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Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL)

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Rats spending investor's $$

A/S increased to 3 BILLION shares per NVSOS Filing


Amazonas Florestal, Inc.

Amazonas Florestal Inc., ("Amazonas"), is a diversified forest product company focused on sustainable forestry practices. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with timber operations in Brazil, our Company owns large tracks of rainforest land in the Brazilian State of Amazonas, Brazil. The Amazonas rainforest property has been in the families of our management and shareholders for over fifty-years. Amazonas management is committed to sustainable management of the forest and takes great pride in the unique position it has taken as a supplier of hardwood timber to a diversified worldwide customer base.

Our Commitment
Amazonas and its people are committed stewards of the Brazilian Rainforest land that they own and believe that an environmentally responsible company can be profitable and grow while leaving a positive impact on its land, its people and the bio-diversity of the forest.

Our Land
Amazonas currently owns 90,108 acres of virgin rainforest land located in the state of Amazonas, Brazil.
This is the equivalent of approximately 141 sq. miles of land. We intend on pursuing a strategy that will allow it to develop into a profitable enterprise while practicing responsible management its properties.
Our Model
Our Company's business model is focused on four separate business's initiatives; Sustainable forestry & Timber Operations, Biomass Development, Production & Revenue generation from carbon credits, Proprietary Programs that enhance our Commitment to Local Communities & their People and Unique Initiatives that protect the integrity and biodiversity of our lands ecosystem. 

Carbon Credits and Preservation of the Brazilian Rainforest
The Brazilian Amazon represents over half of the planet's remaining rainforests, and it comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rainforest in the world. Amazonas Florestal is committed to the sustainable and environmentally responsible management of these forests. Amazonas Florestal's sustainable forest management strategy, with its selective method of harvesting timber for the production and commercialization of wood products, addresses deforestation, which is one of the primary causes of global warming. Additionally, Amazonas Florestal's strategy rehabilitates ecosystems through habitat and water resource preservation. Amazonas Florestal intends to preserve these properties through UN REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation & Forest Degradation) incentive programs, while selectively harvesting their resources through sustainable "Green" government approved forest management projects. Towards this end Amazonas Florestal has entered into a strategic relationship with Carbon Forest Group, a financial management Company that is charged with the development and monetization of Carbon Credits through Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), Agro Forestry and or R.E.D.D.

Brazil has a land area of 846 million hectares and an estimated population in 2010 of 195 million people (United Nations Population Division 2010); the country is ranked 75th out of 182 countries in UNDP's Human Development Index (UNDP 2009). Ninety-three per cent of the country is below 800 m in altitude. The highest peaks, at about 2500 m, are found on the northern border with Venezuela and in the southeast on the Atlantic coast. The vast Amazon Basin contains the world's largest area of tropical rainforest; the majority of it is Brazilian territory. FAO (2010a) and Government of Brazil (2010) both estimated Brazil's total forest cover in 2010 at 519 million hectares, including both tropical and non-tropical natural and planted forests; an estimated 354 million hectares. 
A/S Increased from 3 Billion to 25 Billion 9-16-2015

Pictures of Trucks, Lumber etc.. is from AMAZONIA FLORESTAL...
AZFL Has no Lumber, Equipment, Saw Mill etc

Previously, pictures of another lumber company were posted here, as a ruse to trick investors into thinking AZFL had a functioning lumberyard.


AZFL is "Planning" a 100 acre Hemp Farm.
Registered location shown below.

Rear of Property

Note that the property above, that AZFL claims as part of their hemp operation is actually showing Ricardo Cortez as the owner, not AZFL:

UPLIST ?  Despite rumors by manipulators, all the big board exchanges have very strict rules for uplisting, that AZFL does not qualify for.

Link to Nevada Secretary of State Registration Documents filing,
 that shows that Cortez owns that property paid for with AZFL shareholder's money, not AZFL:

Registration info regarding annual fees "Past Due":

CEO Stebbins Says He Resigned from "Sketchy" AZFL:

"I resigned from AZFL a long time ago because

they were

sketchy. They just have not taken my name

off their website."


