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Whatever lol they are not the same. Dead billytbone 04/18/21 10:13 PM
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Totally different company: billytbone 04/18/21 10:10 PM
BETS American shares are worthless even if it billytbone 04/18/21 10:08 PM
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BETS registration revoked: billytbone 04/08/21 9:06 AM
filings coming! Kazorchian 04/08/21 9:05 AM
It's a gonner. billytbone 03/26/21 2:30 PM
This was 1 of the easiest scams to billytbone 01/25/21 12:01 AM
It's now totally worthless revoked status. billytbone 12/01/20 12:03 PM
Bought in 2018 @ .0003 lol not worth GiveBackGamer 12/01/20 12:01 PM
LOL not a chance. billytbone 10/03/20 5:34 PM
Filings coming Kazorchian 09/30/20 10:46 AM
They have no money or desire for that billytbone 09/02/20 10:09 AM
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LMAO BETS is no more, gone, finished. billytbone 08/27/20 1:32 PM
filings coming Kazorchian 08/27/20 1:31 PM
Tear up the lottery ticket and enjoy the dijeetyet 08/19/20 12:57 PM
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sell you other 5 million for peanuts elc Kazorchian 08/03/20 12:08 PM Kazorchian 08/03/20 12:07 PM
Maybe people are confusing the two? GiveBackGamer 08/03/20 10:35 AM
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150,000 shares available @ .0018 if anybody wants them Kazorchian 06/18/20 12:15 PM
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Right....that's what is so good about ......Cheaper for Goodbuddy4863 05/15/20 3:38 PM
Price is insane LittleBambi 05/15/20 3:35 PM
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Seaniemac International Ltd. (fka BETS)

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Ticker - "BETS"

European Online Bookmakers, Casinos & Lotteries

Rule # 1: The House Always Wins

We, The Shareholders, have a lot to be excited about!





New Platform Projected Launch Date

Less Than 2 Weeks

SeanieMac Announces Launch Date of Their New Platform

SeanieMac International ( OTC PINK : BETS )...announced they will launch their new online sportsbook and casino in mid-September. The new platform build is on target for a September 16th launch.

Garreth Core, COO at SeanieMac, said, "We are delighted to finally be able to put a firm date on the launch of our new platform. We have been working extremely hard with Optima to reach our target. Our new website will have plenty of new exciting features that will enhance the user experience of our customers as well as new offerings such as a live casino and virtual sports. We are all very excited about the launch and will be announcing new partnerships over the coming weeks."

"The Company believes there will be a sharp increase in revenues immediately following the launch."



Seanimac Announces Record Revenues and Scores Big With Merger


SeanieMac Holdings UK merges ApolloBet UK and SeanieMac Ireland, While Generating $600,000 in Gross Revenue Last Week

HUNTINGTON, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2016 / SeanieMac Holdings UK (BETS) officially announced today that it had finalized the acquisition of the business assets of SeanieMac Ireland and ApolloBet UK and consolidated all of the clients (60,000 plus clients of ApolloBet UK and 50,000 SeanieMac Ireland) under one trading platform. Clients of SeanieMac Ireland have been notified of the consolidation which will take place in the next few days depending on regulatory and technical requirements. Once the clients are trading under a single platform, the Company will be providing financial updates on the consolidated trading and financial projections for 2016.
The Cheltenham Horse Race last week provided a lot of excitement and a very lucrative week with record revenue of over $600,000 USD for the week as a prelude to a great year ahead. The turnover revenue generated by Apollo Bet UK alone, makes the pending combination even more impressive. Shane ODriscoll said, "The substantial redundant costs in running both companies are now eliminated by the consolidation. This strategically calculated decision is expected to accelerate our growth projections in the medium to long-term. Last year the global online gambling market was worth roughly $41.4 billion with the European online gambling market being the largest in the world. We are now positioned to be one of the bigger players. We will provide detailed and multiple updates in the next few weeks on our accomplishments and plans for the year."
Internet gambling is expected to generate revenue exceeding 56 billion dollars in 2018, doubling that of 2009. The company is positioning itself to take full advantage of this growth industry through this merger, one of many planned endeavors this year.

