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Where’s the quarterly filing Shambers ? againstallodds 05/20/22 8:43 AM
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$PYBX The first generation of products from the lucky__stock 03/04/22 10:08 AM
Shamber: why no patent on Hammer1 technology? againstallodds 03/02/22 12:33 PM
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Hydro Power Technologies Inc. (PYBX)

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Global Hydro Power Demand

The International Energy Agency believes that, by the year 2050, annual global hydropower capacities
and generation should double to approximately 2,000 GW and 7000 TWH respectively.

Hydropower is being produced mostly by large generating plants;
however, the environmental impact and bad press experienced by those plants in recent years will make it difficult for developers to build new large dams.

As a result, new investments are less likely due to the environmental concerns, regulatory hurdles and poor economics.
Instead the push is towards smaller projects and/or refurbishment of the larger facilities.



Growth in smaller hydropower projects is more likely to occur considering;

  • The new legislation approved in 2013 aimed at streamlining regulations for small hydropower projects
    Increased government investment in clean energy stemming from the awareness of climate change
    Generous feed in tariffs in Europe

The expectation is that large hydropower plants as a percentage of total capacity will decrease significantly by 2020,
not due to waning efficiency, but rather the increased popularity of smaller plants.

One area of growth will be the increase of pumped storage systems used in existing plant sites for electrical energy storage (EES). According to Pike Research, the EES market grew from $329 million in 2008 to $4.1 billion by 2018.

As of March 16, 2020, a Share Exchange Agreement was executed by Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. and Mountain Share Transfer, LLC. As Trustee, which provided for the Trustee to exchange 100% of the shares of Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. for shares of Playbox(US), Inc. The Company, Playbox (US), Inc., obtained One Hundred Percent (100%) control of the assets, contracts, including but not limited to intellectual property, and the ongoing management of the business of  Inc. under Playbox(US), Inc.

On February 4, 2020, a Shareholder Meeting was held pursuant to a Shareholder Proxy for Special Meeting of the Shareholders which was mailed on January 13, 2020.

There were no shareholders present at the teleconference meeting. Mountain Share Transfer, LLC, the Transfer Agent and Meeting Host,
received proxy votes from 15 shareholders where the majority of the shareholders voted and approved the ratification of the following Officers and Directors:

Michael Shamber, President/Director

Calvin Lucyshyn, CFO,

Darren Timmer, Secretary, Treasurer,

Marlene Schluter, VP, Bus. Affairs, Manager, Corporate Governance,

John Versfelt, Director of the Company


 *DISCLAIMER *The Board Monitor and The Board Assistants herewith, are not licensed brokers and assume NO responsibility for the actions, investment decisions, and or messages posted on this forum.
• We do NOT recommend that anyone buy or sell any securities posted herewith. Any trade entered into risks the possibility of losing the funds invested.
• There are no guarantees when buying or selling any security.

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