Anonymous Nobody

11/16/07 7:56 PM

#1947 RE: samplescave #1942

Thank you for the dd. I will put a link in the box.


11/19/07 5:42 AM

#1975 RE: samplescave #1942

I wonder if Mike Sheppard will orchestrate a new PUMP over the next 25 days so NMCX can sell enough shares to bail out Furlong and Pietrzak.

There are roughly $14,000,000.00 in fines due. According to my this...then carry the 2..

2.8 billion shares at .005 need to funnel through so you Share Holders can Keep the Thieves Free!

Are you up to it?

Will you fall for more BS from MS?

You have 19 Trading Days and counting...

Let's watch and see!