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Complete list of SEC suspended stocks from January 1st, 2010 to October 24, 2014. In the past 4 years and 10 months there have been 2076 SEC Suspensions where ALL stocks were sent to the Grey Sheets. Of the 2076 Suspended stocks 882 remain on the Grey Sheets and 1201 stock registrations were Revoked (7 revocations from Admin Proceedings with no Suspension = 1194 from Suspensions). 

Note: The SEC occasionally files Administrative Proceedings and subsequent Registration revocations without suspending a stock. 

There are two types of SEC Suspensions, one for SEC Filers that are delinquent in filing any Financials. The SEC Suspension is always accompanied with an Administrative Proceeding outlining the Financials delinquencies. Those stocks will have their stock registrations revoked under DEFAULT or other Admin Law Judge reasons when the delinquent Financials are not filed as ordered by the SEC. Stocks in this category will remain on the Grey Sheets until the SEC Admin Law Judge revokes the stock registration. 

The second type of SEC Suspension involves questions about adequacy and / or accuracy of company information, including news releases, share issuances, stock promotions, whatever else the SEC may allege. This group comprises SEC Filers or non-filers, ie., stocks that do not report to the SEC but periodically report to OTC Markets. NOTE: stocks that do not have stock registrations with the SEC cannot be revoked but can have their stock symbol deleted by FINRA. Stocks suspended under QUESTIONS about adequacy and accuracy of information will remain on the Grey Sheets until the SEC litigates against the company, which may take years to occur, or when FINRA deletes the symbol. 

NOTE: Delinquent SEC Filers (ie., no current Financials) are usually sent from the SEC reporting OTCBB to the non-reporting OTC Markets. It is imperative to differentiate between delinquent SEC Filers on the OTC from the non-reporting stocks on the OTC. Even if an SEC Filer submits Financials to OTC Markets but has not filed Financials to the SEC for an extended period of time those stocks WILL eventually be suspended and thereafter have their stock registrations REVOKED!! The first due diligence on any OTC stock is to check with EDGAR to see if that stock is registered with the SEC and if the stock is a delinquent SEC Filer. If a stock is a severely delinquent SEC Filer DO NOT BUY THAT STOCK under any circumstances, exampled by the 1201 delinquent filers that were suspended or ordered by an SEC Admin Proceeding to file Financials and were subsequently revoked. 



NOTE: Of the 2076 Suspended stocks only EDVP (now PRLX) got off of the Grey Sheets, a very rare occurrence. It is perilous to think that any other Grey Sheet stock will get off of the Grey Sheets. 

Note: The 882 stocks that remain on the Grey Sheets do not have any Market Maker representation or quotations. 

NOTE: Foreign Issuers may also be on the Grey Sheets until they obtain Regulatory approvals to be listed on any U.S. Exchange. 
Foreign Issuers on the Grey Sheets are NOT to be confused with, or compared to OTCBB or OTC stocks that are specifically on the Grey Sheets due to an SEC Suspension. 

Grey Sheet stocks: *** Comprised of SEC Filers pending stock revocation and non-filers pending SEC Litigation. 

 EMXC  (other symbols removed for clarity)
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