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3Power Energy Group Inc. (PSPW)

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3Powers business plan is developing, constructing, owning and operating sustainable

energy projects in Hydro Energy



A Voluntary Reporting Company

Mailing Address

3Power Energy Group, Inc
P.O. Box 50006,
Dubai, U.A.E.
011 97 14 3210312
(Registrant's telephone number, including area code)


Main Websites for PSPW
List the goals of 2500 MWs of Projects

A World Class Management Team With Proven
Experience Completing Multi Billion Dollar Projects

Mohammed Falaknaz
Chairman of the Board of PSPW
(also is the Vice President and Spokes person
 of the Falak Holding Group owner of multiple entiies including Falak Properties 
which owns a 1/3 interest in the multibillion dollar Dubai Sports City)

Sharif Rahman
CEO/CFO / Board Director of PSPW
(also is the CEO of the Falak Holding Group owner of multiple entiies including Falak Properties
which owns a 1/3 interest in the multibillion dollar Dubai Sports City)


Falak Holding Group (Formerly Falak Holding LLC) Pledges to Support PSPW Financially until completition of the Funding Process.

Falak Holding Group will provide operational cost until PSPW secures funding per December 26,2011 PR.  This has continued over the last several years and continues today and shown in the 10Ks, 10Qs as loans provided to PSPW from related entities owned by management directly or indirectly through Falak Holding Group.  PR highlights are provided below:

3Power Energy Group Inc. ("3Power" and "the Company") (OTCBB: PSPW) (Frankfurt: PSD) is pleased to announce that it concluded settlement agreements with the bulk of historical debts creditors from share holders and service providers to convert their debts into equity in 3Power by issue of new shares and warrants. This step will enhance the company balance sheet and support the project funding process. The bulk of the converted debts belong to Falak Holding LLC which will continue financing the company operation cost till the completion of the funding process.   "We believe in the success of 3Power and we will continue our support to the company," said Mohammed Falaknaz, chairman of 3Power and vice president of Falak Holding.

Major Insiders of 3Power as of 6/30/2015 

Falak Holdings Group and related entities owns an estimated 115,043,292 shares and has advanced cash of $5,350,746.00.  CEO (also involved with Falak Holding Group management) and former CEO own a combined 12,219,091 shares issued for accrued salary and/or money provided. Capital Trust Holding AG and its affiliates own 15,000,000 shares for the updated feasibility study costing $600,000 for the hydro dams.

Total money and share ownership combined as of 6/30/2015 

To sum it up the insiders and Falak related entities owned by Falak Holding Group bet $5,950,746 minimum plus own about 142,262,383 shares representing approximately 142,262,383/249,949,923 or 56.9% of the company.  This tells us that they not only have about $6 million in cash bet but they also own majority of the company combined and in the end will take this forward for their own benefit and financial gain and on their own time schedule.  

This does not include the accrured $416,221.00 of additional funding provided by Falak related entities to PSPW as reported in the June 30th 10Q that has yet to be converted directly into shares as previously done indirectly by management.

Share Breakdown Analysis of 10Ks and 10Qs

3Power Energy Group Subsiduaries 

Shala Energy Group PLC (51% owned by PSPW)

Shala Energy SHPK (Majority owned by PSPW)

Ownership Breakdown Taken from B5 Share Allotment Form

3Power Energy Group Projects PLC (49.7% owned by PSPW)
website pending

Ownership Breakdown Taken from B5 Share Allotment Form

American Seawind Energy LLC (50% owned by PSPW)
Registered in the state of Texas
Currently Inactive Corporation

Shala Energy shpk (75% owned by PSPW)
Legal Partnership formed 8/5/2015 between Falak Properties, Interenegro Albania, and 3Power Energy Group.

Click on the link above. Type in Shala Energy under subject and click search to Find History of Shala Energy shpk and use google text translator to translate teh contents.  Embedded within the downloadable word document showing history of the corporation are all of the originally scanned recorded agreements going back to 2009 which can be downloaded by holding control and right clicking on the mouse over which document you want.  This contains several hundred pages of documentation.

