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the lastest filing has a number of concerning KnicksStockChamp 01/27/23 8:22 AM
Nice article frenchboy 01/01/23 3:12 AM
Cat, Is IMCI worth getting into at these levels? splintered sunlight 12/14/22 11:22 AM
Off a decimal. Sorry. Was $.073, not jrf30 10/19/22 9:06 AM
Let's see how fast it now drops. jrf30 10/18/22 8:57 PM
IMCI: one for 75 reverse split: Renee 10/18/22 7:06 PM
Glad to see good Nodeware news continuing. SaaS Cat 09/14/22 9:07 AM
Good volume Cat 05/12/22 3:46 PM
One positive thing is that IMCI seems completely Cat 05/11/22 9:29 PM
Volume bounced back a little bit today, back Cat 05/11/22 4:06 PM
Back to 15…pathetic really Cat 05/11/22 8:30 AM
There is lots of great news yet we Cat 05/05/22 4:49 PM
Nice news today frenchboy 05/05/22 11:43 AM
Talk about a failed run..42 back to 17 Cat 05/05/22 9:39 AM
Aw ffs, no continuation? Who is even selling Cat 04/25/22 3:48 PM
40 cents is a lot better than where Cat 04/25/22 10:07 AM
My IMCI growing up so fast! I remember Cat 04/22/22 2:58 PM
Very solid day and close! Up 40% and Cat 04/21/22 4:25 PM
Happy to see the bids following price up Cat 04/21/22 2:21 PM
15k at .41 just moved up to .45 Cat 04/21/22 2:17 PM
Wow, still hitting...nearly up to 250,000 shares traded Cat 04/21/22 2:12 PM
Finally cracked 1x revenues! At .405 this market Cat 04/21/22 2:10 PM
I wonder if this week will finally be Cat 04/21/22 2:09 PM
Keep those hits coming! Cat 04/21/22 1:56 PM
Ok, wow, MASSIVE buy there. 128,000 share wall Cat 04/21/22 1:48 PM
Who tf is selling 100k shares this low Cat 04/20/22 1:53 PM
Seems 25s hitting at open...nice Cat 04/20/22 9:37 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:51 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:51 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:50 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:50 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:49 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:49 AM Cat 04/20/22 8:48 AM
Seems the latest merger + uplist news is Cat 04/20/22 8:48 AM
It's sortof bizarre that I am so alone Cat 04/19/22 9:47 PM
Wow, big milestone, just crossed the 0.7x revenue mark Cat 04/19/22 11:11 AM
Take it to 1$....that's still barely 3x revenue Cat 04/14/22 12:11 PM
Nice volume today Cat 04/13/22 5:28 PM
UPLISTING TO NASDAQ Cat 04/06/22 8:27 AM
Top exec at IMCI receives a New York Cat 04/01/22 2:44 PM
Another Goldman research report out, reiterates .65$ short-term target: Cat 03/27/22 7:38 PM
Heck, the acquisition price of Pratum alone was Cat 03/26/22 11:45 AM
After the Pratum acquisition, you'd need to be Cat 03/10/22 7:47 AM
100% B/A Cat 03/01/22 1:05 PM
I'll admit I'm surprised that no one seems Cat 02/28/22 11:38 AM
Good to see us back over 20 cents. Cat 02/10/22 6:59 PM
With this acquisition, a conservative 6x revenue multiple Cat 02/06/22 2:37 PM
Acquisition is beyond legit, see Partum CEO/founder’s post Cat 02/03/22 1:00 PM
And boom. There it is…the roll up begins. Cat 02/03/22 10:26 AM
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Infinite Group Inc. (IMCI)

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IGI Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing company operating in both the SaaS and cybersecurity-services spaces. Watch this recent Proactive Investors interview for more information about IGI's organic growth results, SMB-acquisitions strategy, and business development plan targeting 50-100M$ in revenues and an uplist to NASDAQ.

IMCI announces acquisition of Pratum (4.3M$ revenue) and NASDAQ uplist:



IGI’s cybersecurity team will advise you in choosing the best security program for your organization. Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) offering is completely executed by our own security team from analysis through delivery, and include use of IGI-built products as well as integrating solutions from our best-of-breed partners.

