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Alkane, Inc. (ALKN)

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Alkane, Inc.

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Monster Diesel Truck
In the United States, some 10+ million vehicles, including diesel powered trucks, buses and boats consume 24 billion gallons of fuel at a cost of $50 billion annually. There are a variety of diesel additives to address one or more of the challenges common to diesel powered engines: fuel mileage, engine power, gelling, deicing, and engine wear. None, however, offers as comprehensive, cost-effective a solution as Monster Diesel(TM).

Alkane's first product, Monster Diesel(TM), is a patent pending total fuel additive that boosts diesel fuel's quality to premium levels and addresses all of a diesel engine's challenges, all in one product.

-Reduces diesel consumption by as much as 15%
-Boosts diesel fuel's energy by 10% for increased power and MPG
-Eliminates engine knock
-Lowers overall fuel emissions by 23%
-Reduces engine wear by as much as 40%
-Supplements fuel to make up for the low and ultra low sulfur diesel's loss in lubricity
-Provides corrosion control in the fuel system
-Winterizes diesel fuel to allow low temperature operation, eliminating the need for expensive #1 diesel to reduce gelling and deicing
-Changes the "black" exhaust to "white" by establishing and maintaining the original engine maker's fuel injection pattern to burn the fuel more completely
-Is so powerful that, when diluted with 250 gallons of diesel, it boosts the Cetane Number, the diesel equivalent to octane number for gasoline, by 12.5% (twice the boost of premium gas over regular)

Monster Diesel(TM) is a cost saving additive for truckers, boaters, farmers, bus operators and home owners who heat with oil. In addition it reduces harmful emissions and lessens U.S. dependence on foreign oil by effectively reducing fuel consumption. 

Visit for additional product information, news and analysis, and information on how to order Monster branded products. 

Monster Diesel(TM) and its logo are trademarks of Alkane, Inc.


Tips from the past to winterise your diesel by putting petrol into the diesel is not a way of doing things today. Modern diesel engiens are lubricated by the diesel fuel and petrol in the diesel will wash your lubriction film away from the linespump and injectors. The result is havey damaged parts on your diesel engien and a lot of extra cost for repairs.



ASTM D6371

Significance and Use,The CFPP of a fuel is suitable for estimating the lowest temperature at which a fuel will give trouble-free flow in certain fuel systems.The difference in results obtained from the samples as received and after heat treatment at 45 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, can be used to investigate complaints of unsatisfactory performance under low temperature conditions.


Significance and Use, The heat of combustion is a measure of the energy available from a fuel. A knowledge of this value is essential when considering the thermal efficiency of equipment for producing either power or heat. The mass heat of combustion per unit mass of fuel, is a critical property of fuels intended for use in weight limited crafts such as airplanes, surface effect vehicles, and hydrofoils. The range of such craft between refueling is a direct function of the heat of combustion and density of the fuel.


Significance and Use, Crude petroleum contains sulfur compounds, most of which are removed during refining. However, of the sulfur compounds remaining in the petroleum product, some can have a corroding action on various metals and this corrosion is not necessarily related directly to the total sulfur content. The effect can vary according to the chemical types of sulfur compounds present. The copper strip corrosion test is designed to assess the relative degree of corrosion of a petroleum product.


A polished steel spindle is immersed into 100 milliliters of fuel maintained at 100 degrees feirignheight. The fuel is continually stirred during the entire test period. Upon immersion for 30 minutes, 30 milliliters of distilled water are added to the fuel. After remaining in the fuel for an additional 3 1/2 hours, the spindle is removed and the surface is rated for percent of corrosion. The ratings go from A which is 0% corrosion down to E. B is 5-25% which is also considered a pass. There are also B++ and B+ ratings.

