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03/01/24 2:16 AM

#6129 RE: satter #6128

But as Trump’s lawyers claim he doesn’t have the money to appeal without selling a building

And what the fuck is your point lawyers?
Doesn't matter what he has to do to pay up period. It also doesn't matter that he is personally running for a government job. A criminal is a criminal.

The south judge cannon came even closer to be removed from that florida case, and tomorrow if she doesn't rule properly, she could be done.
Finally. I seriously don't know what the upper court is waiting for as she has bent the rules and even made up some all directly for shitgibbon.

And they caught him red handed shifting businesses to florida AFTER the case, let alone all last summer. Isn't that like, against the law? Didn't he just break the law that was set in the case not to touch anything. And he is ... still ... campaigning? Something is terribly wrong with our courts.