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04/02/24 12:16 PM

#170628 RE: Hi_Lo #170627

Wasting your time I told you I don't read your pumps (pumping the dump) any more...not for months


04/03/24 4:00 PM

#170670 RE: Hi_Lo #170627

Sharp dumped his 20 million common shares and then lied by saying he never owned them.

I stickied this post because I'm surprised that there hasn't been more outrage over this fiasco.

Last January/February, there were hundreds of posts about the 20M common shares not being included in the filings. Hokie and company claimed it was obvious that he still owned the shares but didn't need to disclose them, which was proven wrong when Sharp filed a third revised annual report listing them in the ownership table.

They quickly ignored the fact that they were completely wrong about whether it needed to be disclosed and crowed about being right that he still owned the 20M shares.

Now Sharp has publicly stated that they were wrong about that too, while also calling into question:
1- the truthfulness of the 2022 Annual Report that listed the shares, and
2- whether Sharp even owned shares when he filed the motion for custodianship.

(1) questions his overall integrity, as listing the 20M shares was deliberate; it was the only change made to the third revised annual report. But unless the SEC or OTCM cares to investigate, it doesn't really matter.

(2) is a huge issue, however. If Sharp lied to the court to become custodianship, there would be major repercussions and/or penalties. But he is lucky that any oversight wouldn't happen automatically, it would require someone taking a vested interest. Whether that means filing a lawsuit questioning the custodianship, or an investigation by someone in Nevada, I'm not sure.

But shareholders should be extremely upset by the duplicity. There is no way to square the custodianship motion and revised annual report listing the shares with Sharp's tweet that he never owned them. Is he admitting to fraud or that he thinks that we're stupid? Too soon to tell.