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09/10/13 3:39 PM

#1351 RE: sanbrunobaby #1350

It's too bad the Crosby nephew can't sing nearly as well as his uncle, but he's a better golfer and knows the mining biz. Ryan was instrumental in getting US Silver going....and that's one of the few penny stocks I've seen really put in a nice rally. Of course, US Silver was legit under Parker and not a scam...too many penny stocks are. SHSH is not a scam, but it did lead people on a bit a few years ago with the mining and milling. Now, like many of its Silver Valley peers, it has gone quasi-dormant.

It will take much higher gold and silver prices to get them going again. US Silver has the highest production costs perhaps in the world and had to shut down some operations and lay off some people when the banksters rigged silver prices down.