SeanieMac Holdings UK CEO Presents Updates & Our Forecast for 2016

HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 21, 2016)

Dear Shareholders,

Getting current in our financial filings was just the first step in our plans for 2016.

In 2016 our goals are to:

SeanieMac Holdings UK CEO
  Shane O'Driscoll

1. Acquire 1-2 additional sports books (we completed our first acquisition in February 2016) subject to non-toxic funding.

2. Grow our annual run rate of revenues to a minimum of $50,000,000 organically and even higher through acquisition.

3. Launch on a new platform with sound economics and better autonomy.                                                                                                          

4. Further develop our Bit Coin partnership which can reach millions more potential customers.

5. Achieve cash flow positive operations.

6. Clean up the balance sheet of the public Company.

7. Repurchase outstanding convertible notes.

8. Secure long term strategic financing for exponential growth.

The thought process behind our acquisition strategy is each acquisition we can identify can save hundreds of thousands of dollars of redundant costs and bring immediate benefits to the bottom line for both companies. We have identified and are actively soliciting additional opportunities in 2016.

Thanks in part to our acquisition, 2016 revenue are running 300-400 percent higher than 2015, and we expect that trend to accelerate once we launch our new platform. In the last 60 days we have done well over $3 million in revenue (turnover) compared to $5.7 million for all of 2015.

Our target date for the new platform is September 2016. We are on schedule and may be ready even sooner. Updates will be provided as we get closer to launch. We cannot announce the name of the partner until we are further along in the development process but we are confident the news will be well received by our investors, as our partner is one of the dominant and highest quality players in the online gaming space in the world.

As a result of these developments, we project achieving cash flow positive shortly soon after the launch of our new platform.

In our most recent press release we invited shareholders to submit any questions or requests. Based on the substantial and detailed number of questions we have received submitted, and to honor as many as possible, we are consolidating our responses and will provide the Q&A in a separate release early next week.

Thank You for your support,
Shane O'Driscoll

SeanieMac Signs Two Major Sponsorship Agreements


HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2016) - Apollobet UK/ SeanieMac (OTC PINK: BETS) is proud to announce to have secured a deal to be an official sponsor of The British Horse Racing Authority (BHA). BHA is recognized as providing the most compelling and attractive racing in the world and seen as the world leader in raceday regulation.

Being the First and Only of the largest bookmakers in the world to sponsor the BHA establishes ApollobetUK/ SeanieMac front and center to be recognized by the over 6 million racing fans expected to attend the year long events of what is the second largest spectator sport in Great Britain.

The companies [ApollobetUK/ SeanieMac ] also expect to be noticed by millions of broadcast viewers throughout Europe who will see our branding. In turn, ApollobetUK/ SeanieMac will contribute a percentage of its profits to also support and promote British Horse Racing, one of the cornerstones of the British betting industry. 

Gambling on horseraces generates over £3.7 billion for the British economy and ApollobetUK/ SeanieMac is in a great position to profit from the branding awareness

In addition to even more exciting news to follow, we have just signed a deal with the prestigious Jockey Club, to sponsor nearly forty full race meetings over the next few months, reaching millions of viewers throughout Europe. Our branding will receive live terrestrial TV coverage along with full coverage on racing UK. The events, broadcast in every betting shop, printed on every news paper and covered by major racing websites such as the Racing Post and SportingLife will each benefit the company by getting unrivaled advertising and branding by our target audience and add to our continually growing online subscribers

Shane O'Driscoll, CEO of SeanieMac, said, "After two years since launching our first betting website, we have set 2016 to achieve some major milestones in launching a new platform, securing key sponsorships and aggressively growing our business. As soon as we file our audited financials for 2015, we will be providing updates and projections for 2016. We think it will be a truly groundbreaking year for us."