We have taken the complicated world of service delivery and made it simple through our Virtual vCISO program. And since we’re focused solely on your security, we’re able to work closely with both your internal and external IT teams without inefficient overlap.

Get the specialty skills you can only get from a CISO without hiring additional staff. Use IGI’s security talent to manage your security policies and standards on an ongoing basis, or for a special project or transition period.


Vulnerability Assessment

Leveraging IGI’s own vulnerability management solution—Nodeware—our consultants will perform a thorough review of your organization’s vulnerabilities and present a detailed report, demonstrating areas of weaknesses and recommendations to heighten your security posture.

Social Engineering & Training

IGI will customize a security awareness program that meets the specific requirements of your business, industry and location. Our consultants cover a wide variety of subject areas including how to identify phishing emails, raising security awareness, and much more.

Penetration Testing

Our team will conduct in-depth testing of your network infrastructure to identify any potential weaknesses that could be utilized by attackers to infiltrate your network. We offer a wide range of tests, including Internal Pen Testing, External Pen Testing, and OWASP Web Application Scanning.

Compliance Readiness

IGI will ensure your IT governance and compliance is in check with a wide range of audit services for a variety of industry standards and regulations, including: Education, Finance, Health Services, Retail, Construction, Utilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Security.

Security Assessment

Our team will provide a comprehensive risk management assessment of your organization to identify potential risks in all areas, then present a variety of options to mitigate those risks and expand your security posture with a complete security program.

Incident Response

IGI’s team has built an effective process for responding to cyber incidents quickly to reduce the impact to your business. We immediately detect and analyze the incident, work to contain, eradicate and recover; set up post-incident protection and continuously monitor the situation.


Cybersecurity challenges mostly stem from a lack of people, lack of budget, or a lack of process. Enter IGI’s MDR program—a unique program marries technology with skilled human analysis to ensure complete management of your entire cybersecurity lifecycle.






    Learn more at


    NodeWare result and accolades:



       Inventory Scans


      Vulnerability Scans


      Hosts Protected

    InfoSec 2020 Awards Winner:

      1. Cutting-edge - IoT Security

      2. Most Innovative - ClouD/SaaS

      3. Next-Gen SMB - Cybersecurity

      4. Hot Company - Vulnerability Management


    Financials, Security Details, SEC Filings:

      Shares Outstanding: 27,145,886
      12-month ended Sep. 30, 2020 revenues: $ 7,292,054 

    Latest News:

     JULY 23, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity to Sponsor 2021 Telarus Partner Summit
     JUNE 9, 2021 - IGI Creates Subsidiary IGI CyberLabs, Names Stuart Cohen as President
     JUNE 2, 2021 - IGI Moves to OTCQB Venture Markets
     MAY 18, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity Receives First Patent for Nodeware® Vulnerability Management Solution
     MAY 6, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity Adds Two News Members to Virtual CISO Team
     APRIL 22, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity Adds macOS Agent to its Nodeware® Vulnerability Management Solution
     APRIL 14, 2021 -  IGI Cybersecurity Hires New Director of Cybersecurity Services, Adds to Marketing and Sales Teams
     MARCH 10, 2021 -  Infinite Group, Inc. Announces New Look, Rebrands as ‘IGI Cybersecurity’
     FEBRUARY 18, 2021 -  Infinite Group, Inc. (IGI) Grows Cybersecurity Team with Three New Industry Leaders
     FEBRUARY 3, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity Issues Shareholder Letter and Provides Corporate Update
     FEBRUARY 3, 2021 - IGI Cybersecurity Announces New Research Report by Goldman Small Cap Research
     DECEMBER 16, 2020 - IGI Announces the Addition of Nodeware(R) Agent to its Patent-Pending Vulnerability Management Solution

     Social Media:

        IGI Twitter

        IGI Linkedin 

        IGI Facebook

        Nodeware Twitter

     Analyst Coverage:

       Goldman Research - Summer Update
       Goldman Research - Short Term Price Target .65$, Mid Term Price Target 1$+



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