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11/04/12 10:01 AM

#62945 RE: Pinky Buster #62943

Lololol really who cares what michael osborn thinks he is a dirty con artist scammer prove. By a judge. U pull stuff from a site, abuseoflaw, that just was handed over to sharp for their libelous claims, and now post more garbage that is from that site?!? Unbelievable
Sgln was slandered and still is by these same people with a vendetta against mazer and fong, get over it!


11/05/12 12:01 PM

#62948 RE: Pinky Buster #62943

LMAO first it was was the gospel.

OOPS a judge Closed that down..."run by convicted criminals" I believe was the quote.

Now we get another BS web site, spewing lies and BS.

IMO won't be long until that libel filled scam site also has it's day in court.

Along with the shady characters thinking they can hide behind it.


03/04/21 6:47 PM

#72064 RE: Pinky Buster #62943

George Sharp is a mastermind.