Below is the translation of this newly formed legal partnership

Number of issue: CN-191882-08-15

Reasons for opening the issue: Deposition of Decision dated 07.14.2015, where it was decided to change the headquarters of the company. Mdyshimi 5,8.1.1 and 8.1.3 of the articles of the Statute. The appointment of a new manager and defining the powers of the administrator.
The number of shares was "1000.00" became "3.00"
The value of the action was "133.59" became "44530.00"
The following changes occurred in the Activity addresses:
Is Added Address: "Tirana, Tirana, Tirana;; TIRANA, Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard, Twin Towers, Tower II, Floor 9;"
Is Removed Address: "Tirana, Tirana, Tirana;; TIRANA, Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard, Twin Tower II, Floor 11;"
The following changes have occurred to the legal partners:
Data has changed to ("INTERNERGO ALBANIA") The number of shares was ("250.00") became ("1.00")
Data has changed to ("3 POWER ENERGY GROUP INC"), the number of shares was ("40.00") became ("1.00")
Data has changed to ("FALAK PROPERATIES") The number of shares was ("710.00") became ("1.00")

The following changes have occurred to administrators:
It was added to the administrator ("Mohammed Haneef Shereef Rehuman") From the date "07.14.2015" On "07/14/2018"

The following is a summary of one of the original administrators who were granted spending authority up to $100k euros while our CEO of PSPW has unlimited authority.  This verbage is the same for 
Ibrahim Elfaki and Eleonora Hasan who are also administrators on the Shala Energy shpk since Shala Energy shpk operations have now commenced as of the last 10Q ending June 30th 2015.

Data has changed for the administrator ("Jose Bajuk"), was competence ("Administrators have the right to undertake on behalf of Assoc., And / or include transactions, agreements or activities with a value not exceeding the amount of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) euros. Without the approval of the shareholder's assembly, administrators may not take any action and / or include Society for transactions that consist of buying or selling real estate or other assets of the company that amount with higher than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Euros. All decisions and any document issued by the managers of the company, are available on the Company and to third parties when they are signed by at least 2 (two) of the three (3) managers of the company " ) became ("All decisions and documents prepared, signed and issued by administrators within the management of daily business of the Company, including but not limited to the representation of the Company against third parties, up to a limit value any transaction in the amount of EUR 8,000 (eight thousand euros) or its equivalent in another currency, will be valid if signed by a manager of the Company. Transactions that exceed the limit of EUR 8,000 (eight thousand euros) or its value in another currency may be carried out by at least 2 (two) directors of the Company, provided that each of them to be administrator Ibrahim Elfaki ")

Our CEO granted full authority to represent Shala Energy regardless of the transaction value.

12. Administrator / s
12.1 The term of appointment Mohammed Haneef Shereef Rehuman
From: 14/07/2015 To: 14/07/2018
13. The procedure of appointment if different from the legal
13.1 Limitations of powers (if any)
Has full power and authority to the representation of the Company by its sole signature, regardless of the transaction value, provided that the limit of percakuar in Article 8.1.8 of the Statute of respect ".

Prior to the formation of this Legal Partnership recorded 8/5/2015 between Falak Properties, Interenegro Albania and 3Power Energy Group Management added this Paragraph taken directly from the 2015 10K filed July 14th 2015.

Agreements with affiliated entities present conflicts of interests.

The Company may enter into agreements with strategic alliance entities in which Company officers or directors will render services and have a direct or indirect financial interest.  The Company expects to enter into transactions involving significant amounts of capital with these affiliated entities. Prior to the execution of agreements, the Company’s Board of Directors must determine that the terms and conditions of these agreements are no less favorable to the Company than what would be negotiated in an arm’s length transaction.  The Company officers and directors owe the Company a fiduciary responsibility. If it is determined that Company officers and directors breached their fiduciary obligation, these officers may be required to resign in which case, Company operations will be significantly impaired.  The Company may also face shareholder derivative actions in connection with these activities.

After downloading the Albanian company records filed with Shala Energy shpk on 8/5/2015 embedded in the word document.
Here are the names contained within the notorized and signed document of the Legal Partnership page 5 of 7.

The partnership brings Interenegro Albania to the table and the document was signed by Ekrem Luka who is the richest and most power business man in Kosovo.   Interenegro also has the ability to obtain long term power contracts in Albania.  Mr. Luka's entities pay 1/7th of all the government taxes in the country of Kosovo and may bring additional hydro dam projects to the table

Ekrem Luka was born in 1959 in Pec, in a merchant family. President of the Corporation is the powerfulDukagjin, established in Peja in 1987. Recognized as the most powerful businessman in Kosovo. Pejane call BerlusconiKosovo.  Ekrem Luka is the corporate owner of Dukagjin, one of the largest companies and most successful of Kosovo, with over 300 employees. Within the Corporation are some companies that perform different activities, such as Printing, Company Insurance, Tobacco Factory, dealer network, Construction, Radio and Television, Birra Peja Fund Kosovo Pension Sloveno other. After conducting primary and secondary school in his hometown, it is employed in the printing house "Planinka" in Peja.After working four years as head of the press department, approached the work for the establishment of a commercial printer, a work that was crowned with success in 1986. This was one of the first private companies in Kosovo.

