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This is a place of open investigation and education for those who have, or are ready to break out of "the matrix" of the left/right paradigm. My hope is we will work together to present solid body of evidence exposing the gradual transformation of our Republic into a corporate oligarchy so we might also find the united means to take it back. To try to formulate grassroots solutions to the greatest threat to American sovereignty and indeed the very existence of our nation: The Globalist Agenda.

There is no left or right here. No Democrat or Republican. No Conservative or Liberal. The whole left/right paradigm is nothing more than a divide and conquer strategy perpetuated by the ruling class via mass media mind control to keep the masses fighting while the globalist agenda is implemented incrementally. No matter who is elected, or what party they hail from, the true agenda stays the same.

Our two party system has been co-opted by greedy multinational corporations and power hungry collectivists long bent on destroying the Constitutional United States and enslaving all of humanity in a new, global level feudalism. This system is commonly called The New World Order (NWO). Centralization is more than likely the enemy of liberty. Be wary of any such programs. Centralization diminishes choice, and diminished choice eventually eliminates competition. As John D. Rockefeller once said, "Competition is a sin!" Nothing could be farther from the truth. A healthy competition keeps the focus on the end user, in terms of quality and price.

This is a battle for your mind. This is a battle to destroy your will. This is a battle to take over your labor. We must end the gradual and systematic dismantling of government through the education of principles over issues. We must stop the centralized education process from usurping our children's future by limiting and destroying the wisdom of the ages, common sense and critical thinking. Knowledge alone is not enough. Wise application is the key.

We must through our OWN actions end the attacks by the pharmaceutical and genetic engineering industries that poison and devitalize our minds and bodies. We still have choice in these matters for the moment. Choose wisely!

At least for now, our war is one of ideas. Truth is our weapon. If we can liberate enough minds, the revolution will be a peaceful one. Enough people have already fought and died for this country; let us honor them by not squandering their sacrifice... sitting idly and watching quietly as our nation, along with our children's future, is extinguished.

(Thank to JDsStock for the editing.)


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