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09/06/07 8:16 AM

#269 RE: WB #268

Wataire's Technology Utilized on the Mars Society MissionLast update: 9/6/2007 8:00:13 AMWOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Sep 06, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Wataire International Inc. ("Wataire" or the "Company") (WTAR) is pleased to announce that Wataire's technology is being utilized to provide safe drinking water for the 7-person crew comprised of scientists and engineers on the Mars Society's 4-month simulated Mars mission in Canada's high Arctic (). The mission has concluded and expectations are very high for a number of scientific breakthroughs that will be described in their final report. The purpose of the mission is to provide information and insight on what humans will be facing when they eventually land on the planet Mars. Two of Wataire's WII-4010 atmospheric water generators, capable of supplying 10 gallons of safe daily drinking water for the 7 crew members, were provided by our former technology holder, Wataire Ecosafe Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets:WTAF) prior to the execution of the technology transfer agreement. High levels of humidity are generated in the confined quarters housing the crew and their equipment. Fortunately, the presence of high levels of humidity is exactly what is required for Wataire's machines which utilize atmospheric moisture to produce safe drinking water. One of the beneficial by-products of dehumidifying the air to harvest potable water is the heat usable for heating water for showering or heating the living space. Critical use of all the energy is just as important on Mars as recycling has become on Earth. The Mars Society is now preparing a "Water Study Summary" which will summarize the crew's daily water consumption. Results related to water used for drinking, food preparation and oral hygiene will be of particular interest and value to the Company and will assist in our ongoing objectives to continually improve the design and performance of our water-from-air machines. The company is committed to rigorous laboratory bench testing and evaluation as well as real-world field-testing of our products design and performance. Our partnership with highly credible scientific organizations like the Mars Society can only enhance the capabilities and credibility of the Wataire brand. For further news on the FMARS mission go to , and click on "FMars Crew files Mid August Report."

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