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Replies to #491 on ClayTrader


01/08/14 10:44 AM

#496 RE: ClayTrader #491

Yeah those subpennies scare me too much but congrats to those who profited


01/08/14 12:01 PM

#497 RE: ClayTrader #491

Good call Clay. STBV got in at .0022 out at .0035 :)

Bought Trampoline Trading over the weekend. Invaluable idea.

Now I has money to checkout your 'Shorting for Profits".

Keep up the great work.


01/08/14 12:37 PM

#500 RE: ClayTrader #491

Clay, I follows STBV from inner circle alert and today sold @ 100% profit. Paid for my inner circle fee and robotic trading course with profit left over for Burger King ;-)