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04/18/24 11:59 PM

#13106 RE: Bubae #13096

I want you to write something a bit out of your intellectual depth - so I can point out where you are wrong. Did you really think that I would need your help with answering a question regarding something shallow like liquidity?

Still waiting on a stringed together thought... Your subsequent posts reek of vitriol... Just a simple request to defend your posts on BEGI - that I have some hope you can answer in depth relative to the usual ramblings.

Also, disclose your position on the stock.

If you have no position, I actually hope you seek some help. Spending months as you have said and countless time on this board with no current or future incentive is unhealthy, imo.

Very odd behavior.. Ihub is not the place to find self validation or assurance...


04/19/24 12:21 AM

#13107 RE: Bubae #13096

Do you know what happens when there is price discrepancies...

Do you see what happens to short sellers in this scenario...

Short sellers need liquidity...

Retail traders will be able to see the true price minus naked shorting/ dark pools...

Short sellers will exit... or wisely choose not partake in stocks with transparency provided by BDTP.

True price will then be reflected on both OTC and BDTP...

MM, algo trading will jump all over that arbitrage opportunity...

Volume returns... Liquidity returns...


BEGI has the potential to effectively eliminate short selling of OTC stocks, not just on their own platform.

Two birds, one stone.

Is this why you are so angry?


You are indirectly making a great case for BEGI - and helping investors see the flaws in your argument.

Just think outside-the-box for a minute. I won't connect these dots for you.

Cynical minds cannot see the forest for the trees.


Try to refute this logic without resorting to ad hominem attacks on the CEO.