SeanieMac Confirms New Platform Launch

April 8, 2016 11:29 AM·

Following a closure of its online betting service with former partner Boylesports, Irish gambling operator SeanieMac has announced that it would go live with a new gaming platform this August.
SeanieMac stopped the provision of betting options on its old platform on April 1. The independent gaming company explained that all customers that have any funds in their accounts will be returned their money to the card they had registered upon signing up in due time time and manner.
SeanieMac has also confirmed that it is currently working on its new platform together with fellow online gambling brand ApolloBet. Once launched, it would offer gambling customers a number of gambling options, enhanced odds, free bets, rewards, and many more. The Irish gaming operator has pointed out that its new website would operate absolutely independently from former partner Boylesports.
It was in March 2016 when SeanieMac completed its merger with ApolloBet, thus consolidating its more than 50,000 customers with its partner’s 60,000 customers under a single trading platform. Following the necessary regulatory checks and approvals, the said consolidation was completed in the last days of March.
The Irish gambling operator has said that the merger was a necessary step as it would allow both SeanieMac and ApolloBet to accelerate their projections for further growth in the medium to long term.
Earlier this week, the two gambling operators announced that they have become the latest to join the roster of companies to be supporting the British Horseracing Authority’s Authorised Betting Partner program. Under the terms of their agreement with the racing authority, the two operators would receive preferential treatment when striking commercial deals with various UK-based racetrack operators.
In addition to this, SeanieMac has signed an agreement with the Jockey Club, known to be the largest UK racing commercial entity. Under the terms of the deal, SeanieMac is to sponsor 40 full race meetings over the course of the next several months, thus reaching millions of viewers and racing fans from around Europe. The operator has commented that the sponsorship deal would give it the opportunity to promote its brand and reach a broader audience in a bid to increase its online gambling customer base.


SeanieMac International, Ltd. Announces Exclusive Marketing Agreement with Overseas BC Marketing Inc. Permitting Bitcoin Wagering


HUNTINGTON, N.Y., Jan. 30, 2015 — SeanieMac International, Ltd. (BETS) announced that it has entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Overseas BC Marketing, Inc. (“OBCMI”) pursuant to which OBCMI will market SeanieMac’s online web-based waging services and products. The marketing agreement will provide a platform that allows for revenue sharing on new accounts generated by OBCMI. This platform will allow customers to use bitcoin for wagering by interfacing with SeanieMac’s wagering platform. SeanieMac believes this will appeal to many customers, due to the prevalence of bitcoin use overseas.

SeanieMac and OBCMI do not allow wagering from U.S. citizens.

SeanieMac believes it will be at the forefront of gaming platforms allowing crypto currency (bitcoin) to be used for wagering, and expects that its credibility in the wagering markets will give bitcoiners confidence in interfacing and using its platform for wagering purposes.


May 11, 2016

SeanieMac Holdings UK Books Over $3,200,000 of Combined Operations and Registers Over
8300 New Customers, a 1600% Increase Since Merger

HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - May 11, 2016) - SeanieMac UK (OTC PINK: BETS) announces over $3.2 million in sports bets revenue taken in its newly combined Sportsbook operation. These considerable results do not include casino games or reflect the higher margins the company anticipates with the launch of its advanced new platform this summer.

In addition, we were pleased to welcome over 8300 new registered customers on the site since the combined operations began. The 1600% increase in new members reflects the company's substantial investment in targeted marketing and promotion geared toward building a greater and more substantial customer base. The budget utilized of over 500k in the first quarter on bet promotions, sponsorships, specials and direct marketing has been proving to be a great success.

SeanieMac Celebrates Its 100,000th Bet for 2016
The Milestone Surpasses All of 2015 Totals in First 5 Months
HUNTINGTON, NY--(NewMediaWire - May 23, 2016) - SeanieMac UK (OTC PINK: BETS) announces it had processed its 100,000th bet for the year. The accelerated numbers have already surpassed the total for all of 2015. Total turnover revenue and first time bettors in 2016 have also already surpassed the entire 2015 total in both respective categories. We are excited to see the merger beginning to substantialize as we continue to attract more users and grow revenue dollars faster than anticipated We are anxious to have our finalized 1Q filing out soon and look forward to more benchmarks being met as the year progresses.

New Platform Projected Launch Date Less Than 60 Days

June 17, 2016

HUNTINGTON, NY--(NewMediaWire - Jun 17, 2016) -  SeanieMac International Ltd. (OTC PINK: BETS) announced today that its second quarter revenue is on track to double the revenue achieved during the first quarter of 2016. First quarter revenues (turnover) were US$2.82 million. Currently, second quarter revenues are $4.5 million with 2 weeks left in the quarter. Two million in revenue was booked during the last two weeks.

