologies relating to combustion engines.
                                -A steam turbine engine valve patent
                                -A self adjusting wheel bearing patent
                                -Concepts in testing not yet patented
                                -Large numbers of working prototypes
                               -A pulse detonation rocket engine

About Coates Power Inc,Ltd.:

Coates International, Ltd. $100,000,000. USD License sold to Renown Power Ltd. Hong Kong, China. Coates Power Inc., Ltd. China and the Chinese Government are involved in the deal.  
Coates Executive staff returned from a three week visit to China.  Presented on this page are an image gallery and a video of the city where Coates Power Inc., Ltd. is located.  Also included are photos from the recent visit made by Mr. George J. Coates, President and CEO of Coates        International,Ltd., Mr. Paul Casagrande, U.S. Plant Manager, and Mr. James Pang, the company’s exclusive representative in China and who now is in control of all Coates operations in China.


COTE sec filings:

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