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04/19/24 8:12 PM

#13129 RE: Bubae #13128

I don’t disagree that the whole thing is a bit of a shit show. This is a brutal environment for OTC startups with zero revenue. At some point soon, they need to shit or get off the pot.

I just don’t think it will be a death sentence based on my own speculation.

There are some elements I am closely watching.

I believe it will all be over Q2? Again, my speculation.

We need to see how they advance the other aspects of the platform that do not require approval and can bring in revenue - as I think SEC comms are slow, unproductive in nature, and there is no defined approval process. Exchanges just launch (see coinbase) and hope they meet the standards of SEC and investor protection. If not— they get sued, paid a fine, move on. Nobody notable has been forced to shutdown.

Other than someone like FTX who were doing drugs and stealing funds.

Fair enough.