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04/19/24 9:33 AM

#13113 RE: Bubae #13112

Of course the conversions played a larger role in the decline.

This is an easy asymmetric risk/reward speculative play, even considering the large amount of toxic financing - which will all be over with in short order, no pun intended.

"Conspiracy Kool Aide drinking?" Really......?.....odd behavior yet again. Simply having a discussion and stating my stance which was brought on by your own posts.... Are you not here to have discussion?

Grow up and have a discussion on a topic that you brought to light by bringing up liquidity FUD.

Conversions are a very shallow pool, and my interest in this board is now drowning.


04/19/24 9:59 AM

#13116 RE: Bubae #13112

Nothing like an early morning personal attack.