Stebbins: "They are just using my name now and I

have told

them not to for a while now."   "I have told them

repeatedly to

take my name off of everything." 


Stebbins: "I never signed anything"  (regarding 2014 Annual Financial Report published April 29 2015)

AZFL Facebook Page  5-26-2014:


FACTS about the current situation of Amazonas Florestal, Ltd (AZFL)




- Float: 658,702,700

- Outstanding shares:  2,227,633,312

- Authorized shares: 25,000,000,000 (raised from 3,000,000,000 9-16-2015)

Numbers as of June 30, 2015:





If you check the two last 10Q filings, you will see that the OS is the same since February, not a single share issued in all this time!




AZFL released two Press Releases in August, 2015:

The most important events are the next:


- Engaged a PSAOB auditor and in the process of auditing its books. The audit is expected to be completed no later than August 31st, 2015.

- Extended a Letter of Intent to purchase K.R. Producao Florestal Ltd, as a fully licensed subsidiary in Manaus, Brazil. The Brazilian entity comes with more than 67,000 acres of rural land suitable for forest management and preservation projects such as REDD +. Currently in the final stages of the acquisition, the Company expects to complete the acquisition by September 15, 2015.

- Retained legal counsel to draft an S1 Registration Statement. The present target date for completion and filing is no later than October 1, 2015.

- Signed a MOU to enter into a strategic alliance that will develop its Industrial Hemp Business beginning with a plantation and lab to be installed in Kentucky.

- The Company has executed a Term Sheet covering a potential $15 Million Equity Line from a reputable lender. The Company is line to complete agreements this week making it eligible to activate this line by October 31st, 2015, once the S1 Registration Statement is filed.

- The Company has renegotiated its Purchase Order Agreement with Trackwork Ltd, of Doncaster, UK, and expects to obtain a new order this year for Hardwood Sleepers that are Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council for delivery as a certified product abiding by new European Trade Union requirements for tropical wood imports into Europe and the UK.


HUGE NEWS!! JANUARY 12th, 2016

HUGE NEWS: Amazonas Florestal Ltd. Announces Acquisition of Earth Pass LLC and Amazon Sustainable Development Corp

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2016) - Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. ( (OTC PINK: AZFL), a natural resources Company dedicated to innovative, sustainable forest management, the certification and sales of carbon credits, and Industrial Hemp, today announced that the Company has completed the acquisition of Earth Pass LLC (EPL), which becomes a fully-owned subsidiary of the Company.

The Acquisition includes a fully licensed division in Brazil that has been producing wood products with their land holdings since 2007 under the name Amazon Sustainable Development Corp. It also includes 64,000 acres of native forest properties eligible for the certification of Carbon Credits through the United Nations REDD+ program.

Ricardo Cortez, Chairman of the Board of Amazonas Florestal, stated: "This acquisition of these valuable assets will increase shareholder value considerably and open the door to substantial opportunities for the Company in Brazil. Amazonas Florestal, through its new subsidiary ASD, can now officially begin work on the studies that will certify the Carbon Credits available on the ASD properties. All of the necessary vehicles are now in place to begin the studies in February under the direction of Peter Stebbins and key personnel in Brazil that become part of the Company as a result of this new acquisition."

J.C. Ubieto, Company IRO, stressed that "the conclusion of the due diligence in late December by Company representatives in Brazil means these much anticipated assets are now part of Amazonas Florestal. This opens many potentially lucrative doors in the large Brazilian nation. We have already been contacted by a number of agencies requesting information and offering project ideas to begin our Carbon Studies next month. The potential upside of this activity is significant and has focused interest on it. The COP20 meeting in Paris has created noteworthy interest and has focused attention on Carbon Credits and resulted in increased demand on the Voluntary Market for Carbon Credits."\


AZFL is current and in good standing with the OTC Stock Market. Here is the link:

1000:1 REVERSE SPLIT on March 2, 2016

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AZFL News: AMAZONAS FLORESTAL LTD. will proceed to plant, cultivate and develop a market for Industrial Hemp products 02/02/2017 10:45:00 AM
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