The Company also announced that it has revised the projected launch date for its new platform from September to mid-August. Development and coding of the platform has been active for weeks and training on the new platform is scheduled to begin late June. The Company believes there will be a sharp increase in revenues immediately following the launch.

SeanieMac CEO Shane O'Driscoll Interviewed on

HUNTINGTON, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 6/30/16 --  SeanieMac International (OTC PINK: BETS) announced today that the Company's CEO Shane O'Driscoll was interviewed on one of the pre-eminent investment radio shows,
During the interview, Mr. O'Driscoll discussed the evolution of as the Company has become a successful 3 1/2 year old sports booking site and casino. Mr. O'Driscoll discussed the challenges of being a publicly traded betting site and how things continue to change, and how staying relevant and bringing customers the best experience possible will advance the SeanieMac business. During the interview Mr. O'Driscoll explained, that three years ago, the majority of business was focused on different games of poker. Most recently, gambling is concentrated on InPlay Betting. InPlay Betting allows the player to determine who is going to score next across a wide variety of sporting events including soccer, baseball, football, etc. and is one of the most exciting and growing spaces in the online gambling space.
To listen to the full interview with Mr. O'Driscoll
About SeanieMac
SeanieMac Limited is a UK gaming company. It owns and operates "", an online sports and casino wagering web-based platform serving gamblers directly under the brand name
The Company`s mission is to provide a market-leading, user-friendly website for online gambling, including sports betting and casino gaming (traditional casino, live casino, poker, bingo and interactive skilled games). The Company does not market to U.S. residents and, hereby, specifically discourages them from attempting to access its wagering services.


SeanieMac UK Reports Record June Results

July 6, 2016

HUNTINGTON, NY-- (Marketwired - Jul 6, 2016) - SeanieMac International Ltd. ( OTC PINK : BETS ) announced today, that after an impressive May with booked revenue in excess of $1.2 million, SeanieMac continues to see record results in its sportsbook and casino revenues (turnover) for the month ended June 30, 2016.  Total Revenue for June 2016 was $5,045,000, an increase of over 300% from the prior month. Preliminary 2nd Quarter revenues were $7,370,000 versus $2,656,000 for the 1st Quarter 2016. This reflects an increase of over 270% in Quarter over Quarter revenues.Gross profit for June 2016 was approximately $200,000. SeanieMac CEO Shane O'Driscoll stated, "We continue to make outstanding progress with our sportsbook and casino properties. We are driving the business forward and look forward to our upcoming launch."

July 20, 2016

SeanieMac International Offered $7.5 Million Secured Line of Credit Facility

HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 20, 2016) - SeanieMac International, Ltd. ( OTC PINK : BETS )

As part of the 2016 strategy to move to better financing terms, SeanieMac International announced that after a several week screening process that began on April 7th they had accepted a term sheet for a $7.5 million in revolving credit.

500k of this facility will be made available and drawn down right away and the balance is based on a ratio of the Company's revenues. The term sheet proposed provides that secured line is repaid with 20% of the Company's monthly revenues until retired. Closing on the facility is subject to final due diligence, legal documentation, and normal closing conditions.

SeanieMac President Shane O'Driscoll stated, "We are hoping to close the transaction by mid August to coincide with the targeted launch date of our new platform.

"The size of the line is in place to support further acquisitions if needed. We will continue to seek to improve our cost of capital as the Company continues to hit milestones. The ability to replace 100% equity lines with debt that can be repaid through revenues reflects the next step in the company's evolution."

SeanieMac Moves to Optima Sports Betting and Gaming Platform With Rapid Growth Expansion Plans
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(NewMediaWire - Jul 26, 2016) - SeanieMac International,Ltd. (OTC PINK: BETS), the UK & Ireland online sports betting and e-gaming operator, has reached an agreement with software development firm OPTIMA for the setup of a new Multichannel Gaming Suite Platform. This deal includes Margin Maker 2 system and the establishment of new web, mobile front end products. Trading is targeted to begin in August.