ASTM D6079

Significance and Use, Diesel fuel injection equipment has some reliance on lubricating properties of the diesel fuel. Shortened life of engine components, such as diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, has sometimes been ascribed to a lack of lubricity in a diesel fuel. The trend of HFRR test results to diesel injection system pump component distress due to wear has been demonstrated in pump rig tests for some fuel/hardware combinations, where boundary lubrications is believed to be a factor in the operation of the component. The wear scar generated in the HFRR test is sensitive to contamination of the fluids and test materials and the temperature of the test. Lubricity evaluations are also sensitive to trace contaminations acquired during test fuel sampling and storage. The HFRR may be used to evaluate the relative effectiveness of diesel fuels for preventing wear under the prescribed test conditions.



Only the first time you need a shock dosis of 2ml per Liter Diesel to clean the hole system. After 3 or 4 times filling up with Monster Diesel dosis 1ml per Liter Diesel you will have result.


Diesel can become contaminated with micro-organisms (bacteria).

A basis of infection is established as a diesel water meet.

We are talking about free water that collects is under in the fuel tank.


The aerobic, producing slimy and stringy strands which will clouck up the filter and cause problems. In particular, the common rail fuel systems will have these problems. Subsequently arise the mucoid bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Anaerobic organisms that are multicellular not require oxygen. During their cell division creates nasst mucoid precipitate a substance that the water present to convert into an acid. This may in turn much damage to the tank and engine parts, such as corrosion.?


The humidity in the space above the liquid, it condenses into droplets at temperature changes. Water can enter through not properly seal openings.

Water is heavier than diesel and collected at the bottom of the tank. This creates an interface between fuel and water to form a good breeding ground for microorganisms. A bacteria colony will grow in this interface with the deterioration increases as the temperature rises by returning fuel from the engine back to the tank and climatic temperature rise. Only one shot glass is enough to contaminate 1,000 liters of diesel. 200 bacteria will grow in 5 hours to 16.000.000 bacteria.

In 2004 emissions levels by the sulfur content in diesel reduced to 50 ppm in 2010 and then again lowered to 10ppm diesel is therefore more sensitive to aerobic form of contamination. The engine also has the lower sulfur content less good lubrication. In 2007, regulations require that the biofuel with regular diesel is added. B7 means 7% biodiesel addition. Biodiesel contains 8 times more water than regular diesel. Moreover, so-called biodiesel glycerin particles, which are residues from the process.

Monster Diesel can prevent these problems. Monster Diesel Diesel molecule binds to the diesel molecule and thereby change the properties. This allows costs to avoid thinking about € 3000, - for the replacement of such a high-pressure common rail injection technology and a classic from € 990, -. Furthermore, the lubrication increases by 40% and this is no sulfur. Monster Diesel is tested on 100% biodiesel and pass with flying colors, without modification to the vehicle. The cetane number is 53.3 which is higher than that of Shell V-Power, the power increases by 10% and will increase the MPG by 15%. Monster Diesel reduces emissions by 23% and reduces carbon emissions by 38%. Monster Diesel makes your diesel greener. Monster Diesel is probably the only product in the world that has all problem solutions in a unified product. We have Monster Diesel since November 2010 in two Land Rover Defender tested (60,000 km). The worse the quality of the diesel, the better result.

The key here is WHY did they VOLUNTARILY dismissed and WHY the Judge let them to do it:

"Voluntary Dismissal

The right for the debtor to dismiss his own case is not absolute under Chapter 7 and 11, or under a chapter converted from 7 or 11, unless the debtor can show cause. This requirement to show cause is to dissuade debtors from using the bankruptcy process for other than what it was intended for."

They are an ACTIVE company listed in FLORIDA:
Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number K13481
FEI/EIN Number 650032447
Date Filed 02/02/1988
State FL

Share structure as per 
ALKN Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $533,239 a/o Apr 05, 2012
Shares Outstanding 333,274,173 a/o Sep 30, 2010
Float 53,015,496 a/o Jun 30, 2010
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Sep 30, 2010
Par Value 0.001

They still own the copyright of Monster Diesel as per their website:
Terms and Conditions About Us Help Site Map
Copyright © 2012 Monster Diesel. All rights reserved.

The selling of MonsterDiesel fuel additive continues.

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