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123Tom's TA study group.

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Last Post: 7/20/2017 6:14:04 PM - Followers: 76 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 10

This is a forum where folks can study Technical Analysis with me.or just see what I'm looking at  here.
I have studied TA about 8 - 12 hours a day since 2005. (longer hours in the beginning...less now.)

I DONT Know Everything.

But what I have studied, I do know, and use it to analyze charts.

When using technical analysis to see the vision of a chart picture, its not necessary to master Every TA tool, nor is it necessary or desirable to use an extreme number of tools only need a handful, combining together the ones that you find most useful. and over time, putting together your own tool kit some combination that works well all together.

My own set of technical tools focus on understanding and using
Ichimoku cloud(full)
Elliott Wave counting
Candlestick analysis
Some key Chart patterns
Support/Resistance levels
Fibonacci retracement...sometimes Fibonacci arcs
Pivot points
......and somehow developing a greater Intuition that can feel the public mood .

Doing technical analysis is really only half the picture. The other half is understanding Fundamental anlysis.

Combining the two types of analysis creates the best vision short of inside info one can have.
I spen alot of time reading internet news from around the world. studying charts. Following the commentaries of assorted experts I respect. and trying to put the pieces of the investing puzzle together.

My portfolio has focused on Biotech and metals and miners mostly. in recent years.
#4210   Probably now, a more clear chart picture...AVXL 123tom 07/20/17 06:14:04 PM
#4209   Buy volume was inconsistent after the early push. Citrati 07/20/17 05:08:59 PM
#4208   lol...tell me about the price/volume thing today 123tom 07/20/17 04:55:22 PM
#4207   I just barely learned about fire and now Citrati 07/20/17 04:50:36 PM
#4206   yes, the 200ma, that was the other reason 123tom 07/20/17 04:47:30 PM
#4205   Totally agree. No way to know for sure. Citrati 07/20/17 04:36:20 PM
#4204   Ive been placing stink bids ahead of time. 123tom 07/20/17 04:33:00 PM
#4203   Well there it is. Hit low so far Citrati 07/20/17 10:19:20 AM
#4202   4.86-4.88 in play this morning. Citrati 07/20/17 09:51:26 AM
#4201   the current AVXL chart...and some Fibonacci targets. 123tom 07/20/17 02:04:45 AM
#4200   Analyze This... IPIX 123tom 07/19/17 08:56:46 PM
#4199   Blocks of pullback targets for AVXL 123tom 07/19/17 07:54:36 PM
#4198   Answer to question "Closer to $4 or $6 Citrati 07/19/17 07:12:06 PM
#4197   The posters who write about tutes holding/supporting certain F1ash 07/19/17 06:58:33 PM
#4196   Yes, IPIX is just following normal babybio action. Citrati 07/19/17 06:35:24 PM
#4195   IPIX has finally gotten serious about the technical 123tom 07/19/17 06:12:16 PM
#4194   it sure is easier for me answering the question... 123tom 07/19/17 05:49:25 PM
#4193   Two big questions now are does IPIX hold Citrati 07/19/17 10:22:25 AM
#4192   my AVXL downwave.... 123tom 07/18/17 05:58:28 PM
#4191   nice post. 123tom 07/18/17 04:51:56 PM
#4190   Today was the lowest close for AVXL in Citrati 07/18/17 01:22:06 AM
#4189   no I didn't know that... 123tom 07/17/17 11:47:54 PM
#4188   Tom, in case you don't know. Citrati 07/17/17 10:50:39 PM
#4187   I haven't computed their burn rate but here F1ash 07/17/17 04:31:12 PM
#4186   looking downward to lower targets now,AVXL 123tom 07/17/17 04:27:51 PM
#4185   some AVXL target math 123tom 07/17/17 04:13:08 PM
#4184   Closed within .01 of days low. Citrati 07/17/17 04:12:37 PM
#4183   intraday resistance now at 5.25 on AVXL.... 123tom 07/17/17 03:21:31 PM
#4182   On AVXL draw a line from 6.47 through Citrati 07/17/17 02:57:54 PM
#4181   yes,same picture... 123tom 07/17/17 02:42:46 PM
#4180   I haven't followed the financing so thanks for Citrati 07/17/17 12:32:49 PM
#4179   When it comes to trading I just live F1ash 07/17/17 12:18:45 PM
#4178   That sure reversed in a hurry. Citrati 07/17/17 12:02:12 PM
#4177   Volume definitely looks to be on a down F1ash 07/17/17 11:23:48 AM
#4176   KISS chart for AVXL. Citrati 07/17/17 10:10:19 AM
#4175   but the more important point is.... 123tom 07/16/17 07:31:25 PM
#4174   The Fibonacci Geometric AVXL tracks to 4.95 bottom... 123tom 07/16/17 02:23:29 AM
#4173   It's a great site with lots of great information. Citrati 07/15/17 11:46:55 AM
#4172   i found a source to answer my questions mapman1010 07/15/17 09:01:09 AM
#4171   Thanks Citrati, mapman1010 07/15/17 08:07:34 AM
#4170   I assume you caught the typos. Should be Citrati 07/14/17 11:34:47 PM
#4169   At this point in time it is simply Citrati 07/14/17 09:46:19 PM
#4168   the Fib targets for a bounce....AVXL 123tom 07/14/17 09:01:00 PM
#4167   a more simple look AVXL.... 123tom 07/14/17 07:57:21 PM
#4166   AVXL fib geometric chart.... 123tom 07/14/17 06:49:58 PM
#4165   HI Citrati. question; how strong of a TA mapman1010 07/14/17 12:17:14 PM
#4164   IPIX ready on the launch pad at 1 dollar. 123tom 07/14/17 03:23:39 AM
#4163   Here is one look. 10day 5minute. Citrati 07/14/17 12:56:19 AM
#4162   AVXL, it time to look at close up 123tom 07/14/17 12:12:26 AM
#4161   I just figured Day traders would spot the F1ash 07/11/17 07:03:50 PM