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04/19/24 12:59 PM

#13122 RE: Bubae #13121

This discredits absolutely nothing I addressed in the prior post.

You simply cannot comprehend basic logic.

I cannot help you in that arena - so these posts are really no longer for you.

Let's run through a basic thought experiment.

I see two distinct markets for the quoting of the shares of a respective company.

One market does not have full transparency.

The alternative shares, trading on a distinct market, allows for full transparency.

The price of the shares of the company - short selling activity, dark pools, etc. is reflected in the alternative market. Again, true price will be the price that is fully transparent and devoid of any market manipulation.

Shares of respective company are advancing quickly in one market, while the shares of the alternative is stagnant at best due to lack of liquidity from retail investors opting for alternative, distinct market that is not hampered by NS, SS.

Short sellers need liquidity. They cannot enter the alternative market to short the stock of the company.


Managers, retail, algo trading will undeniably begin to make up the difference between the two... This even happens on exchanges such as ASX, TSX, USOTC all the time. The time for the window to close is the only thing in questions.

They will speculate in both exchanges.

They will buy on one, sell on the other, at high frequency.

This is just investing, trading 101 - it really doesn't require that much thought. All this requires is for you to take of your shades of bias and drop the hidden agenda cloak.

And now... all I see is a self-proclaimed emperor of ihub conversion with no clothes, seeking self assurance in all the wrong places.

Happy Trading.