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Bayport International Holdings, Inc (BAYP)

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Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a company formed to exploit various precious minerals and to acquaint the public with practical investment opportunities in strategic metals and minerals. Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is a multi-faceted holding company with proposed operations in strategic metals and precious minerals and energy production.


The company is primarily focused on precious metals, rare earth, and other critical strategic metals. Bayport International is developing mining properties with economic potential and the aim of bringing such properties to commercial production. The company’s portfolio of properties is primarily located in the western USA.




President/Director:  James L. Porter
Secretary/Director: Gina L. Porter
Director of Oil & Gas Division:  Clay Franks




Oil & Gas Projects

Forrest County, Pennsylvania Prospect, Steffelbeam Lease

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. has Interest in drilling permit 1, 2, 3 & 4 Steffelbeam Lease. Pictures are from actual drilling project.




Gaines County Texas Project

Bayport International holdings, Inc. has interest in the wells located within Section 372, Block “G”, Gaines County, Texas. The Peck “A” lease covers 320 acres. Last stage of development to full production as of May.


Forest County, Pennsylvania Prospect, Milford Lease

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. has Interest in drilling permit 38 Milford Lease. Pictures are from actual spud.



Gaines County Texas Project

Bayport International holdings, Inc. has interest in the wells located within Section 372, Block “G”, Gaines County, Texas. The Peck “A” lease covers 320 acres. Last stage of development to full production as of May.

Gaines County Texas Site

Forest County, Pennsylvania Prospect, Milford Lease


Bayport International Holdings, Inc. has Interest in drilling permit 38 Milford Lease. Pictures are from actual spud.

Pennsylvania Prospect



The main focus of Bayport International Holdings, Inc. is our mining projects. These include the WOW, Spring Sage, and Gilded Lady mining projects.

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) ID Numbers and Verification:

MHSA Mine ID for WOW: Registration Submitted/Pending ID #
MHSA Mine ID for Spring Sage: Registration Submitted/Pending ID #
MHSA Mine ID for Gilded Lady: 42-02577

About the WOW, Spring Sage, & Gilded Lady Claims

These claims can be found within the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) database under the BLM’s Land & Mineral Legacy Rehost 2000 System (LR2000) for Utah under Bayport International’s subsidiary Cosmic American Rare Earth (CARE), Inc.

The WOW, Spring Sage, and Gilded Lady claims are all located in Sage Valley within the Salt Lake Meridian Township in Juab County. All of these claims are volcanic placer deposits which allows for a more simple process of mining to be executed versus lode mining. The WOW claims account for 120 acres; the Spring Sage Claims account for 640 acres; and the Gilded Lady Claims account for 168.44 acres.

For further data regarding these claims, please see the attached assay reports and the Utah Geological Surveys that was completed by Advanced Laboratories, Inc., by Enviropro Laboratories, and Chemix Labs respectively.

Although respectable levels of rare earth elements (REE’s) were found in a few samples from the claims, what we considered a significant amount of gold was found in Sample Number S-29 from and assay that was done by Advanced Laboratories, Inc. under LAB NO. 30255-01 that reflected .324 ounces of gold per ton. Sample Number S-29 was considered taken from the WOW claim, but due to the close proximity of this sample being directly adjacent to the Spring Sage and Gilded Lady, the quality of the sample suggests this gold assay and other reports to be consistent throughout the entire area as of result of being volcanic placer deposits.

Silver and platinum were also present within this assay report, returning .277 and <.005 ounces per ton respectively that we believe can be extracted at the same time as the gold extraction. To add, an Environmental Analysis was done by Enviropro Laboratories on Sample Number S-29 where the Analytical Test Results reflected a respectable amount of Titanium at 8430 ppm per ton within its magnetite sample.

Bayport International’s Assays and Geological Surveys

Significant Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Confirmation

Link to the BLM site for WOW and Spring Sage claims:

Tidwell Falls (Happy Jack) Claim
Tidwell Falls (Happy Jack) Claim Report






Per Ungagged Transfer Agent:

Holladay Stock Transfer

2939 N 67th Pl # C,

Scottsdale, AZ 85251-6015

(480) 481-3940 ‎

Authorized Shares (AS) = 3,000,000,000 Shares - 2/27/2014 per Transfer agent
Outstanding Shares (OS) = 1,863,000,000  per Transfer Agent as of 2/27/2014

Restricted shares =89,450,000 per transfer agent as of 6/11/13

2,000,000 Series A Preferred Shares
"The only other corporate change was the implementation of an anti-takeover strategy which increased the voting power of the Series A Preferred Shares to 1000 times voting power. The shares still convert on a 1:1 basis to common which would only create an addition 2 million shares of  common  stock, when and if converted. The increased voting power maintains management's control over the Company despite being reduced in actual ownership."


Investor Relations:
Briggs Smith

Company Address:
Bayport Corporation
9101 W. Sahara Ave Ste 105-F9
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Office Phone # 702-629-6312



Daily View



Weekly View

Monthly View

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