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ATI ($450 Millions Revnue Company) IS USING PHZIO APP

               ATI is one of TOP 3 Physical Therapy companies in the US

It took 7+ years and Million of dollars to build WORLD CLASS ONLINE TELEHEALTH PLATFORM PHZIO. 

NOW, huge deman for EWLL PHZIO PLATFORM due to COVID-19 and due to law being made which MADE TELEHEALTH PERMANENT specially for MEDICARE. 

President Trump Participates in Telehealth event


What is Phzio Virtual Care-This video describes what virtual care looks like and how you can book your own virtual care session.



WOW - GREAT NEWS FOR EWLL!! https://video.foxnews.com/v/6142507223001?playlist_id=930909749001#sp=show-clips




TeleHealth for Employees
Breakthrough for Business.

Join over 100,000 employees using TeleHealth to get faster access to Physical Therapy, Fitness and Mental Wellness Programs.

eWellness is leading the TeleHealth industry for employee benefits. We believe that when people are happy, healthy and strong...great things happen.

We promise better and faster access to the health services people need no matter where they are.

Talk to a TeleHealth Expert

Innovative Telehealth Benefits for Employees.





A team of healthcare professionals. Always available at your fingertips.
Talk to a TeleHealth Expert
On-Demand Health Professionals

Your Employees get access to health professionals when they need it. Typically treatments start within 30 minutes.

Video Assessments & Treatments

eWellness uses advanced video telehealth technology to connect with patients in realtime. Mobile capabilities make treatments private and convenient.

Custom Care for Every Employee

Every employees receives a full telehealth evaluation and plan of care. If a patient needs hands-on therapy eWellness’ network of clinic are there to facilitate this care.

Personal Health Coach & Wellness Programs

Covers on-going Wellness Programs for employees to stay happy, healthy and strong.

How Employee TeleRehab Works.

Our model is super simple. If you are feeling pain call us. (No doctor’s prescription required.) We initiate a video call and diagnose your condition. A treatment plan is created and then we monitor and adjust your therapy as needed. Typically you can be starting on therapeutic activity within 30 minutes of making contact with eWellness.

Get a Quote
Wearables Activate!
eWellness combines new wearable technologies into the TeleHealth mix.
Employees can connect their wearable devices to track and update fitness activity or critical health data like blood pressure.
Employees can also access on-demand therapeutic content wherever they are.
Get a Quote
Time | Money | Health
The future of employee healthcare is virtual and it’s here today.
Think of a future where every one of your employees received immediate attention from a healthcare professional when they need it. From hand therapy to low back or joint pain. Employees get diagnosed with a treatment plan that day. Every time.
Call Toll Free:

More more details on how Phzio can work for your employees?


An interesting PR from Dec 16/2019 by eWellnes Healthcare Corp.


eWellness Healthcare offers optimistic outlook for fiscal 2020
The digital physical therapy company projects it will bring in 30,000 new patients and lodge gross sales of US$9 million in fiscal 2020

eWellness Healthcare Corp -
eWellness bills itself as the first physical therapy telehealth company to provide PT assessments and treatments in real time via a smart phone
eWellness Healthcare Corp (OTCMKTS:EWLL) provided an optimistic forecast on Monday and the provider of digital physical therapy (PT) sessions now projects that it will bring in 30,000 new patients and gross sales of US$9 million in fiscal 2020.

In the coming months, its business will be generated from 16 provider agreements, 14 of which are based in Canada with eWellness’s partner company Bistromatics Inc. If business rolls in as expected, gross sales will equal about $9 million in fiscal 2020 for both Bistromatics and eWellness.

And thanks to its revenue-sharing agreement with Bistromatics, eWellness expects to bring in net earnings of $1.5 million in fiscal 2020.

READ: eWellness Healthcare developing new rheumatoid arthritis treatment platform RA360
“This forecast is based on existing provider agreements only and does not include any additional prospective provider agreements in negotiation or that may be executed in 2020 and thereafter,” eWellness said in a statement.