Shane O'Driscoll, CEO, SeanieMac, said: "The significance of moving from a white-label led operation to licensing our own software is a massive leap forward in our business development and growth strategy. Having our own software licensed from an industry leader allows us to have full control over our own destiny. This now places us firmly in the 'driver's seat' and further accelerates our plans of becoming a premier online bookmaker and industry leader. This sizeable investment in our business infrastructure underscores our commitment for future growth."

Garreth Core, COO, SeanieMacstated: "We are delighted to announce our new partnership with one of the world's leading sports betting and gaming platform software suppliers, OPTIMA. This is a major corporate development for our business and highlights our strategy to become an industry leader. For SeanieMac, the agreement allows us full flexibility over our business and enables us to offer our customers more value, more opportunities, a superb desktop and mobile user experience."

Jacob Curciel, CEO and founder of Optima, concluded: "We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with SeanieMac for the development of a dedicated full OPTIMA sports betting and e-gaming multichannel suite. Passion and know-how for the sports betting and gaming business is a must-have to be a market leader. SeanieMac's team has demonstrated they score very high on these values.
"At Optima, through the delivery of a turn-key platform, we will ensure our partner has the technology and products to achieve their objective of leading the market while delivering the best and most enjoyable customer experience across all channels."

About Optima
Optima are a licensed B2B Software Developer of turnkey sports betting and gaming solutions with partners and customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Optima's platform is one of the top software products available worldwide for the web, call center, mobile and retail bookmaking and e-gaming industry.

SeanieMac Announces August Sponsorships
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(NewMediaWire - Aug 4, 2016) - SeanieMac International (OTC PINK: BETS) continues its strong relationship with the British Jockey Club with sponsorship of no less than five race meetings throughout the UK across the month of August beginning today, Thursday 4th, with a full card sponsored at Haydock Park by our Apollo Bet brand. This is followed by three further sponsorships at Carlisle Racecourse and two at Kempton Racecourse later in the month.
Leon Hosking, Head of Sportsbook & Trading at Apollo Bet - "Our relationship with the Jockey Club and the British Horse Racing Authority is vital to our brand awareness within this particular part of our business. The TV exposure received across major racing channels and on-course branding puts Apollo Bet & SeanieMac on a pedestal."

This is consistent with our 2016 strategy to grow the business on our new platform and use the gross profits and higher margins to build the brand awareness further, retire convertible debt, and pay down our credit facility.

SeanieMac Agrees to Strategic Partnership

With One of the UKs Leading Digital Innovation and Marketing Companies

HUNTINGTON, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 31, 2016) - SeanieMac International ( OTC PINK : BETS ) today announced a strategic partnership with Dev Clever, the award winning digital innovation and marketing agency behind global household brands such as Nescafé, Pepsi, Honda and Bentley. Providing our clients with truly innovative digital platforms and consumer engagement applications that not only make their customers standout, but also get noticed. Over the past few years, Dev Clever has impacted the E-Gaming sector and produced leading marketing platforms for European [online gambling] leaders such as William Hill, Bet Victor and Corals to name a few. Providing real consumer engagement that stems from innovation and ultimately leads to higher levels of player conversions, Dev Clever has carved a name for themselves in this highly competitive market as digital leaders.

Managing Director of Dev Clever, Chris Jeffries said, "Both myself and the team at Dev Clever are more than excited about working in partnership with SeanieMac on reintroducing this terrific brand in to the sector, not only in Ireland and the UK but also throughout Europe. We feel the forwarded management team coupled with our sector leading innovative approach is the perfect recipe for success and we are confident that Seanie Mac together with Dev Clever will establish a brand that is the benchmark for consumer experience in the e-gaming space."

Garreth Core COO of SeanieMac said, "Dev Clever will bring tremendous marketing experience to our growing in house team with the goal to increase player retention and acquisition. The agreement gives us full use of all Dev Clever resources, which include developers, designers, PPC experts, social media experts and market leading innovators. It will allow us take all our marketing in house eliminating the need for third party agents. Increased value for our shareholders is a priority at the Company."

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     DATED 3/14/17
Authorized: 400,000,000
O/S : 56,072,673
Float:  55,200,953






















Disclaimer - the moderators of this board are not registered financial advisors and are not recommending the securities of this company to purchase or to sell, and may hold positions bought in the open market, which we may liquidate without notice from time to time. Please do your own due diligence, and make your own investment decisions.

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