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01/10/13 8:38 PM

#335 RE: ErnieBilco #334

Ernie,i agree.The players involved with CHCC indeed reminds one of the usual suspects.Until defrauded shareholders band together and pursue the "advisors" who participated in bringing these companies public who get off without so much as a slap on the wrist,little will be done.Another thought is just don't put your hard earned money into these phantom companies.Interestingly,i mentioned a reverse merger company in an earlier post,China Yingxia,the SEC has in fact pursued the "handlers" according to a Wall Street Journal article of a few weeks ago.My guess is this was not as a result of stealth sleuthing on the part of the SEC but rather a concerted effort but a group of defrauded shareholders,helped along with inquires and pressure from the shareholders elected representatives.I think,fine a few lawyers,promoters,pr/ir firms and watch this start to clear up nicely.