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04/14/09 8:11 AM

#11 RE: Bigfootbud #9

I thought the name of this company was Saudi American Holdings - or something similar. My father, born in Egypt, heard about this company from a grammar school buddy last week. But having read the description its seems like adolescents have taken over the Board. Is there any reason I should be interested in this thing?
Is the Prince on the Board high level or the a son of a son of a son? Is the airplane related group legitimate? Is anyone going to read this posting? All good questions I think.


04/14/09 8:32 AM

#12 RE: Bigfootbud #9

Am I beating a dead horse here? I re-read company description obviously posted by a disgruntled former employee or shareholder- is there somewhere to get a real description? The author of the description should write a follow on series to the Bourne Identity i think, lol.