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02/24/14 1:48 PM

#1356 RE: Montanore #1355

Shoshone certainly has along history and one of the survivors from the old Spokane exchange days. CHMN seems to depend on when Sunshine owners decided to go after it. NJMC seems to have insiders putting in money so that should move sometime. ASLM I quite agree takes a silver rush mentality to get it moving.


02/01/15 7:48 PM

#1361 RE: Montanore #1355

SHSH seems to be slowly disappearing. Amazing trading at these levels even in this market. Agree that ASLM probably the most dormant, but price has been much higher in the past.New NJMC group certainly appears to have staying power. CHMN a real sleeper , Sunshine owners need to buy one of these days.

Shoshone seems so very quiet. Hope Ryan can pull a rabbit out of his hat !