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clam man

05/03/24 1:37 PM

#9639 RE: jdcpa1 #9638

Appreciate the input. But still not gonna lie. All those locked up shares that were given out at .0003-.0004 last summer scare the hell outa me. The float now is spectacular. But those locked shares looming with the potential to dump don’t look nice. I have enough shares alone that I can probably tank this stock down 40-to 50 percent in an instant and still have plenty left over. What’s your thoughts on all the outstanding locked at the moment
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05/03/24 5:00 PM

#9644 RE: jdcpa1 #9638

I don't know how long you've been here but I'm still pretty pissed about WUHN. I originally invested here because of Jeff and that's been a few years ago. I'm patient but this is starting to test it. I'll give it to the end of year and then it's a write off.