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Last Post: 5/18/2007 5:22:01 PM - Followers: 1 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Please read the IBox.This Ibox wont play music in Mozilla Firefox but will play in Internet Explorer.It also looks a lot better in Internet Explorer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone here is trading to make some money, whether you wanna support your family or just make some extra money to spend it on your family the penny market is the way to go, it can be very rewarding if you play it right. Scarface said "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women." Money is the key to everything, Money = Success at least in this world.I put all these pictures to show you what money can do, you can get lots of chicks being rich, get the best looking trophy wife, look at the guy in his " boat " lmfao!. wow look at that playboy bunny, shes JAZZY's TYPE ( THE PICTURE ON THE RIGHT!!!!) Sadly thats the only way to get the power, some people have it all and become pimps look at Hef, George W bush even this rich 5 year old, when they become rich they waste their money on pimped outfits,watches,even look at me !!!! ..... This picture tells it all look at the girl on the left..... i wont say anymore. Anyhow the only thing you need right now is the " RIGHT CONNECTIONS" with the right connections you can make it to the top, you gotta find which picks are going to blow up and load up before that big move and thats about it, If you do that correctly you will be a success you will have all of the above, thats where i come in!! i will DD the crap out of the company check the fillings try to find out if anything important will happen, load up and sell when the 1-25 bagger hits ! you hit a couple of those a year and your set!. Best Stock Picks mentioned on this board GLTA.My picks are usually 1-25 baggers, stocks that just blow up, shell stocks, or Stocks with NO news THEN KABOOM PR AND ITS UP 1000%, my favorites are JV's,RM's,SHELL STOCKS. i usually phone up and DD the fillings, i post them when I'm sure that they will blow up!. lemme tell you this from NOW, you MAY NEED THE KOOL AID MAN to help you through THESE PICKS, AT SOME TIMES THE PICK LOOKS STUPID BUT WHEN IT BLOWS UP YOU WILL THANK ME, EITHER SIP THE KOOL AID OR WATCH the fireworks while on the side-lines!! you have been warned!!!. Some plays i called... 1)ECFL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ECFL posted 1/18/2007 @ .005 for 1000% GAIN!! ( 10 BANGER!). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2)DTGP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DTGP posted 03/03/2007 @ .003 for 400% GAIN!! ( 4 BANGER!). ok maybe i was a bit off with that but if you play these and accumulate these cheap shares before they blow up your will make lots of money. BTW DTGP IS NOT DONE RUNNING YET WHEN REVERSE MERGER NEWS HITS I WOULD EXPECT 5-10 CENTS!!. Right now we are waiting on news gotta love these cheap prices to load up!!!. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind sometimes I could be off with the dates, delays happen and the PR's dont come out on time and thats business, thats why make sure your always playing with Money you can keep on the stock for a while and most important you are ready to lose, and ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DD BEFORE GETTING ONTO ANY STOCK. I hope the best for you all and Good Luck in your Trading. DISCLAIMER: My Plays are very risky. Please do your own DD. Board opinions are presented solely for informative purposes only so please be sure to perform your own DD, make your trading decisions accordingly or consult an investment professional.
#33   thanks wish you the same :) jazzjackrabbit 04/26/07 02:16:48 PM
#32   Good morning jazz, market going to be hot RaTrade 04/26/07 07:16:56 AM
#31   Great, thanks... Keep up the good work RaTrade 04/25/07 04:49:28 PM
#30   i appreciate that,i would def go with SBMI jazzjackrabbit 04/25/07 04:44:39 PM
#29   Haven't bought yet but keep the picks coming... RaTrade 04/25/07 04:43:04 PM
#28   damm i never expected the SBMI dump to jazzjackrabbit 04/24/07 04:30:20 PM
#27   play with caution please, just to know i jazzjackrabbit 04/16/07 08:27:45 AM
#26   UBSS was dumping eod his ask Right now jazzjackrabbit 04/16/07 08:16:29 AM
#25   Is there going to be a chance to chrisfromalbany 04/16/07 08:12:27 AM
#24   i expect a PR blitz to hit WATCH! ;) jazzjackrabbit 04/16/07 12:25:51 AM
#23   SBMI. POSSIBLE R/M I MAY BE WRONG ITS A jazzjackrabbit 04/15/07 09:57:23 PM
#22   SBMI was my pick i never posted it jazzjackrabbit 04/15/07 09:30:33 PM
#21   DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT THO DO jazzjackrabbit 04/15/07 09:07:02 PM
#20   i expect this to go to .30+ within jazzjackrabbit 04/15/07 09:03:51 PM
#19   New Pick VERY VERY VERY RISKY !!!! was jazzjackrabbit 04/15/07 08:45:48 PM
#18   Personally I like PVNC, I figure that will hit. chrisfromalbany 04/12/07 03:28:35 PM
#17   hmmmmm i just heard that this may do jazzjackrabbit 04/12/07 03:18:03 PM
#16   As for my 10-25 bagger pick, i will jazzjackrabbit 04/11/07 12:36:10 PM
#15   Ok another Pick, BIMR I'm not in this jazzjackrabbit 04/11/07 12:33:23 PM
#14   Yes my friend, i would expect a second jazzjackrabbit 04/07/07 12:40:22 PM
#13   Have to admit that DTGP looking nice and cheap... RaTrade 04/06/07 04:57:55 PM
#12   please add your email name to the Email jazzjackrabbit 04/06/07 04:32:08 PM
#11   I have been looking in your board but chrisfromalbany 04/06/07 04:17:16 PM
#10   NP, make sure you do your DD b4 jazzjackrabbit 04/06/07 02:44:23 AM
#9   Thanks, look forward to hearing from you. RaTrade 04/05/07 03:08:30 PM
#8   who added my board i will give you jazzjackrabbit 04/03/07 10:31:54 PM
#7   NEW PICK PPL : hope you liked ecfl jazzjackrabbit 03/03/07 11:02:42 PM
#6   BOYAAAH ECFL!!!!!!! ;) jazzjackrabbit 02/27/07 08:15:21 PM
#5   EQBM golfguru 01/18/07 03:49:05 PM
#4   1) UWNK MRuWinky 01/18/07 03:12:04 PM
#3   CTTJ low float play 180m float klce 01/18/07 01:10:06 PM
#1   Welcome all, My Picks for Today are jazzjackrabbit 01/18/07 11:09:24 AM
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