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09/25/13 4:34 PM

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New Thursday High Surf Alert - $EPGG - Profile

EPGG - Empire Global Gaming, Inc.

Company Overview

Website -

Empire Global Gaming, Inc. is a company that prides itself as an innovator; they have multiple patents on new casino-grade table games that are creative, fun, and profitable!

EPGG provides our casino customers with optimized productivity, profitability, and balanced fairness for them to gain the confidence of their patrons, commissions, and governments, and move past any gaming challenges.

Backed By Mathematical Determination our development and research — through new technology — shows that we are the Masters of Roulette. Our Mathematical Determination is provided by Gaming Laboratories International.

Suppliers: Casino-grade tables, Casino & Carnival Pinwheels, Raffle, Bingo, Slots, Chips, Cases and Card Supplies.

Inventors: Class II and Class III Casino-grade table, electronic, and video terminal games.

Solutions: Roulette wheel bias inspections, Mathematical Determinations.

Refurbishing: Casino tables and equipment.

Products and Services

Online Store

Empire Global Gaming, Inc. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “EPGG”, and within the OTC-QB market tier. As such, Business, Operational, and Financial information on Empire Global Gaming, Inc. is fully transparent and available to public view.

Visit: to see complete details.

Empire Global Gaming, Inc. is Active on the Nevada Secretary of State site:

A/S: 980 Million Per Nevada
O/S: 57 Million - as of 8/14/13 per last 10-Q

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis. Contact the Company or Transfer Agent to get the most current information.)

Their latest 10-Q Quarterly Report:
Filed on 8/15/13 - For the period ending 6/30/13

Incorporated In: Nevada in 2011

Transfer Agent:

Island Stock Transfer
15500 Roosevelt Boulevard
Suite 301
Clearwater, FL 33760

Phone: 727-289-0010

News Disclaimer

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Business Wire - (September 17)
Empire Global Gaming, Inc. New Roulette Patent Approved

Business Wire - (July 23)
Empire Global Gaming, Inc. Launches Its Online ‘Lotto Pick 3’ Number Selection Analysis Software

Business Wire - (June 10)
Empire Global Gaming, Inc. to Introduce Their Proprietary Patented Games to Tribal Casinos Throughout North America

Contact Information

Empire Global Gaming, Inc.
555 Woodside Avenue
Bellport, NY

Fax: 631-947-2506
Phone: 877-643-3200

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