Today Dukagjini Corporation is one of the most successful large and Kosovo, and is recognized as the largest taxpayer in the country (in 2000 has paid on behalf of tax, 17% of the budget of Kosovo).

Link to Interenegro Albania (Renweable Energy Company)

3Power focuses efforts on the Development of Renewable Energy Power plants
and its operations in the Balkan countries

Details of the Project/Signed Agreements

The Company SHALA ENERGY shpk and 3 POWER ENERGY GROUP Inc.,wish to transfer 75% of Shares of Concessionaire Company SHALA ENERGY shpk to 3 POWER ENERGY GROUP Inc.,and thus the respective percentage of all concession right (including licenses and permits) that SHALA ENERGY shpk holdsthrough the Concession Contract signed with Albanian Government, under condition of the Concession Agreement and conditions specified in this Agreement.

The Company has commenced and completed the project design.  The Company is now seeking capital to fund the project.On June 5, 2012, the Company and Shala Energy executed a master acquisition agreement (the “Acquisition Agreement”) where Shala Energy agreed to transfer and the Company agreed to acquire 75% of the equity of Shala Energy. Under the Acquisition Agreement (the “Acquisiton”), the closing of the acquisition is subject to the Company’s completion and satisfaction of the due diligence on Shala Energy and Shala Energy’s partners with respect to their shares in Shala Energy and upon the Company’s payment of the first year premium for the insurance bond premium issued in favor of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Republic of Albania in replacement of then existing bank guarantee issued in favor of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Republic of Albania for the Shala River Concession Agreement, in amount of 7,230,315 Euro (the “Required Insurance Bond Premium”). The Acquisition Agreement provides that the closing of the acquisition shall occur no later than June 15, 2012.

The company engaged a consortium of Indian industrial companies with leading expertise globally in hydro power projects engineering, financing, construction and operation. The consortium undertook to cover the cost of the development work and produce the bankable study in cooperation and with 3power control. The consortium is getting in return the exclusive first right on the project construction as a general contractor.

The power plant is expected to be completed and connected to the national grid in 2017 and total construction cost is estimated to be USD 250M.

Hydro Dam Projects
126.7 MWs of Hydro Proeduction Secured
Dukagjin 1, 2, 3

Additional 54 MWs of Hydro Production Secured 
Hydro dams Vukel 1, 2

Shala Energy shpk begins Operations
Taken from the last 10Q 08/20/2015 

The Shala River project finalization is in process with the Ministry of Albania.  During the three months ended June 30, 2015, Shala began operations, acquiring assets and incurring costs. As such, its activity is including in the unaudited condensed consolidated balance sheet and statement of operations for the current period. 

Water Resources Board Albania 6/2/2014
Shows 2 additional 60 cubic meters/s dams added to the Shala Energy shpk project essentially doubling the size of the original project signed from 2012.[tuqdams.png

Can be verified by the Alabania Water Resources Board under the National Register of Use Permits Water Resources
Downloaded in an excel format click on the first tab worksheet

Falak Holding Presentation 5/25/2015 Item 8 specifically talk about setting up a power plant in Albania

 Quote from slide 8: "The group also has Diagnostic Centre and is setting up a power plant in Albania."


Share information

Shares Outstanding 249,949,923 a/o July 14, 2016
Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o March 31, 2016
Par Value 0.0001  
Float Estimated 10-20 million range

Complete SEC Filings for PSPW

Nevada SOS Entity Details (Actively Registered)

Transfer Agent

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
1717 Arch Street
Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA, 19103



Disclaimer - the moderators of this board are not registered financial advisors and are not recommending the securities of this company to purchase or to sell, and may hold positions bought in the open market, which we may liquidate without notice from time to time. Please do your own due diligence, and make your own investment decisions.  These are opinions based on data collected from publically available sources throughout the world.  We are not responsible for losses or gains and recommend getting professional advice if needed.

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