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Huggy Bear

04/15/13 3:55 PM

#678 RE: awalkinthesun #677

You are right, its getting thumped.


04/20/13 7:54 PM

#679 RE: awalkinthesun #677

They drilled one deep hole which was hard to figure as part of the 'crapped out' well mitigation plan. Maybe that well would help whoever acquires Blue Mountain within the next couple years to qualify for those tax credits Congress passed benefiting renewable project constructions. I'd be curious to know if that decision came from outside Fairbanks and NGLPF.

I'm no industry participant, just another zero'd out shareholder. Putting the current BM well-field placement PPA-breaking failure aside, I dont think there is access to enough available water for producing power that a well-engineered deep BM geothermal resource could produce. At least not using the type of plant equipment there at BM today.

It did'nt bother me their trading fell off the boards here in the states. Got tired of Scottrade charging for R/S's and my little NGLPF stake cost enough already. 86% gain Friday. Big move for someones $700.