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Coo breeze

03/20/24 7:20 PM

#106822 RE: Dragon Lady #106820

In a few words, can explain in simple terms what all this means ? Thx


04/02/24 8:21 AM

#106823 RE: Dragon Lady #106820

Hi DragonLady

What a wonderful surprise to see your news! 100% Brenda has read this board prior and if she is reading today THANK YOU for going after them Brenda. I am sorry that Howard did this to you and I am sorry that this has most likely cost you upwards of $100k plus in legal fees trying to recover. I know you will never give up until you recover every last penny owed. Good for you! I hope the judge issues a summary judgement and you win. I know it will be appealed but 18% is a very nice return on your money.

100% about Dr M. A victim in this scam. He children and grandchildren have had $10’s of millions stolen from them since 2006 from this stock scam. They/Company/People never had any intention of Cody ting science or healing people. It was all just another stock scaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

I think Karma is coming down the tracks in a Casey Jones fashion when it comes to the DOJ on this. Hopeful asf that the criminal justice system lands these charlatans in a minimum security prison on an AFB in Minnesota next to that FPOS we put in jail.

Let me know when you find a stock a scam for you and I to go to work on. I ready to take another one down

All the best to You Dragon…