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08/02/09 10:45 PM

#49575 RE: tothe #49572

Hello tothe
There sure is Magic in CNOA tomorrow. Emerald Crossing, too, and Rolling Thunder and Krakatoa. CNOA should fare well Monday. It's good to see you tothe. Where have you been?

1. AROON- 8 you watch as the Aroon down crosses the 75 down and the aroon up comes up from zero. Most important. (\0/)
2. WILLIAMS%R- 9 You watch the line cross the 50.
3. CMF- 15 You will usually only see growth when the CMF is in the negative.
4. ADX/DMI-5 You watch as the D+ line either crosses the D-, or crosses above the 20,
5. MACD histogram- 5,15,10 You watch the negative bars register -50% smaller then the bar before it, or -50% smaller then the largest in the grouping.
6. Full Stoch- 5, 5 You watch the fast line cross the slow line while the aroon down(8) crosses the 87.50. Crossing the 20 would be best, when the williams agrees.
7. Bollinger Band 20,2 You watch for the Magic Box to occur when the negative close touches above the lower bolly and the next day’s close to it is positive growth in a white candle.
8. RSI 5 you watch as the indicator crosses above the 50 for a quick pop.
9. Watch the 2 day MA cross above the 5 day MA. That’s helpful.
10. To sell it just watch the 2 day MA kiss the bottom center of the candle body.