The company’s forecast for fiscal 2021 looks even rosier as its utilization rate is set to climb from 0.5% (its expectation in fiscal 2020) to over 3% of an employee base of roughly 6 million individuals.

In other news, eWellness plans to raise additional funds by offering up to 2 million units at an offering price of $25 per unit; each unit will be made up of one share of 13% cumulative perpetual preferred stock with a stated value of $25 per share; and five common share purchase warrants, which are exercisable for five years from the date of the closing of the registration statement.

Drilling down to the details, the first three years of dividends at 13% per year will be escrowed from the $25 offering price – at $9.75 per share- which will result in net proceeds to eWellness of $15.25 per share. Dividends will be paid monthly.

Earlier this month on December 9, eWellness revealed that it will offer a 20% stock dividend. Its distribution is set to be made on or around December 31. And in the wake of the dividend’s introduction, eWellness plans to apply to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to orchestrate a reverse split of its outstanding stock on a one for fifty basis.

Setting its sights on expansion, eWellness recently moved its offices to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Culver City, California, in a bid to be closer to its customers. As a result, CEO Darwin Fogt and CFO David Markowski are now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company also boasts software development, system operations and marketing and sales offices in Ottawa, Canada.

eWellness bills itself as the first physical therapy telehealth company to provide PT assessments and treatments in real time via a smart phone or a laptop.

In addition to rolling out new treatments for PT and musculoskeletal diseases affecting the joints, bones and muscles, the company is developing a new rheumatoid arthritis treatment platform called RA 360, which is set to launch in the first quarter of 2020.

8*          *****************************************************************************************
Digital PHZIO Treatment Platform is Exponentially Transferring PT Patients to Virtual Care
March 16, 2020 09:00 ET | Source: eWellness Healthcare Corp

eWellness Healthcare Corporation


PHZIO Treatment Platform is Exponentially Transferring PT Patients to Virtual Care

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eWellness Healthcare Corporation (“eWellness”, “EWLL”, “the Company”), a provider of the state of the art PHZIO platform for the digital physical therapy (“PT”) and telehealth markets announced today that it has experienced a massive uptick in PHZIO treatments beginning last week due to patients seeking to significantly reduce the chance of exposure to the COVID-19. In an effort to train as many clinicians on the PHZIO platform to accommodate the increased demand from patients seeking online physical therapy care, daily group training sessions have been established.

See our new digital ad that started to run in selected markets over this past weekend.

Hello <provider name>,

Are your patients cancelling their appointments due to COVID-19 risk factors? Did you know that Phzio offers virtual care solutions to let you continue seeing patients?

Patients can interact with you online with an interactive video chat. You can prescribe and monitor their home exercises all from the convenience and safety of home.

Book yourself a group demo and training session today for just $49 USD per person and get your patients and practice back on track!

Book a Demo Today

*Providers who complete training will have unlimited free usage of the platform for 30 days and be eligible to receive patient referrals from our site.*


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About eWellness

eWellness Healthcare Corporation (OTCQB: EWLL) is the first physical therapy telehealth company to offer real-time distance monitored assessments and treatments. Our business model is to have large-scale employers use our MSK360 and/or our PHZIO platform as a fully PT monitored corporate musculoskeletal (“MSK”) wellness program. The Company’s MSK360 and PHZIO home physical therapy assessment and exercise platform has been designed to disrupt the $30 billion physical therapy market, the $4 billion MSK market and the $8 billion corporate wellness industry. PHZIO re-defines the way MSK physical therapy can be delivered. PHZIO is the first real-time remote monitored 1-to-many MSK physical therapy platform for home use.

For more information on eWellness Healthcare go to:



Physiotherapists: Life after Covid 19

Virtual Care Experience-This video shows the patient's experience and Physiotherapist's perspective during a telerehab session.


Phzio Exercise Library Teaser-The Phzio virtual care platform has over 1,000 exercise videos. PTs can create customized home exercise programs, or upload their own videos.


