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lucky, mydog

04/29/24 11:22 AM

#15887 RE: CyberCall™ #15885

really? whitney, is that you, or an alter ego? how often do you post using patrick's alias?
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lucky, mydog

04/29/24 12:41 PM

#15892 RE: CyberCall™ #15885

so, whitney. was patrick lying when he wrote this or did the kids just refuse to help?

The best thing in my world is sitting next to me holding my hand. She is a cancer survivor and she is a fighter and she believes in me. Some of those people mocked her situation recently. Unbelievable…..I don’t understand why they feel the need to disrespect a Cancer survivor.
I just wanted to pop in here and text you some of my thoughts running through my head tonight. She endured an 11 hour operation and she is doing great!!! My son just received a post doctoral position with a huge hospital and cancer/oncology department. He has completed his residency at Yale University where he has been for the last 3 years. Last year, my boy married a Yale Law School girl. Her first year salary is $320,000 from a NY law firm. I’m so proud of my Sons accomplishments. His new position with this massive cancer research firm is enormous and with his perks and all, his first year salary after all this schooling will be about $250,000 for his first year. As you might remember, he declined the Naval Academy and West Point, and attended a top five school for his undergraduate years and then went off to Duke University for his PhD. After these 3 years completed at Yale, his schooling cost almost a million bucks!!!!
I’ve raised 2 very successful kids.
My 31 year old daughter married into a billionaire family from LA and she’s been married now 2 years and will soon be expecting a Child. Can you believe it BUD…I’m going to be a GrandDaddy soon. She met him at Tulane University where my wife and I attended undergraduate back in 1985. Man how time flies.
Overall, I am doing very well.

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lucky, mydog

04/29/24 5:58 PM

#15895 RE: CyberCall™ #15885

whitney, i am sorry to hear about the recent passing of your sister.