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05/19/12 3:24 PM

#76 RE: Edward Munch #75

NO, she is alerting $GEAR!!!

check it out , just had news..

Gear International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:GEAR) announces the immediate acquisition of two senior advisors that will join the company's executive team. GEAR has finalized agreements with Mr. Felix Abangin, the minister of environment and natural resources in the Philippines and Mr. Jamal Lucas, an emerging market resource development specialist with expertise in global finance. Gear has also contracted Naccarato and Associates as the company's official legal counsel.

The announcement is part of an overall surge in GEAR's activities following a challenging 6-month period where GEAR's stock was under attack from a rogue trader. "Despite a unique set of circumstances over the past six weeks, GEAR's management team has engaged in intensive restructuring activities to ensure sustainable, long term value for our shareholders. We have reduced our common authorized shares to 600,000,000 from over 2.9 billion while reducing our preferred B authorized shares to 600,000. We have also canceled the C shares completely. We returned 150,000 class B shares to be canceled and deposited to treasury. GEAR has reduced the common stock through voluntary share reductions 30% from 215 million to 147 million shares."

GEAR is committed to improving our value with a dedicated focus on sound fiscal management and aggressive growth. Following a rigorous review of GEAR's financial status and assets accumulated, both senior advisors affirmed GEAR's position as one of the best small cap metal producers on the market.

Gear President, Dale Geck affirms: "We are very pleased to announce these postings. The capital resource relationships and international affiliations of our advisors strengthen GEAR's capacity to attract beneficial execution partners for our projects. Our shareholders should be pleased that we increased their value by 30% with this share reduction; this is only the beginning."