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01/25/06 11:50 PM

#985 RE: Options2Wealth #983

Hold tight! Its not always a fair game! We have come along!

I very well know about the venture exchange 1/2 cent mooching pirates. They are part of the game untill some heavy buyers correct the pattern. It apppears activity will continue to pick up, as the drilling continues forward. PRRPF is now showing a volume flare for eventfull activity.


BSIC should already be a $4.50 stock. It based long enough at $2.10 . Ray Singleton of BSIC is highly honorable to speak with. The drilling plan even in the mist of a shortage of riggs is still on course.


01/28/06 8:40 PM

#988 RE: Options2Wealth #983

BSIC this is huge news out! and the Montana production is screaming at 14,188 BBL's, 7403 MCF reporting 11/30/06

The North Dakota project is a success in the rival formation and they are drilling another well (LM#1). Possible 40 well acre lease.

Rival formation is a big surprise! woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We are even drilling a new well the LM#1

In this regard, Basic, and its partners, are currently moving in a rig to drill in Section 9, T152N-R98W, McKenzie County, North Dakota. This new well, the LM #1, is operated by Missouri Basin Well Service and is planned to a depth of 10,170 feet to vertically test the Rival.
"we are more than excited about preliminary flow rates from the Rival formation," commented Ray Singleton, President of Basic. "The Rival had great shows during drilling operations and we had high hopes for this interval while waiting for a completion rig. While we are early in the completion process in the Rival and hesitate to estimate initial production levels, we our enthusiastic about these preliminary results. Regarding our future plans, the next few months should be exciting. With a number of efforts both underway and in the planning process we are on track to exceed last year's impact to the Company's production and profitability."