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Sheff is a trader not an investor. My main task as a trader is to manage my risk, continue to take profit along the way, & find the next diamond that will yield solid returns for my board. Always going to trade my way that has made me successful! 

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#96520  Sticky Note Biotech watchlist for wk 3/4/17: $AGLE $IMGN $RTTR $heff 03/08/17 11:52:22 PM
#94431  Sticky Note New Economy Portfolio Review Mid-Year 2016 (July 5th): $heff 07/07/16 11:19:37 AM
#86947  Sticky Note $heff $tation Position Meaning: (repost for sticky) $heff 03/24/15 10:53:49 PM
#96777   $BPMX - P2B top line data trial of kei 04/22/17 07:53:56 PM
#96776   $BPMX $0.80 + $CYTR $0.585 as i post ~ kei 04/21/17 12:41:30 PM
#96775   PIOIQ ShootinBlanks 04/21/17 10:12:11 AM
#96774   ADMP on sale today. Again. The company just rocketeer357 04/21/17 10:12:00 AM
#96773   $PIOI I can never get this ticker to come senderos 04/21/17 10:03:43 AM
#96772   THERF getting noticed. Been mentioning this one over ronpopeil 04/21/17 09:13:29 AM
#96771   PIOIQ..our patience might be rewarded huge (my fingers crossed) kei 04/20/17 02:39:04 PM
#96770   PIOI A new company is being formed ash111 04/20/17 02:36:29 PM
#96769   thank you ash!! PIOI (PIOIQ) kei 04/20/17 02:23:54 PM
#96768   PIOI great news.All old shares will be cancelled ash111 04/20/17 02:22:51 PM
#96767   $PIOI (PIOIQ) ..doncamel of the board just posted kei 04/20/17 02:18:51 PM
#96766   $APHB is an interesting one...novel alternative to antibiotics, Chimaera 04/20/17 10:41:08 AM
#96765   $MBRX .86 now... have accumulated shares (good size) beach_trades 04/19/17 10:40:25 PM
#96764   $BSTG, .31 double bottom chart here, watch for Mark 04/19/17 10:04:01 PM
#96763   $TXMD out here 5.21 of second half. 40 BioHunter 04/19/17 12:00:25 PM
#96762   $CYTR Announces FDA Agreement On Regulatory Pathway To kei 04/19/17 07:30:38 AM
#96761   TEAR, 2.42 +8%, volume surges today. DD: ash111 04/18/17 12:33:11 PM
#96760   Hey Bio, any thoughts on DEPO trading at porgyrusty 04/18/17 12:16:24 PM
#96759   XXII kei 04/18/17 09:21:36 AM
#96757   XXII: north40000 04/17/17 03:40:28 PM
#96756   $TXMD stopped out at half $5.27 damm... BioHunter 04/17/17 03:29:37 PM
#96755   $XXII $1.34 steadily..imo this pr from canada kei 04/17/17 10:40:08 AM
#96754   $BLPH initiated with a Buy at Ladenburg.$4.5 PT kei 04/17/17 10:35:11 AM
#96753   $ZSAN, nice info $heff, I actually got some Mark 04/13/17 09:38:59 PM
#96752   ZSAN ..great alert, $heff..undervalued kei 04/13/17 09:56:10 AM
#96751   BDYI near 1300 ,100% surges since Mid Feb. ash111 04/13/17 09:35:59 AM
#96750   $ZSAN..$1.51..this one looks attractive as a bounce play. $heff 04/13/17 08:59:44 AM
#96749   $TXMD Recent presentation BioHunter 04/13/17 08:32:35 AM
#96748   $TXMD added here $5.52 now 10% Full position. BioHunter 04/12/17 12:21:32 PM
#96747   PIOI a good timing $heff. ash111 04/12/17 10:28:40 AM
#96746   $TXMD trade Trading pre FDA notice last week at BioHunter 04/11/17 05:53:09 PM
#96745   Neurocrine Announces FDA Approval of INGREZZA™ (valbenazine) Capsules [SMART MONEY] 04/11/17 05:45:46 PM
#96744   Glad you joined me on that one. Should BioHunter 04/11/17 04:15:10 PM
#96743   $PIOI..also bought some at $.305 today! Waited for $heff 04/11/17 03:57:26 PM
#96742   SINO 2.94+ 6%, impressive buy volume. SINO's Partner- ash111 04/11/17 03:55:45 PM
#96741   $TXMD portfolio update. Purchased 7% position 5.69 average BioHunter 04/11/17 03:49:03 PM
#96740   PIOI nice to see more solid investors. I ash111 04/11/17 02:27:47 PM
#96739   OK Thanks Sheff. MTH4 04/11/17 12:28:22 PM
#96738   100% correct. Definitely an easier & quicker platform $heff 04/11/17 12:18:14 PM
#96737   I did not exit all of them I $heff 04/11/17 12:17:05 PM
#96736   4/11/17 New Economy Current Holdings: I am $heff 04/11/17 12:15:36 PM
#96735   I'm sure he'll reply to your post, but Chimaera 04/11/17 08:45:34 AM
#96734   I was wondering the same thing... tominvb 04/11/17 06:59:38 AM
#96733   Sheff did you sell all your positions? I MTH4 04/10/17 08:55:29 PM
#96732   TXMD: Thanks....I just saw explanation on CNBC a north40000 04/10/17 02:29:58 PM
#96731   Approval pathway is now unclear based on FDA BioHunter 04/10/17 02:26:42 PM
#96730   UNIS - very thin (dead cat) bottom bouncer?!? Klinsmann 04/10/17 12:50:09 PM
#96729   TXMD: What reason do you see for $1.40 north40000 04/10/17 12:42:35 PM
#96728   $CLSN $0.30.. initiated at Buy at Rodman. PT $1.50 kei 04/10/17 09:57:07 AM
#96727   Ptgef looking strong so far ronpopeil 04/10/17 09:52:54 AM