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04/09/24 4:20 PM

#147 RE: rosemountbomber #146

RMB. volume to low to concern me. Theres some real market risk around the CPI report due tomorrow.
A bad inflation report will cause a sell off in small caps , biotech , long duration assets etc.
I raised cash today ...didnt sell any UNCY but I was way up on RZLT that I think you had looked at before sold some of that as well as spec positions in FXI and IWM ( which are very liquid and easy to trade in and out of )

The case for UNCY still remains the same .
The risk is tolerability to new formulation . If the stomach upsets etc are worse then the original formulation ...are they bad enough for patients to stop taking OLC ...or does increasing the dose slowly counter act / minimize this and is the convenience of small pills SWALLOWED make it worth will.

Patients hate the current meds they have to chew with meals or mix as power into apple sauce with each meal.
Current pills taste like chalk. Imagine having to chew several of these following each meal . OLC is 1 small pill with each meal SWALLOWED.

Three always risk risk only what U can afford to lose as this Co doesn't really have much of a back up plan.



04/18/24 3:58 PM

#149 RE: rosemountbomber #146

RMB. Well they had their presentation but now stock is heading lower on almost triple vol I reduced my position .
Will hold some thru readout but todays action is not what I want to see following presentations