Physiotherapists: Call to Action-Darwin Fogt talks about the benefits of Telerehab and how PT's can treat patients in a virtual environment.



Phzio Virtual Care Treatment-Given the risk factors presented by COVID-19, you have an alternative to visiting public places like clinics for treatment. Learn more about Phzio virtual care and how you can do your physiotherapy from the comfort of your home. Visit https://phzio.com/covid-19/ to learn more.


Virtual Care Experience-This video provides an overview of a Phzio session and the virtual care experience.

If you would like to book a virtual care session visit:


If you are a provider looking to add virtual care to your practice visit:




MSK Prevention Program-A glimpse into Phzio's MSD Employee Assistance Program. Built for companies to promote healthy living and give employees access to virtual care.

Visit http://phzio.com/msk/ for more information.



Curtis Hollister-nnovating Paramedical Coverage-Clip 1 of 4.

Curtis Hollister (COO, Phzio) and Gavin Mosley of Mosley Group Benefits discuss the changes and innovations in paramedical coverage and what role virtual care plays in the future of healthcare.



Curtis Hollister-Is Physical Pain (MSK) the next Mental Health?-Clip 2 of 4.

Curtis Hollister (COO, Phzio) and Gavin Mosley of Mosley Group Benefits discuss the changes and innovations in paramedical coverage and what role virtual care plays in the future of healthcare.



Curtis Hollister-The Future of Virtual Care-Clip 3 of 4.

Curtis Hollister (COO, Phzio) and Gavin Mosley of Mosley Group Benefits discuss the changes and innovations in paramedical coverage and what role virtual care plays in the future of healthcare.



Curtis Hollister-Virtual Care and Disability-Clip 4 of 4.

Curtis Hollister (COO, Phzio) and Gavin Mosley of Mosley Group Benefits discuss the changes and innovations in paramedical coverage and what role virtual care plays in the future of healthcare.



Curtis Hollister-Benefits Brokers - Innovations in Paramedical


eWellness Healthcare Corp says physical therapy a $33 billion market in US


eWellness Healthcare looks to reduce health costs with teleconferencing rehab


 eWellness announce major deal that could transform company



David Markowski expects increased customers activity and revenue


eWellness Healthcare to launch its new version of its PHZIO Digital Treatment Platform


eWellness Healthcare Corp wants to establish the Uber of physical therapists


eWellness Healthcare readies workman's compensation contracts to fulfill 2 years of revenue


March 14, 2020
Trump boosts telehealth services in the fight against coronavirus

March 06, 2020

March 13, 2020
Telemedicine startups see sharp demand driven by coronavirus fears

March 16, 2020
Opportunities To Expand Telehealth Use Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 16, 2020
Coronavirus: Ontario government announces expansion of Telehealth resources

March 13, 2020
People turning to remote telehealth conferencing to reduce coronavirus risk

*EWLL Facts #1 to 15 for NEW eyes!!*

Updated: 08-10-2020
                     Fact #1...EWLL is an OTC PINK fully reporting company.
                     Fact #2...Douglas MacLellan has taken over as EWLL CEO....finally a successful leader/entrepreneur.
                     Fact #3...Telehealth is an exploding market and EWLL is used by ATI the top PT online company in the US
                     Fact #4...EWLL was invited to a J&;J spooned event in March to share their one of a kind APP for Pt';s and OT';s

                     Fact #5...The last Q of 2019 and 1st Q of 2020 were the first time in 8 years EWLL showed revenues. Q1 was up over 1000% from   2019 Q4
                     Fact #6...EWLL dose not offer teledoc services it is for physical therapy and rehabilitation practices public and private ATI #1 in US 

                     Fact #7...EWLL connects PT and patients via the internet no need for a phone call its a direct web linked APP
                     Fact #8...EWLL CEO Douglas MacLellan- Chairman of the board.has.a.banner.resume!!
                     Fact #9...EWLL can not bring 20 Billion shares to Market per FINRA rules and regs concerning share structure
                     Fact #10.EWLL is being used by businesses and corporations to track employees health and wellness.
                     Fact #11.EWLL Is the only publicly traded company offering the virtual health and wellness service
                     Fact #12.NO RS HAS BEEN BEEN ENTERED TO DATE[...and OS is about 5 Billion

