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03/01/24 9:12 AM

#1225 RE: WeTheMarket #1224

Pretty cool. Bringing communication to rural areas with fuel cell and solar tech which is cheaper than the costs of burying or installing overhead infrastructure for Miles to connect the tower to a grid.

Germany has always been ahead of the West with technology. That is why many Nazis were saved after World War 2 and able to immigrate to the West, while they should have been processed in international criminal courts. I believe they executed only a few to make a show, but in reality they saved thousands for their financial gains, for the sake of squashing any attempts of blackmail etc.

But ask who created the war. A careful look into history, into comments expressed by certain players, into Business dealings occurring from the west to Germany... Zionists started the war. Zionists wished to weaken German/Russian relations... and low and behold, the west screwed Germany out of cheap natural gas today by crippling Gazprom in an effort to sell their own, more costly resources.

Imagine that the day is near when the common people figure these things out, the Zionists will be on the run for sure... I'm not talking jews... I'm talking, Zionists and not just any Zionists... The citizens who say they're Zionists have no sense of the ideology. I'm talking the ones at the top who exploit the ones at the bottom for their emotional ties to the land.