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01/06/06 3:48 PM

#973 RE: Options2Wealth #953


I'll definitely be looking @ PPHM. Their time should be (hopefully) near. Plus your two largest holdings - CMNN & BLLI. Do you have a "Cliff's Notes" summary of your keen interest in these?

One more for you to take a look at - EGLF: Element 21 Golf.
Sounds boring - Who needs another golf club? The operative word here is "scandium."

Read 2 of their latest PR's, 11/23/05 and 01/04/06. The November PR is an eye-knocker-outer.

As with most BBs, funding is the issue. I've spoken several times with EGLF IR guy. He "claims" that they will not be forced into an unacceptable financing arrangement, and that if required, they will sell P.O.s for funding of initial "mass" production. After that, revenues will take care of things (according to IR).

Happy New Year,