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05/07/12 12:19 PM

#745 RE: lmcat #634

SIRG is a POS Very Toxic it has no money and no assets, just a wannabe mining company! SIRG has no movement no volume I sold this POS.

PPS going back to .0008 to start all over again.

SIRG you may want to sell the company has to much liabilities the stock has become very TOXIC.

The PPS is not going any higher i am selling all my shares of this POS my average is .001 / 500,000 @ .0008 1,000.000 @ .0009 and 1,000.000 @ .001 I am on the sell button until all shares are sold.

SIRG just another scam.

Business Description
Not Available

The Company is in Development Stage Company.

No business model or plan.

No web site under development for months now.

The payroll is to large for this small toxic company.

This company has six company officers all long for $ 200,000.00 or more pay check no room for the share holders to make any money, this my reason for selling the company is just to toxic.

Company Officers

J. Rod Martin CEO
Brad Hacker CFO
Timothy Benjamin Secretary

Company Directors

Timothy Benjamin Chairman
Paul Enright
Luis Munoz

Guess J Rod Martin CFO couldn't cough up the dough to get the filings done and pay the bills.