                     Fact #14.Cowan Insurance group uses PHIZO.
                     Fact #15.EWLL devote up to one year in sales and marketing and sales activities and efforts to sign new provider agreements and to date we have executed and
                                    existing 16 provider agreements with the  following companies that we expect to generate revenues during the first quarter of 2020 as follows:

                       Pepsi, Corvel, Imperial, Rogers, Manulife, CanadaLife, Navy &; Stage Benefits, Health and Dental Plan, Slingshot Health, BBD Benefits By Design,
                       Morneau Shapell, Green Shield Canada, Bruce Power.


When I opened the Ibox it broke
I reconstructed it as best I could.  Apologies.  Even asked Admin Mod to help they did what they could.  

Recent Filings\News

eWellness Healthcare Corporation (EWLL) - FORM 10-Q | Quarterly Report
Aug. 23, 2021 12:25 PM ETeWellness Healthcare Corporation (EWLL)

'Bistromatics...agreement that transferred all worldwide marketing and Intellectual Property Rights or claims to the Company’s Phzio, Phzio TeleRehab and MSK 360 platforms to Bistromatics in return for a 15% ownership in Bistromatics. ------- Merger American Health Protection, Inc.(“AMHP”)...The purpose of the formation of EWLL Acquisition was in contemplation of its merger with and into AMHP which would be the surviving entity and become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.'
'Name Change.'


EWLL has filed a Definitive Information Statement with the SEC to: (i.) change its name to American Health Protection Corp. and (ii) implement a reverse split of EWLL’s common stock and convertible securities on a 1:2000 basis, among other corporate actions, which are subject to FINRA approval. The Company anticipates this may occur by the fall of this year. The Company hopes to become current on its reporting obligations with the SEC in the near term. The merger is subject to final due diligence and is anticipated to close shortly. 
'Already done?'

AMHP through its Administrative and Finance Agreement with Tritanium Labs should benefit from Tritanium’s right to the equipment that produces Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) at the lowest cost of production. HOCL is a natural disinfectant that can eliminate bacteria and viruses, while preserving the environment. Tritanium’s equipment produces HOCI for cents/gallon. The product’s selling price averages over $10/gallon. The Company’s plan is to set up a nationwide franchising operation to supplement Tritanium’s existing distribution network through Costco among other US major retailers. David Markowski, CFO of EWLL, said “we believe HOCL should be an ideal product as the US emerges from the Covid-19 Pandemic. We believe our relationship with Tritanium should enable us to be a low cost supplier of the “best in class”, environmentally friendly disinfectant. We believe we should be well positioned to benefit from the recently passed Pandemic Relief Bill that allocates substantial monies for domestic PPE producers such as Tritanium. Even as the country unmasks, we continue to believe disinfectant and sanitizer use will continue to surge and expect that AMHP will become a significant factor in the market”.

*According to a Fortune Business Insights Article dated 12/8/20 the market for surface disinfectants will reach $1.5 billion in 2027 from $770 million in 2019. The Company believes increased disinfectant use represents permanent change as the Pandemic lessens. The Company’s access to the lowest cost production of this environmentally friendly product, HOCL, should position AMHP for rapid growth.


eWellness Healthcare Corporation’s (OTC.PK EWLL)( “EWLL”, “the Company”) wholly owned subsidiary has completed its merger with American Health Protection
Jun. 17, 2021 8:30 AM ETeWellness Healthcare Corporation (EWLL)
Merger creates one of the lowest cost Domestic Suppliers of Hypochlorous Acid. Demand for surface disinfectants forecasted to significantly increase to $1.5 billion/year by 2027*

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EWLL News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 05/16/2022 08:38:42 AM
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