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08/05/09 9:41 AM

#4410 RE: johnlw #4409

Thanks John. It was Red who has been harping about the Genuity action on EVG for weeks. They must have a huge stash of shares by now.


08/05/09 12:26 PM

#4414 RE: johnlw #4409

I've a buy in for my traders I sold.. but not at these prices..

I must be one of those idiots they mentioned on SI ;o)

Got the tranny fluid changed before the trip.. so today I brought it in for an oil change and coolant flush.. Phone call.. Mr. XXX the front pads are very low.. and the rotors should be machined.. Read could use a servicing also and you are due for a tire rotation.. so 200$ is now 650$... which junior gonna pay for that LOL